Student Discounts

What Are Student Discounts?

Can you really save when you use student discounts?

Other than surviving on a diet of ramen noodles and $1 Taco Tuesday, there are options for college students to save money. With the cost of higher education rising, students look for any way they can to save money. In addition to discounts for students, these tips can help your college student get through those lean years without starving. You may also find options to save money using student discount laptops.

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    Thrift Shop Purchases

    Stores like Goodwill and the Salvation Army have become increasingly popular among college students. The stores are recognizing this trend and have created locations that are cleaner, brighter and offer more selection. Some thrift stores are even offering a discount for student shoppers in order to entice them to shop. It is not unusual to find name-brand merchandise, some still with tags attached, for just a few dollars. Check eBay and other online auction sites as well. It is possible you can find a student discount on iPad or laptops through those sites as well.

    Take Advantage of Campus Entertainment

    Although many movie theaters in college towns now offer students discounts, colleges often show older, indie or foreign films much cheaper than public movie theaters. There is also the option of concerts, plays and other entertainment created by students that may be free if you present a student ID. If you were able to get a student discount iPad, you may even be able to stream movies to watch in your dorm or apartment.

    Plan Your Bar Visit

    If you are of legal drinking age, it may be tempting to head out to the local bar for a few drinks with friends. Although this is a rite of passage for most students, it can get expensive unless you do your homework. Most college-area bars offer two-for-one specials during happy hour. That means you and a friend could split the cost of one drink and get two for your money. Bars also offer half-priced appetizers at Happy Hour which is a great way to get a cheap dinner you didn’t cook for yourself. You may also be able to find students discounts for some local restaurants by doing a quick online search. The same is true of your visits to the local coffee shop. Make coffee in your dorm or apartment or search for a discount for student customers.

    Student Flight Discounts

    If you attend a college far from your hometown, you will need a way to get back home for family events, holidays and the summer break. You can search online for student discounts flights that are available at many different airlines. You may have to adjust your travel schedule if you want to fly around a holiday as some student discount on flights may be blacked out at certain times during the year. Although you should probably avoid an expensive spring break trip if you want to save money, you can usually find student discounts on flights at many airlines to places like Fort Lauderdale, Daytona or Cancun.

    Saving on Electronics and Textbooks

    Buy or rent used textbooks to save money. One of the biggest expenses at college is often the books you are required to buy. Check online sources to see if you can rent an expensive textbook or check school bulletin boards to see if someone is selling a used version. If the class is for only a few weeks, check with the local library to see if you can check out the textbook rather than purchasing it. You can also find student discounts on laptops, iPads and software, including student discount Adobe and Photoshop by searching online. When you finish a class, list the textbook for sale if it is one you won’t need in the future. Make use of the student discount laptops and iPads rather than purchasing paper for taking notes.

    Save on Transportation

    Instead of taking your car to campus where you may need to pay for parking, a pass from the school to use their parking lots as well as gas and maintenance, use public transportation or walk to and from class. You can even invest in a bicycle to get you around campus faster and still save the money you would have spent on a car.


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