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Employee Discounts on pet supplies


Employee Discounts on pet supplies


Employee Discounts on pet supplies

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Pet Supplies And Accessories

Anyone with a pet knows that food and treats are not the only things an animal needs to be comfortable. They also need other types of pet supplies to keep them safe and make them comfortable. When you are choosing the best supplies for your pet, it is important to know what you need to look for in order to choose the best options.

Choosing the Right Pet Beds

Dogs and cats love sleeping on soft beds as much as humans do but you want to be sure to choose the right one for your pet. Before choosing pet beds, be sure to weigh and measure your dog or cat to be sure it is the right size. You will also want to decide where the bed will be placed in your home. For example, if you are purchasing a bed that will be placed on a windowsill for a cat, you want to be sure the bed does not overlap the edges or your cat may fall. A pet with arthritis will find thick padding or memory foam to be the most comfortable. Hairless cats or short-haired dogs may also benefit from pet beds that are heated and if your pet likes to crawl under things to sleep, they may like a hooded bed.

Selecting Dog Leashes

The variety and types of dog leashes available seem endless but you will want to choose leashes that match your needs and preferences as well as one that will keep your dog safe. If you will be walking your dog after dark, choose a leash with reflective markings. Be sure to choose a leash that fits the size and weight of your dog. A Great Dane will snap a thin leash while a toy poodle will struggle to walk with a heavy chain leash. Retractable dog leashes have grown in popularity but some experts warn that they teach your dog bad habits and are not safe for the owner or the dog.

The Right Pet Clothes

A growing trend is to purchase pet clothes for your dog or cat and not just the sweaters that smaller, short-haired dogs needed to stay warm. Today, you can find any number of coats, outfits and clothes designed specifically for your cat or dog. Although many people view pet clothes as a frivolous purchase, there are animals who may need the additional warmth of clothing. A pet who is recovering from surgery or an illness, an older pet and some genetic makeups of animals may lead them to need additional protection from the elements. When choosing clothing for your pet, be sure they can move freely and that fabric does not drag. Be sure that the clothing can be put on and taken off easily. Even if you are not a fan of clothing for your pet, investing in a pair of boots can help your pet avoid accidental slips, injuries or exposure to toxins, such as de-icing chemicals in the winter.

Fencing in Your Pet

Although most cats remain indoors and have no need for a fence, if you own a dog, you may need to invest in pet fences to keep them safe. When choosing fences, be sure that there are no gaps that a small dog could escape from or get stuck attempting to escape. If you have a large dog, you will need to choose a fence high enough that the dog cannot jump over. Even if your dog is small, some types of pet fences make it easy for a dog to climb over if they are not high enough. You also need to pay attention to the gate on the fence as dogs are smart enough to learn how to open gate fences. It is possible to invest in childproof locking mechanisms that also work for pets.

Looking for Pet Shampoo

Human shampoo is not designed for the skin or fur of your four-legged family members. When it comes to pet shampoo, you need to be sure to choose the right one for your animal or you could risk damaging their skin or coat. If your pet has dry or itchy skin, select a moisturizing shampoo and avoid pet shampoo with scents. Instead, choose shampoos with honey, oatmeal and Vitamin E. Although it is tempting to repeatedly bathe your pet to treat fleas and ticks, these types of shampoos are designed as a temporary measure. Use flea and tick shampoo periodically to assist other prevention methods. Never use adult dog shampoo on a puppy as it could irritate their young skin or cause their eyes to burn.

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Litter Box Selection

Every cat owner has been on the search for the perfect litter boxes and the type of box you choose is very important, especially if you are training a kitten. Be sure the sides are low enough that smaller cats can get in and out without difficulty. Cats who have bad aim will need higher sides in order to keep waste and litter from the floor. One of the most important things to consider when searching for litter boxes is the size of your cat. Because cats want to cover their waste, you want to be sure they have enough room to turn freely in the box and kick litter over the waste without difficulty.

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