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    More About TV And Music Streaming Services

    TV and Music Streaming Services Discounts

    Many consumers are seeking less expensive alternatives to cable television, high cost CDs that have only one or two good songs or to avoid what seems to be an endless stream of advertising when trying to listen to music. One way to avoid these things is to go with TV and music streaming options. Before choosing such services, however, it is important to understand how they work and what you will need before switching over.

    TV Streaming

    TV streaming use the internet to deliver television shows to your home. Streaming services use a variety of technologies to provide Video-on-Demand (VoD) systems, such as Adobe Flashplayer, BitGravity and more. Popular TV streaming services include Netflix, Roku and Amazon Fire Stick. In order to stream TV, you must have high-speed internet service and you may need to run additional cables from your television unless you have a smart TV that uses HDMI connections. You may need to wait an additional day to watch some network television shows as there is often a delay between when they are streamed and when they air live. However, dropping to just internet service and eliminating the higher cost television packages with your cable provider may save you a significant amount of money.

    Radio Streaming

    If you need to have non-stop music during your workout, are planning a party or just need music to perk up your workday but don’t want to deal with an endless stream of commercials, radio streaming may be the answer. These music streaming options allow you to listen to music that is transmitted through the internet. You can also use the services to hear the news, weather, sports or enjoy talk radio. In addition, many radio stations now stream broadcasts so you can listen to a local radio station no matter where you are in the world.

    Satellite Radio

    Similar to radio streaming, satellite radio picks up signal from satellites circling the Earth. The biggest benefit to satellite radio is that most stations are commercial free. In addition, as long as there is no interruption between the station and the satellite for some reason, the station remains clear. When listening to regular radio, as you get farther from the station, you lose reception and must change to another station. As long as the weather is clear, you could travel from New York to Los Angeles without ever changing the station while listening to radio transmitted via satellite.

    Sports Streaming Channels

    One of the main reasons people say they continue to pay high cable bills is that they are afraid they will be unable to watch their favorite sports teams. That problem can be resolved by accessing sports streaming options which broadcast live sports using the internet rather than cable. Not only are you able to get the games you have enjoyed watching on cable, you may be able to get games that were previously not televised in your area. If you are a Los Angeles Rams fan living in Pittsburgh, for example, you may have to wait for the Rams to play a local team in order to see a game. With sports streaming channels you can watch the Rams play every game.

    If you are interested in streaming services, whether TV, radio, radio via satellite or sports streaming channels, visit EmployeeandMemberDiscounts.com. We offer discounts that were previously only available to members of certain organizations or employees of certain industries. Our perks experts have collected some of the best and made them available to everyone. There is no membership fee and you can begin saving immediately.

    Employee Discounts On Tv Streaming Services
    Employee Discounts On Music Streaming Services

    More Satellite TV Employee Discounts

    Satellite TV Discounts

    As of 2018, just under 55 percent of households in the 18 to 29 year age range used satellite TV providers while just under 67 percent in both the 30 to 49 and 50 to 64 age range used a satellite TV service. These households used either DISH, DIRECTV or another company to bring television programming into their home.

    History of DISH Network

    DISH Network, based in Meridian, Colorado, is a spinoff company from EchoStar, founded by Charlie Ergen in 1980. The company began using DISH Network as its consumer brand in 1997 after its first satellite was launched. The company grew rapidly and eventually acquired several companies that were heading into bankruptcy. This included Blockbuster, DBSD and Terrestar. DISH attempted to purchase Hulu in 2011, but the owners of the streaming company decided not to sell. According to the Ergen, the company plans to add wireless internet and mobile video services in an effort to compete with streaming services like Netflix. Many consumers seek DISH specials in an effort to lower their satellite bills each month. One way to lower the cost is satellite TV discounts offered through EmployeeandMemberDiscounts.com.

    History of DIRECTV

    Based in El Segundo, California, the satellite TV service is a subsidiary of AT&T and was launched in 1994. The company began as Hughes Communication who was awarded satellite television frequencies in 1981. Hughes initially planned to create a joint venture with NBC, News Corp and Cablevision in 1990, but when that venture failed, they launched DIRECTV. The company was acquired by AT&T in 2014. Customers of the satellite TV service often search for DIRECTV deals and many options can be found through EmployeeandMemberDiscounts.com.

    Deals on Satellite TV

    If you are looking for DIRECTV deals or other deals on satellite TV, you can find many options through EmployeeandMemberDiscounts.com. Our dedicated staff has collected rebates and discounts on satellite TV providers that were once only available to employees. Our perks experts have searched and found some of the best satellite TV discounts that can save your family a significant amount of money. There is no fee to sign up for our service and you can register at any time. Whether you are searching for DISH specials or DIRECTV deals, our friendly staff can help you with any offer you find on our website.

    Employers and Organization Leaders

    If you own a business or are the leader of an organization, we can help you set up a customized discount program. Discount programs can help you recruit new employees and does not require you to spend a lot of money like other employee benefits can. Discount programs can also boost morale among your staff or members as it helps them feel as if they are valued and appreciated. Our perk experts can help you create a discount program that your members or employees will actually use. There is no fee for them to register and they can sign up at any time. There is no need to wait for an enrollment period or a membership card to arrive in the mail.

    If you are looking for deals on satellite TV, visit EmployeeandMemberDiscounts.com today to see what options we have available. You can access the same savings as those who work for satellite TV providers. If you operate a business or organization, contact us today to learn how we can help you set up your own discount program. Learn more by filling out the easy online form or giving us a call today.

    More About Cable TV Employee Discounts

    Cable TV Discounts

    It seems as if cable television costs rise each year, leading many of us to search for cheap cable any way that we can. It is even difficult to determine how high you bill may go each year due to added fees, which is why many are searching for cable TV discounts.

    Rising Cable Costs

    Advertised cable rates rise between 3 and 4 percent each year but that isn’t the only place where cable companies raise rates. Add-on charges which may include broadcast TV or regional sports fees may also rise at the same time the regular monthly rate goes up. Consumer Reports says that the cost cable companies must pay to carry broadcast networks like CBS or Fox as well as regional sports channels have gone up by as much as 10 percent over the past four years. This has led many subscribers to the major cable companies to search for Xfinity employee discounts, FiOs employee discounts and other cable TV employee discounts.

    Ways to Lower Your Cable Bill

    There are ways you can lower your cable bill, whether you purchase cable from Xfinity, COX, FiOs or Spectrum. The first step is to research the cable providers in your area if there is more than one available. You can also downsize your package, especially if you are paying for channels you never watch. According to a recent report, consumers pay for more than 200 channels when they only watch around 20. See if your cable company offers smaller, less expensive packages. Cable providers often offer what they call “bundled services.” One way to get cheap cable is to bundle your phone, internet and cable together. Consider eliminating your DVR and modem. Most shows are available On Demand the next day making it unnecessary to tape them. If your cable company charges you for your modem, you can purchase your own and save the rental fee. There is usually an extra charge if you have more than one cable box. If you routinely only watch television in the family room, you could save $15 per month by eliminating the box in the bedroom.

    Cable TV Employee Discounts

    Another way to lower your cable bill is to take advantage of cable TV discounts offered to their employees. You can find those discounts through EmployeeandMemberDiscounts.com. You can access Xfinity employee discounts as well as savings offered to COX, FiOS and Spectrum employees. There is no membership fee to sign up and you can begin accessing COX employee discounts immediately. Often, employee discounts are significant as the cable company wants their employees to keep their services at home so they can constantly monitor issues that may arise. Cable TV employee discounts can save you a significant amount of money. Through EmployeeandMemberDiscounts.com, you can begin accessing Xfiity, COX and FiOs employee discounts from the moment you sign up.

    There is no longer any reason to pay high cable bills and keep dealing with the rising rates or fees. You can save money and continue watching your favorite shows by gaining access to cable TV discounts through EmployeeandMemberDiscounts.com. You can sign up today for free and begin accessing Spectrum, FiOS, Xfinity and COX employee discounts that those who work for the company receive. If you operate a company or organization where employee discounts would be beneficial to your employees or members, contact us today to learn how we can set up a program specifically for you. Our dedicated perk experts can help you create a program with member and employee discounts they can actually use. Sign up today by giving us a call or fill out the easy, online query form to learn more.

    Employee Discounts on streaming
    Employee Discounts on streaming