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What Is Employee Engagement?

How can an employee discount program increase employee engagement?

You may have heard the term employee engagement when discussing methods for recruiting and retaining quality employees. However, the term can have many meanings which makes it difficult for some business owners to understand how best to implement and improve employee engagement in their company. These employee engagement ideas can help you develop a stronger morale in your company as well as improve your recruitment and retention strategies.

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    What is Employee Engagement?

    The first step is understanding what employee engagement means. It represents the level of enthusiasm and connection employees have with their organization. It is the measurement of employee motivation that encourages them to put in extra effort to meet the organizational goals and objectives. It is also a sign of how committed your staff is to remaining with your company. The level of engagement among employees is based on how much employer engagement exists in the organization. Leadership, management and teams musts be engaged in order to create a level of engagement for employees that encourages them to perform better, remain in their position and come up with innovative ideas.

    Importance of Engagement

    One reason you want to keep your employees engaged is because they provide a greater value to your organization and because they experience a better quality of life while they are working. When you improve employee engagement, you have a staff that is energized and may actually demonstrate improved health, both mentally and physically. It encourages seasoned staff to help a new hire become acclimated without being asked to do so. Time seems to go by much faster while on the clock with engaged employees. You may also see employees doing more good deeds, such as volunteering or putting in additional hours to meet a deadline.

    Importance of Employer Engagement

    Employers who are engaged can focus on issues that are more important instead of dealing with petty employee bickering. Engaged employees are better able to provide management with feedback, answering strategic questions so that decisions are made using up-to-date data. This can be critical when a major decision must be made that could impact not only leadership but staff as well.

    Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

    There are several employee engagement ideas that could help you create a more cohesive workplace. An employee discount program is one way to build morale and provide staff members with a benefit they can actually use. Providing your staff with methods for personal growth is another way to build engagement among employees. Giving your staff a voice is also critical if you want to improve morale but it is also important to make the workplace fun. Other employee perks that may improve engagement include a continuous feedback program, wellness programs and making sure they are aware of the company’s core values. It also helps to encourage innovation among your staff, allowing them to come to you with ideas that could improve production or other areas of your company.

    Additional Employee Engagement Ideas

    One of the best ways to improve the engagement of employees is to think outside the box. Get them out of their routine in some way. Schedule walking meetings, allowing staff members to get fresh air while tossing around ideas. Allow employees to work from home periodically or have your next meeting at a local coffee shop or restaurant for a change of view. Celebrate your people, not just the work they do for you. One of the employee perks you can offer is recognition of birthdays, work anniversaries and other milestones. People want to be advised, coached and nurtured, not bossed around. Instead of acting like a boss, act like a mentor to your staff.


    One way to improve the engagement of your staff is to create an employee discount program through EmployeeandMemberDiscounts.com. Employee discounts are a great way to improve morale and provide your staff with a benefit they can actually use on a regular basis. You can have them sign up for the website at any time and there is never a membership fee. Your staff can find employee discounts on everything from medical devices to travel. These are discounts that were previously only available to members of certain organizations or employees of certain companies. Our perk experts have searched and compiled some of the best discounts available on things your staff can actually use.

    Sign up today to see what is available in the way of employee discounts or reach out to our friendly customer service staff to learn how we can create a customized program for your employees or members of your organization. You can contact us by calling the toll free number or by filling out the easy online form today. You will see more engaged employees after implementing this discount program.


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