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Events, Races, Tickets, And Concerts Discounts

If you are trying to save money, you may feel that you have to cut your entertainment budget out completely. The fact is, there are ways to save money on fun things like races, sports, concerts and other entertainment without being stuck at home all the time.

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Going to the Movies

For many of us, going to the movies is an important part of our lives. You may enjoy seeing the latest movie on the big screen as opposed to waiting to watch it at home on your television. However, going to the movies can be expensive with the average cost of a ticket around $9. New releases in some areas can cost as much as $20 per ticket. One way to keep going to the movies and still stick to a budget is to attend matinee performances which are usually less expensive. Some movie theaters also offer specials on slower nights, like Monday or Tuesday. Skip the popcorn, sodas and candy which can increase the cost of a movie night significantly. In some cases, ordering your movie tickets online can save money as some online agencies offer discounted prices.

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More About Events, Races, Tickets, And Concerts Discounts

Sporting Events

If most of your entertainment budget is for admission to sporting events, there are ways you can reduce those costs as well. Consider attending amateur league games rather than professional sports. One NFL game can cost you as much as $130. Limit yourself to one or two professional games per year and start supporting your local amateur league. Professional teams pull their players from amateur leagues so you could end up watching the next Babe Ruth, Troy Aikman or Michael Jordan develop while paying much less for tickets.

Car Races

It is estimated that attending a NASCAR or Indy car race weekend can set you back over $800 per person which would include admission to the races, souvenirs and food. If you don’t live near the track and have to rent a hotel room or camp, the costs can be significantly higher. You can save money by purchasing tickets for the less popular competitions, such as truck or qualifying rounds. You could pay just $65 for a qualifying round compared to $120 for the main event. Most tracks have camping areas that allow both RV and tent camping. If you can tent camp, these sites are usually less expensive although they may have no electric or running water available. Most of the camping areas do provide some type of shower and bathroom facilities, however.


One area where you definitely want to search for event discounts to remain in your budget is for concerts. Live music events can be really expensive and the ticket costs are just the start. Today, ticket prices have gone up because fewer people are purchasing music which means the artist must recover the cost when they play live. One way to save money on a concert is to join a fan club. Many fan clubs offer presale codes that allow you to buy discounted admission. Credit card companies also offer discounts for live music performances. You may also find that the cost to attend a live performance in one town is much less expensive than another, so if you are willing to travel, you can save money. Purchase fan merchandise online or at local stores before attending the show as t-shirts and other items are significantly more expensive at the live performance than they are elsewhere.

These are just a few ways to save money on entertainment but an even easier option is to join EmployeesandMembersDiscounts.com. We have compiled a wide range of event discounts that will help you keep your entertainment budget in check and still let you have fun. There is never a membership fee and you can begin saving immediately. Sign up today by filling out the easy form or give us a call.

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