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Employee Discounts on Ace Harware

Ace Hardware

We are your local hardware store and we are a part of your community. Ace Hardware has over 5,000 stores around the world with the majority of those stores independently owned and operated by local entrepreneurs. These hard working men and women are part of the fabric of your community. They are small business owners who are local and loyal…just like it ought to be. While others have become large and impersonal, at Ace, we’ve remained small and very personal. That’s why we say a visit to Ace, is like a visit to your neighbor.

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Employee Discounts on Lumber Liquidators

Lumber Liquidators

Lumber Liquidators prides itself on having one of the largest inventories of prefinished and unfinished hardwood floors in the industry. There are flooring experts in every store ready to help, and free samples are available. Lumber Liquidators carries solid and engineered hardwood, laminate flooring, bamboo flooring, cork flooring, vinyl flooring, wood-look tile flooring, butcher blocks, moldings, accessories and tools.

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Employee discounts on HomeAdvisor


HomeAdvisor is a free service to homeowners, where they can search for professionals nationwide. We have over 100,000 contractors in our network that can be matched to these homeowners, from remodelers, architects, plumbers, and many more.

Homeowners can be matched up to 4 professionals for each of their projects, for free! Consumers can have contractors compete for their business. By being matched to several pros in their area they can review other customer’s comments on each contractor, and pick who is right for them.

Senior Discounts on Mosaic Tile Outlet

Mosaic Tile Outlet

As the premier mosaic tile store, we have styles, colors, and designs you are sure to love. We’ve spent 20 years leading this industry and use that experience to offer our customers the best shopping experience. Our glass mosaic outlet has mosaic and subway tiles all at better than wholesale pieces.

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Veteran deals on International Tool

International Tool

International Tool has been serving contractors, woodworkers, and home owners since 1970, providing quality power tools, machinery and accessories at the guaranteed lowest prices in the U.S.
We boast the largest power tool showroom in the Southeast and are a full-line distributor of the finest manufacturers in the industry. We are also the exclusive 220V power tool dealer in the United States.

Get your favorite HK Porter tools and accessories at the best prices from International Tool.

Military discounts on Bad Ass Extension Cords

Bad Ass Extension Cords

What’s a BAD ASS Extension Cord?

Flexible: 100% soft drawn, annealed, bunch stranded copper conductors guarantees maximum flexibility.
Water Resistant: Water cannot penetrate the insulation covering the copper conductors and cause life-threatening electrical shocks.
Flame Retardant: Bad Ass Cords have special jacket composition that inhibits flames and combustion.

At Bad Ass Extension Cords you can expect only the very best heavy duty extension cords, plugs and connectors for contractors and do-it-yourselfers everywhere.

Home Improvement Discounts

No matter what size budget you start with, a home renovation can grow to enormous proportions if you don’t keep a handle on what you spend. Maybe you are undergoing a basement remodel to create the man cave your husband has always wanted or finally getting the bathroom improvement you always wanted. No matter what room you are remodeling, these tips can help you keep from overspending.

Create and Stick to a Budget

One of the biggest mistakes made in home improvement is failing to create a budget for the project. Create your budget before you ever start looking at fixtures and materials for your home remodel. You can use an online spreadsheet or write all the information on paper. Create a column for every item you will need to purchase, including flooring, tile, outlets, cabinetry, lighting, paint, counters, etc. Once the list is complete, call around to get estimates for each item. This will help you determine what fixtures are going to take up the most of your budget and show you areas where you can cut back to make your budget more realistic. One important factor to include is 10 percent of the total budget for unexpected expenses.

Try to Use Cash

You probably already know that to finance home improvement can be expensive. Whenever possible, use cash to fund your remodeling project. If you use a credit card, try to only charge what you can pay in full the following month to keep from paying high finance charges. If you will have use home improvement financing, include the added interest or finance charges as part of your budget. Even better, rather than financing home improvement, look at your household budget to see where you can cut back and save money to pay for the home remodel with cash.

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Don’t Rush the Project

If you have chosen to save money to pay cash for your remodel rather than financing home improvement projects, you have time on your side to plan. Another problem with home improvement financing is that you have the money you need to jump in and start that basement or kitchen remodel. Unfortunately, moving too quickly can become overwhelming and make it difficult to make sound decisions. If you have several projects planned, start with one and finish it before moving on to the next one. If you are using appliances that sometimes don’t work as they should, prioritize your kitchen remodel first. If the kids need room to spread out because they are driving you crazy, consider the basement remodel with the game room a higher priority. This will also help you stick to your budget as unexpected expenses can be managed one room at a time.

More About Home Improvement Discounts

Do Your Own Work

It may be tempting to hire someone to do the entire project, but keep in mind that home improvement franchises and custom home remodeling can be costly. Even if you are not good at the do-it-yourself project, there are things you can handle on your own. Keep in mind you are paying crews by the hour so if you can handle the demolition and clean up before the contractor starts work, that will save you money. Other do-it-yourself savings include primer, painting and preparing surfaces. If you feel like you might be able to do more advanced projects, home improvement franchises offer training workshops as well as YouTube videos that may be able to guide you through the process. Keep in mind that if you are not licensed, you cannot do electrical or some plumbing work on your own. You may also need to hire contractors if you are installing load-bearing beams or tearing out walls.

Recycle Materials

Instead of hiring custom home remodeling companies to build you new kitchen cabinets during your kitchen remodel, consider resurfacing your old cabinets or simply replacing the doors with something more updated. Visit Habitat for Humanity ReStores which sell salvaged building materials that could not be used in the homes they built for others. You may also find auctions in your area where you can get home improvement discounts on building materials.

Check References

If you will need to hire professional help because your project requires custom home remodeling, do your homework. Check online reviews or ask friends and family to recommend a good contractor for your kitchen, basement or bathroom improvement project. Interview several companies and request references from each. Be sure to contact all the references provided to get an idea which contractor would best fit your needs.

Keep the Room or Home Footprint the Same

When it comes to kitchen or bathroom improvement projects, you are better off leaving large items in the same location. Sinks, bathtubs, stoves, walls and windows can be very difficult to move to another location in the room. You may be reluctant to open up a wall as there are many factors that go into where a wall is located. However, if you have a gas stove and decide to move it across the room, you will need to move a gas line and add ventilation, both of which require professional assistance.

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