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What Are Retirement or Senior Discounts?

How can you find and use senior and retirement discounts?

There is an old adage that says that with age comes wisdom. However, when you reach a certain age, you may also be eligible for discounts along with that wisdom. Retirement and senior discounts are often available starting at age 50, although some may not be offered until you reach 62 or 65. These types of discounts could save you a considerable amount of money.

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    How Do I Know if I am a Senior?

    Determining when you are a senior citizen can be confusing. According to a survey conducted by Del Webb Baby Boomer, about half of 64 year old people who responded did not consider themselves a senior citizen because they don’t “feel” like a senior and describe themselves as young at heart. In the same survey, 90 percent of 50-year old people who responded also said they did not consider themselves senior citizens. The term “senior citizen” was first used in 1938 during a political campaign and was used to describe someone who was old. Most dictionaries describe a senior citizen as someone who was over the age of 65. Yet, even governmental agencies vary on the age services are offered to older people. The Area Agencies on Aging in Indianapolis provides home-delivered meals to people over the age of 60. The Social Security Administration allows people to access partial retirement benefits at 62, although most people must wait until they are 67. This makes discounts for seniors even more confusing.

    Senior Discounts Vary

    Not only are the ages when discounts are offered to seniors create confusion, the discounts themselves can be very confusing. Retiree discounts vary depending on location with some businesses offering discounts for older people starting at 50 and others waiting until you reach full retirement age. Some brands also allow the franchisee to decide whether to offer discounts, the amount of the discount and at what age they are available.

    Phasing Out

    A review of businesses that offer discounts for seniors is slowly dwindling. Some stores are now offering reduced savings for all customers, while others have simply dropped their senior citizen discounts. This can make it harder to find discounts when you are shopping, especially if you are searching online.

    Travel Discounts For Seniors

    One industry that seems to be increasing their retiree discounts is the travel industry. Many airlines, hotel chains, cruise lines and car rental agencies now offer discounts of as much as 30 percent to people who qualify. When you are booking your vacation, you may need to ask or search the website to find how to redeem the discount.

    Finding the Senior Discounts

    One way to find many senior discounts is through EmployeeandMemberDiscounts.com. The website lists thousands of discounts available to seniors and retirees that are designed to save you money. EmployeeandMemberDiscounts.com is a free platform that provides you with direct access to senior and retirement discounts even if you are not a senior citizen. These discounts include savings on cars, entertainment, financial services, insurance, warranties, travel and medical services.

    Retirement Groups

    If you operate a retirement group, we can even help you set up your own discount program. EmployeeandMemberDiscounts.com allows your members to enroll at no charge so that they can access thousands in savings through our site. We do not charge any fees and your members can enroll in the program at any time. We can even customize our offerings to fit what your retirement organization needs, making it easier for your members to access their discounts for seniors.

    Why Choose EmployeeandMemberDiscounts.com?

    Our website is filled with discounts you can actually use. We don’t simply offer specials you can cut and take to a business. We offer true discounts that truly save your family money. Not only are our discounts beneficial to the people that use them, they are also beneficial to the company that offers the discount. Our discounts are available to everyone, not just new members of your retirement organization. We know that you want to provide all your members with the best benefits possible and we can help you set up a program that offers what your membership can use and not just those that look like discounts but actually don’t help your members.

    The best thing about EmployeeandMemberDiscounts.com is that you don’t have to be a certain age to get the discounts. Simply sign up for the website and you have access to thousands of dollars in discounts regardless of how old you are. If you are responsible for a retirement organization, EmployeeandMemberDiscounts.com can help you create your own discount program for members that is accessible through our easy to use portal. You can learn more about the services we offer by calling us today or filling out the easy online form to learn more. Get started today to start saving on entertainment, insurance, travel and more.


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