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NearlyNatural is a highly respected brand in the artificial floral niche, being the first to hire head designers to design our natural looking silk flowers and plants.


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Sheds.com is the one-stop-shop for everything outdoors. Sheds.com has what you need to turn your backyards into a private oasis.


ePlanters is a small, well-established family-owned business dedicated to providing home and business owners with a wide variety of indoor and outdoor flower pots and plant maintenance tools.

In The Swim

In The Swim is America’s “Number One Direct Source for Pool Supplies,” including spa and pool chemicals, equipment, covers, and accessories

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    More About House And Window Cleaning Services Discounts

    House And Window Cleaning Services Discounts

    Research by the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the average person spends nearly 40 minutes each day cleaning their home. That is an average of 40 days per year spent dusting, sweeping and vacuuming. If you have decided to spend those 40 days doing things that are more fun by hiring house cleaning services, these tips can help you choose the right maid services for your family.

    Ask Family and Friends

    One of the best ways to hire the best house cleaning service is to talk to family and friends. A cleaning service suggested by family and friends will more than likely do a good job or they would not be recommended. You can also search for “house cleaning near me,” to find the names of cleaning services and then talk to family or friends to see if they have ever used them.

    Ask Questions

    Reputable cleaning services will offer a free estimate but most will want to see the home before they provide you with a cost. When you call, have a list of questions ready to ask. You will want to know how many people will be on your cleaning team, the type of products they will use to clean as well as if they are licensed and insured. During the in-person interview, ask how long it will take them to clean your home and what they expect of you before they arrive. You can also ask about additional services, like baseboard or window cleaning.

    Be Honest About What You Expect

    Before the cleaning service comes to your house for the initial cleaning, do not clean your house first. Leave your house as it will be when they come for their regular weekly cleaning. You can pick up belongings and clear counters or tabletops, but don’t run the vacuum, clean the bathroom or scrub the kitchen floor. The best house cleaning companies need to see exactly what they will be dealing with when they show up to clean regularly in order to give you an accurate price. You also don’t want to get in the habit of having to clean before they arrive as this kind of defeats the purpose.

    Don’t Ignore Your Gut

    When you interview house cleaning services, if something doesn’t “feel” right, listen to your feelings. If you don’t feel comfortable for any reason, choose the best house cleaning companies that make you feel at ease. Make sure you are honest with what you expect and keep asking questions until you are satisfied. If they don’t answer the way you want, choose a different service.

    Don’t Base Your Decision Solely on Price

    Even though you may have a strict budget and need to find cheap house cleaning, you don’t want to base your choice of cleaning service only on how much they charge. The fact is, large companies who charge more may not provide you with all the services you need while a smaller, local company may charge less and provide you with many more services. If you want to include extras like window cleaning, you will need to discuss this with the service as well. Most cheap house cleaning companies do not include window cleaning services in the regular service but add an additional cost for windows, baseboards or other items that don’t need to be done every few months, not weekly or bi-weekly.

    Specialty Cleaning Services

    When you search for “house cleaning near me,” you may be looking for something other than regular maid services. There are companies that also specialize in moving house cleaning. If you sell your home, the cleaning company comes in and does a thorough cleaning of the entire house, including windows, baseboards, walls, cabinets and more. You may also seek a moving house cleaning company if you own a rental home. When tenants move, even if they clean after they have moved all their items, you may still need to have a professional come in to be sure the rental is clean enough for your new tenants.


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    More About Junk Removal and Organization Discounts

    Junk Removal and Organization Discounts

    No matter how hard we try, it seems we are always dealing with what seems like an endless battle with clutter. The kids come home and toss bookbags in a corner, shoes get kicked off near the sofa and stay there or your spouse leaves things lying around, making your house look messy. What you may not know is that clutter can have a negative affect on the brain, leading to stress and anxiety. Clearing away clutter can improve focus, increase productivity and makes it easier for your brain to process information. These five-minute home organization tips can help you start getting a handle on clutter and improve your mental state at the same time.

    Designate a Spot for Paperwork

    In most households, paper accounts for a large percentage of the clutter that accumulates. This is often because paperwork gets dropped in several different locations, whether it is on the dining room table, kitchen counter, a desk or in the car. Resolve this issue by purchasing a box or basket where all paper is placed and don’t put paper down anywhere but in that location. When your kids bring home school papers, drop them in the box. Put all incoming mail in the box as well as receipts, warranties and notices. Once each week, go through the box and sort what you need to keep and what can be tossed.

    Schedule a Decluttering Weekend

    When you work outside the home, dealing with the clutter after working all day can be exhausting. Instead, look at your calendar and choose a free weekend to designate for decluttering. Sit down and schedule what you want to accomplish. Be sure to have boxes and trash bags available. If you don’t own a truck, borrow or rent one so you can take things to your local charity. If you are doing the decluttering alone, start in one room and don’t move to the next room until you are finished. If you have involved the entire family, assign each person a room to work on.

    Basement Organization

    If your home is not really cluttered but your basement is a minefield of unused exercise equipment, ancient garden tools and bags of old clothes, it is time to begin Operation Basement Organization. The first step is to determine what you want to keep, what you want to donate and what you want to toss. If there is something in the basement you have not used in over a year, donate it or toss it. If you cannot rent or borrow a truck, contact local charities about picking up the items you wish to donate. Once you have sorted everything, go back through the keep pile and separate them into categories. As you identify each item, put it where you want it to be. For example, books on a shelf, sporting equipment in a closet or sentimental items stored in plastic bins. Label any boxes so you know what is in them. Choose basement organization shelving and boxes that will not be damaged should the basement flood. Hang hooks or pegs for things like tools, coats and other items.

    Attic Organization

    Attic organization is not much different than organizing your basement. Attics are often very warm in the summer and very cold in the winter, unlike a basement that may stay cool all year. It may be best to empty the entire attic, carrying everything downstairs so you can go through it. Just like your basement, separate items into piles of keep, donate or discard. Once you are ready to return anything you want to keep, create an attic floor plan so you know where you plan to put each item. One attic organization tip is to use different color bins for each type of item. For example, winter clothes can be stored in red bins while holiday decorations go in green bins. Another option is to use labels to identify what is in each box.

    Garage Organization

    Another area that could become the victim of clutter is the garage. It is easy to just pile things up around the garage with no system of organization. Wire shelving is a great way to create garage organization as it is easy to install and available in a wide range of configurations. It is also possible to install floor shelving units designed specifically for garage storage as well. Take advantage of the high ceilings in your garage by placing raised shelving that can be easily accessed using a ladder.

    Junk Removal

    There are many different options for junk removal help. One method for junk removal is to hire junk removal companies. These businesses will come to your home and remove any items you no longer want. Junk removal companies will remove anything that is non-hazardous, including appliances, carpeting, tires, household trash and more. Another option for cheap junk removal is to contact local charities who often will come take any unwanted items that can be reused or sold. The Salvation Army and Goodwill both offer cheap junk removal services, allowing you to eliminate clutter.


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    More About Lawn Care Discounts

    Lawn Care Discounts

    If you have halways dreamed of a beautiful lawn that is the envy of your neighbors, you can achieve that goal without spending a lot of money or a lot of time working in the yard. These lawn care tips can help you get a picture-perfect lawn on a budget.

    Expect to Get Dirty

    The best lawn care service might create a beautiful lawn but you could spend as much as $1,000 over one season. If you don’t mind getting dirty, you can do most of your yardwork yourself. Not only will this save you money, it can actually be fun to put your own hard work into your lawn.

    Consider Using an Old-Fashioned Push Reel Mower

    If your lawn is fairly small, consider purchasing an old-fashioned push reel mower. Rotary mowers shred your grass and can leave your yard vulnerable to insects and disease while reel mowers cut cleanly. Because this type of mower runs on human power, there is no need to buy gas or oil when it is time for lawn mowing. Gas-powered push mowers can cost hundreds while a push reel mower can often be found for less than $80. They are also easier on the environment as a gas mower can produce the same amount of pollution as a car. Push reel mowers also require less maintenance as there are few mechanical parts. Just keep the blades sharpened and your lawn will look beautiful all season.

    Lawn Fertilization

    Your lawn needs nourishment and, although the soil can provide much of what your lawn needs, it cannot sustain your grass all season. The best lawn care service companies recommend lawn fertilization in the spring and the fall to heal damage and control weeds. Do not fertilize more than twice each year as too much fertilization can weaken your lawn. Save money by making your own fertilizer as well. A bag of fertilizer can cost up to $25. One recipe for homemade fertilizer includes a bottle of beer mixed with one can of soda, a half cup of dish soap, a half-cup of mouthwash and a half-cup of ammonia. Others include composted kitchen scraps and yard debris. A quick search online should help you find the right homemade lawn fertilization recipe. Also, leave the clippings alone. Lawn clippings can serve as a source of fertilizer and natural mulch.

    Make Your Own Herbicides and Insect Spray

    You don’t need toxic chemicals to eliminate weeds from your yard. Spray your lawn with a mixture of white vinegar, table salt and a tiny bit of liquid dish detergent. The same is true of insecticides. One way for discounted lawn service is to make your own. Store-bought insecticides can be dangerous to pets and humans. Mites, white flies, aphids and other insects can be kept away by spraying a mixture of soap and water. Fresh garlic and cayenne pepper mixed with water will deter cabbage loopers and beetles. Add the mixtures to spray bottles to spread them as part of your lawn care program. When spreading fertilizer as part of your lawn care program, do it by the handful. Dumping by the bag can concentrate the fertilizer in one area which can damage the grass.

    Lawn Aeration

    Lawn aeration allows air to get to the roots of your grass so that water penetrates better and the plants can absorb nutrients. You should aerate your lawn each spring and fall. Consider joining up with your neighbors to share the cost of renting a lawn aeration machine. If you own shoes with spikes, such as golf or baseball shoes, put them on and walk around your yard to add more aeration. There are sandals with metal spikes that are specifically designed to use for aeration as well.

    Be Careful not to Overwater

    One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make in their lawn service is to water their lawns too frequently. Daily watering can actually suffocate your grass and kill the roots. This leads to grass that is stressed and susceptible to damage. Grass needs about one-inch of water per week. Place a bucket under your sprinkler and turn the water off once the bucket reaches the one-inch mark. You also need to be careful not to flood your lawn as that can add hundreds of dollars to your water bill or put too much stress on a water pump.

    Do Not Overmow

    If you cut your grass too short, it will be vulnerable to weeds and heat. Instead, cut your lawn to around two-inches tall so that it holds moisture better and resists weed growth. The species of grass you have will determine the best height as some do better when they are slightly taller while others may need to be slightly shorter. Lawn service experts also recommend varying your mowing pattern to help reduce wear and tear after lawn mowing.

    Rake up Dead Grass

    If you have an area of your yard with dead grass, use a rake to pull the dead plants from the ground so that you can reseed. If the area is too large to remove with a rake, dig out the dead turf with a shovel and backfill with organic compost. If you have holes where dirt and grass are pushed up, it is possible you have a mole problem. Invest in a mole chaser which looks similar to a small windmill. The device creates a vibration that impacts the sensitive hearing of moles, leading them to move elsewhere.

    Finding Discounted Lawn Service

    If you just don’t have the time or the knowledge to manage your lawn care on your own, consider hiring a lawn care company. You will want to start searching for one during the winter when they are not as busy. Ask family and friends or read reviews online to choose several companies that offer the services you need. Obtain estimates from all of them but be sure the estimates offer the same services. Most companies will work with you, offering lawn care discounts if you agree to a certain contract or services.

    Lawn Care Discounts at EmployeeandMemberDiscounts.com

    At EmployeeandMemberDiscounts.com, we offer many discounted lawn service options that were previously only available to employees in certain industries or members of specific organizations. We have searched and compiled all of these discounts in one place and made them available for anyone. You can find lawn service discounts you can actually use and there is never a membership fee.

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