Thanksgiving Travel Ideas And Tips

Thanksgiving Travel Ideas And Tips

In 2018, AAA reported that more than 54 million Americans traveled more than 50 miles over the Thanksgiving holiday. Although more than 48 million traveled by automobile, over 4 million travelled by plane and almost 2 million by train. If you are planning holiday travel over Thanksgiving, these tips can help your trip go smoothly and save you money as well.

Best Day to Fly for Thanksgiving

If you plan to fly over the holiday, you want to plan as far ahead as possible. It is easy to predict travel trends for Thanksgiving as it is always on Thursday. In addition, most businesses and schools not only close for the holiday, they also close the Friday after. The day before Thanksgiving is, by far, the busiest travel day of the year so, if possible, you want to avoid scheduling your flight that day. The best day to fly for Thanksgiving is actually on the holiday itself as most people want to already be at their destination in order to relax and enjoy the day. If you can schedule an early morning flight, you could arrive and secure Thanksgiving rental cars to get you to and from your final destination, you could be there in time for an afternoon dinner. The second best day to fly for Thanksgiving is the Monday before the holiday. If your kids can afford to miss a few days of school and you are able to take off work, plan to fly early in the week to avoid crowds and save money. For the return trip, try to fly back on Monday or, if you can’t take an additional day, leave the day after Thanksgiving.

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Search for Last-Minute Thanksgiving Airfare

Normally, the best time to book airfare for any trip is between 40 and 60 days before you plan to leave. If you are past that time when you decide to travel for Thanksgiving, it is still possible to find holiday airfare at a lower cost. One way is to try different travel sites which may offer bundle packages for Thanksgiving travel that could include holiday rental cars, hotel and flights. Check various airlines and don’t be afraid to select flights with multiple layovers as they are often less expensive than direct flights.

Read the Terms on Thanksgiving Airfare

There are quite a few discount airlines available that offer what appear to be extremely low rates even for a holiday flight. Before you book that $99 round trip flight across country, read the fine print. Many discount airlines charge extra for many of the things that other airlines do not. They may charge for you to choose your seat and even for carry-on luggage that does not fit under the seat in front of you. All discount airlines charge for checked bags and those fees can be significant. Before booking the discount Thanksgiving flight, calculate what it will cost to pick your seat, carry-on a larger bag and check luggage that cannot be carried on. You may find that a larger airline offers a holiday flight that is less expensive than the discount airline.

Drive at Night for Holiday Travel

If you plan to travel to your destination by car, leave once it gets dark. There is less traffic on the road overnight which will help you avoid traffic congestion. Bundle the kids into the car in their pajamas and let them sleep while you drive to your destination. You can always take a nap once you arrive so you can enjoy the festivities.

Consider a Hotel for Thanksgiving Travel

Finding discounts on holiday airfare is usually the focus for anyone who wants to travel on Thanksgiving. However, 70 percent of travelers admit they would prefer not staying with relatives during the holiday. Rather than squeeze into a small guest room, sleep on a sofa bed or air mattress and share bathrooms, consider staying in a nearby hotel. Often, hotels are underbooked during the holiday and you can find vacation packages even at the last minute. Hotels near airports and in downtown locations are often much more affordable on holidays as they normally cater to business travelers. If you are flying to your destination, you can often find vacation packages that include the flight, hotel and even holiday rental cars so you can enjoy the parade, dinner and the football games with your loved ones easily.

Tourist Destination Vacation Packages

If seeing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade live is on your bucket list, you can find many vacation discounts that could include flights, hotel and rental cars. If you decide to travel to New York for the parade, look for a hotel outside the city. There are many just over the state line in New Jersey located on subway lines that will allow you to take the train into New York and avoid the parking issue. If you choose to drive, park on the far West Side of Manhattan and head for Central park West near 77th Street. This is where the parade begins and, not only is the view of the park spectacular, the energy is high as it the area is filled with excited people. You can see the huge balloons, marching bands and floats as they set off on their historic trek through the Big Apple.

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