Frequently Asked Questions About Our Employee Discounts

Are our employees/members the right fit for the products you offer?

All of our products can be used by anyone in your organization and be shared with anyone in their family. Our program is focused on health and wellness products.

Our goal is to make unique products and services accessible and affordable to as many as possible to help families and reduce the burden on those individuals.

Do we only promote and advertise local discounts to our employees/members?

Some of our discounts, such as hearing aids, will need the prescription of a local audiologist and can still benefit your local community.

Some of the products and services you offer conflict with offers we currently promote.

Our team of Affinity professionals has over 20 years of experience in the employee discount space.

We have carefully chosen each of the products because we know the value and appreciation they bring to all spectrums of employee and membership benefits packages.

The products and services we offer are specific home, health, and wellness products that we have seen a lack of representation among these programs nationwide.

We don’t want our organization to be used as an advertising platform.

Our brand and products are not looking to use your benefits system for advertising our products.

This program was built specifically for the employer and association spaces to offer real discounts on products that are lacking in all of the other discount networks and platforms that organizations pay to join.

Our free program is a thoughtful blend of products and services that have proven to be useful and favorable among these groups.

How do I become a member?

Individuals can join Employee And Member Discounts here by signing up here. You can fill out a contact form. You will receive an email confirming your membership, and you can contact us if you have any further questions.

How much does it cost to join Employee And Member Discounts?

EmployeeAndMemberDiscounts.com is a free service available to all.

I forgot my email and/or password and can’t login, please help.

No problem. Simply follow the password recovery instructions from the sign-up link or contact us and we can help reset your password.

I want more information about a certain deal or product.

We can answer any questions you have about any promotion or product you found on Employee And Member Discounts. Email us at info@employeeandmemberdiscounts.com with your questions, and we will respond as soon as possible.

You don’t have the product or deal that I want.

If you cannot find a specific offer on Employee And Member Discounts, we can help you find a similar promotion or product. Contact us and tell us about what you are looking for.

I want my company/organization to sign-up for Employee And Member Discounts.

We would love to partner with you. If you are interested in providing Employee And Member Discounts benefits to all of your employees/residents/members, please contact email info@employeeandmemberdiscounts.com.

I have a product or service that I would like to be featured on Employee And Member Discounts.

If you are interested in working with us, we can schedule an exploratory call. Please email info@employeeandmemberdiscounts.com.. To learn how we connect businesses with more of their customers, visit our Partners With Us page.

Are employees allowed to give discounts?

Yes! You can give your discount program to friends and family, although we suggest you use it for yourself before you transfer it to someone else. Instead of giving it away, it is highly recommended that you suggest your family and friends join the service, by sending them the membership link. That way, you both get to enjoy the many savings available with Employee and Member Discounts.

Can my friends use my employee discount?

Of course! Everyone wants to save money on products whenever possible and by sharing employee discounts on hotels, rental cars, laptops and more, you can show your friends a great way to reduce their costs. There is no fee to register and your friends can begin saving money immediately. Whether they need student discounts for laptops or are planning a trip to Disney with the family, your friends will find discounts on almost everything they use at Employee and Member Discounts.

How do you offer employee discounts?

Offering employee discounts is very simple. Sign your company up today and begin offering savings to your employees immediately. Once you have registered, you simply provide the membership link to your employees. Your staff can begin using employee discounts on rental cars, senior discounts, association discounts and more as soon as your company is registered, and they use the membership link. There is no charge for your company to join nor do we charge your employees to become members. Simply fill out the easy online form and your company can begin offering employee discounts.

Is employee discount a benefit?

Just like many other perks you offer to your employees; employee discount programs are a benefit. Human resource professionals call this type of benefit an ancillary benefit as it is in addition to those that you are required to provide. There is research that indicates this type of benefit can lead to better staff recruitment and retention as offering this type of service indicates to your staff that you want them to live their best life. By helping them save on everyday items, they understand that you not only care about the work they do for you, but also care about their family’s health and well-being. By using an employee discount for Disney that you provided them as a benefit, the entire family receives a benefit. In some cases, the employee discount on travel may have been the difference between the family vacation of a lifetime or not being able to go at all. For this reason, offering this type of benefit, which costs you and your company nothing, is a great way to improve recruitment and retention.

Can you get fired for giving employee discount to friends?

If you are using an employee discount card provided by your employer, it is best to ask if the benefit is transferable as not all companies will allow the discounts to be shared with friends or family. However, you can provide your friends and family with our membership link which will allow them to register on their own and begin saving money on everyday items, including student discounts for laptops or employee discounts for Disney. Definitely discuss the limits of your employee discount program with your employer before offering them to anyone else. Should your employer limit who can use your own discounts, you can provide them with information on how to sign up on their own instead.

Can family members use my employee discount card?

Since our program does not use an employee discount card or an employee discount access code, it would not be possible to share those with family or friends. However, you can share our employee discount program member sign up link and they can enroll for free. As soon as they enroll, they are able to begin accessing discounts on items they use every day. If you have family or friends who are business owners, you can also suggest that they register their business so their employees can also access savings on items they need.

What are the best employee discounts?

Of course, each member would answer this question differently as every person has different things they need to purchase at different times in their lives. We have members who have saved hundreds by using employee discounts for car buying as well as members in college who have used student discounts for travel and retired members who have used our many senior discounts. We offer such a wide range of discounts, there is no doubt you can find a discount that will benefit you and your family. You can choose from apparel, electronics, financial products, health and beauty, pet supplies and so much more. Simply take a look at our site and you will find many different ways that Employee and Member Discounts can help your family.

How does the employee discount work?

We often get asked “How does your employee discount program work?” Our program is simple. Our employee discount programs are completely free for the members to utilize and for the companies to participate in. The brands that provide discounts to our members do so because they want to reward employees and members with great deals and discounts on their products and services. They understand that by offering these discounts, you are more likely to purchase their product and potentially become a loyal customer. Keep in mind, these are national brands that you will recognize, including Nike, Hurley, Liberty Mutual, AARP, Chewy and more. Our member discount programs are designed to help employers recruit and retain employees while also helping employees save money on the things they purchase each day.

What is an employee discount program?

An employee discount program is a platform for all employees, alumni, seniors, veterans, and students who want to get the best discounts on the products and services they use every day. Some programs charge a platform fee or a monthly member fee, but Employee And Member Discounts is a free platform for companies as well as for members. With over 20 years in the employee discount industry, we decided to create a new easy-to-use program that allows our members to get direct access to the best offers from top national brands with names you will recognize. From tire discounts, to travel specials, we continually work to add new offers and promotions to our website. You can rest assured that we are always promoting relevant products that fit the needs of our members. Many of these were previously only offered as senior, student or association discounts. We have searched for the best and are now making them available to everyone.

What stores take senior discounts?

All of the discounts on our program are available to seniors. Just like AARP or AAA, Employee And Member Discounts provides discounts on products seniors use every day. You can find employee discounts on hotels and rental cars for your next vacation or senior discounts on laptops, computers, insurance, food, tickets to events and more. Because our program is free and simple to use, seniors are able to take advantage of significant savings on items they use every day.

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