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More About Kids Toys, Baby Toys, And Education Toys Discounts And Offers

Kids Toys, Baby Toys, And Education Toys Discounts

When you give a child a toy, chances are they will be happy regardless of what that toy may be. However, when choosing kids toys, you want to be sure you give them something that is age-appropriate, safe and will keep them occupied. These tips can help you choose the right toy for the right age, keeping the child entertained and happy while also reassuring parents that the toy is safe for them.

Keep Things Simple

Although children like interactive toys, those that do too much don’t allow the child to develop an imagination. It may be tempting to buy the doll or stuffed animal that allows a child to press a button to activate the toy but that allows the toy to take control of the child’s play. Blocks, Legos and other building type toys are an excellent way for children to build their imagination.

Electronic Toys

It is important to limit electronics and video games, even educational toys that are electronic. In today’s digital world, it is impossible to keep a child from ever playing video games or using electronic toys, but it is important to set limits. Research has shown that an electronic toy that does nothing but allow a child to watch the screen promotes a passive learning style which can inhibit the child’s ability to think independently. Pediatricians say that children under the age of two should not play computer games and children over two should have screen time limited to one to two hours per day. There are a growing number of online toys available for children as well. Using a computer, you can access games, lessons and other play-related programs designed for children. Online toys may be educational but, like video games and other electronics, they need to be limited. If you are looking for a toy for a small child, avoid purchasing electronic toys that do not require the child to interact.

Educational Toys May Not Be

Be careful about purchasing toys that claim to be educational. A 2005 report from the Kaiser Foundation found that most educational toys were actually not educational at all. Instead, choose simple toys that force a child to use their own intuition and imagination for play. Baby toys that promote motor skills like shape sorters or stacking rings provide more education than a toy with flashing blinking lights that talks to the child. Toddlers benefit more from books, puzzles and blocks than child-sized “computer” games. Also remember that some toys that are beneficial to babies continue to be beneficial as a child grows. Infants begin holding blocks as baby toys to develop coordination. As the child grows, the blocks teach them spatial relationships, creativity, building, planning and construction principles.

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