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    More About Roadside Assistance

    What is Roadside Assistance?

    oadside assistance is essential for all cars, trucks and recreational vehicles (or RVs for short). All motor vehicles have the potential to breakdown on a highway. Back roads, busy street, or even your driveway. All cars, trucks, and RVs can get a flat tire, or you may lock your keys inside the vehicle, or have a dead battery on your way to work. What is the solution to this problem? A Roadside Assistance plan.

    Many different RA plans include roadside assistance for cars, roadside assistance for trucks, and roadside assistance for RVs. Also, some plans offer roadside assistance discounts for being members of certain companies or associations. Whether you are a young driver, experienced driver, or senior driver, all drivers need the best roadside assistance plan they can get for the least amount of money.

    Why get an Auto Roadside Assistance Plan?

    All cars, trucks, minivans, motorcycles, and RVs have emergencies at some point. Your vehicle may breakdown, run out of gas, or have a flat tire miles away from your driveway (or sometimes even in your driveway). Repairing these issues may be extremely expensive. Having a Roadside Assistance plan reduces your out of pocket costs significantly.

    Do you have an older vehicle that is not as reliable as it once was? Does your car or truck drive on roads that have rocks or debris that cause flat tires? Do you tend to be forgetful and lock your keys in your car by accident? If you have any or all of these problems, a Roadside Assistance plan is right for you.

    Different Kinds of Roadside Assistance

    There are several different kinds of Roadside Assistance plans. These plans range from basic to plans that can be completely customized. Many various factors will determine the type of plan you choose. Factors like the kind of car you have, its age, its condition, how many drivers in your household, and the number of miles you drive each month should all considered in the coverage you choose. The price of a Roadside Assistance plan is also a factor you need to consider. Prices range from low cost, medium, and premium.

    Each different Roadside Assistance plan has its own price based on the features and roadside assistance services provided by the coverage and features. Basic plans include tire changing services, locksmith services, towing within a given area to a repair shop, jump starts to your battery, and bringing gasoline to a vehicle that has run out of gas. These services are limited to four uses per year or two times per month (depending on the plan).

    Medium plans include all the previously mentioned services but have increased towing mileage to a repair shop. Many plans also include a small reimbursement for the cost of towing the vehicle. These plans have the driver pay for the tow truck up front, and then a check is sent in the mail to cover part or all of the fee. These plans also have a greater frequency for the usage of the basic services, meaning four to five uses per year or three to four usages per month.

    Premium plans include all the basic roadside assistance services as well as the features of the medium plans, and extra roadside assistance services. Premium plans have jump starts of your battery and in some cases battery replacement, winching, pull out services, and a more substantial reimbursement for out of pocket towing costs than a medium plan. Premium plans have many different amenities, depending on the price and structure of the program.

    Do you have one or more drivers or more than one car in your household? Roadside assistance for cars, trucks, and RVs, come in multidriver and multiple vehicle homes. These plans extend coverage to all drivers and vehicles that need coverage. All features and services are available to each car and driver that for the plan. These plans cover roadside assistance for trucks, roadside assistance for RVs, and any other vehicle you may own, such as a motorcycle.

    All Roadside Assistance plans are different, have their own features, and services. When buying a Roadside Assistance plan, it is essential to read all of the complete plan details. These plan details will explain which services are included, how often these services can be used, and when the plan fee is due. Some plan fees are due monthly, whereas other plan fees are due quarterly or yearly. Knowing when to pay the subscription fee will help you with on-time payments and never lose coverage.

    Roadside assistance for young drivers or seniors?

    Many companies offer roadside assistance plans for young drivers and seniors. These plans are uniquely tailored to young drivers need for extra coverage, and seniors need for a plan with good coverage on a fixed income. Depending on how much a senior or young driver uses their motor vehicle, their need for auto roadside assistance changes. Young drivers that drive only a small amount may only need a basic plan at a low price. Other young drivers who frequently drive throughout the month may need a medium or premium plan. Some senior drivers may drive only once in a while and need a plan with reduced services and a small price. Other seniors who drive every day may need a more medium or premium plan but at the basic plan price due to their limited income.

    Top plans for senior and young drivers are specially designed for their needs. Also, these plans give seniors and young drivers peace of mind when they are driving out on the open road. These plans are designed and priced within a young driver’s and senior’s budget.

    The Best Roadside Assistance Plans With Discounts

    Some companies offer the best roadside assistance plans at a discount. These companies give roadside assistance discounts to employees of an individual business or members of an association. Some cell phone companies provide discounted Roadside Assistance plans to customers who pay for their cell phone service. Auto clubs and insurance companies also offer discounted Roadside Assistance plans.

    Asking your work, employee association, auto club, or insurance provider if they offer discounts for Roadside Assistance plans, is the first place to start getting a discount on your Roadside Assistance plan. The second step is asking your Roadside Assistance provider if they offer discounts for being a good driver, student, or having multiple vehicles or multiple drivers. A third way to discover discounts is to type the name of the company you work for, your school, your employee association, the name of your cell phone company or insurance company inside an internet search engine with the words Roadside Assistance discounts. This search will give you a list of discounts offered for your unique situation.