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Computers And Software

We live in what is being called the digital age. It was not that long ago that one computer was large enough to fill an entire room to do minor tasks and, today, we carry computers in our pocket in the form of cell phones. What may surprise you, however, is that computers and software have so integrated themselves in our daily life, we now use them without even thinking. These software programs are not only part of our everyday life, they may actually have changed the face of computing.

Antivirus Software

In 1987, the SCA virus, created by the Swiss Cracking Association which gave the virus its name, wreaked havoc among users of the Commodore Amiga. Although it was not the first computer virus and not really destructive, it was highly annoying. It simply displayed a message stating “something wonderful has happened…your Amiga is alive,” leading to newspaper stories of “possessed” computers. It became the first computer virus to spread so rapidly, going from malware to global fright in a short time. Hackers saw the potential in viruses and worked to top the annoying SCA virus with something more sinister. In 1989, the AIDS trojan for MS-DOS encrypted user-data and demanded payment for the user to get it back, demonstrating how dangerous computer viruses could be. These viruses gave birth to antivirus software, something we use every day in our desktops and laptops without even realizing we are doing so. Antivirus software can be run on its own or run in the background while you are working to protect your system from virus infections which can be as minor as the SCA virus or as lethal as the AIDS trojan.

Tax Software

Not long ago, when tax time rolled around, you had to carry all your information to an accountant or licensed tax preparer to file your income tax forms. Those who completed the basic forms that simply used standard deductions and income information could fill them out on their own, but anything beyond that required extensive education. Today, tax software has made it easier than ever to file your taxes even if they are complicated. In fact, approximately 30 percent of all taxpayers used tax software last year as opposed to taking their taxes to places like H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt or an accounting firm. One reason for this is that tax filing using a computer program is much less expensive than using a brick-and-mortar firm, especially if your taxes are not all that complicated. Some software companies allow you to file simple returns electronically for free. You still need to gather your receipts, tax forms and other information to enter into the program but you can do it in the comfort of your own home, using laptops while sitting in your recliner in your pajamas, and file your taxes much sooner than if you used a firm to do the same thing.

Video Software

Another type of computer program you may not be aware you use regularly is video software. Programs like Windows Movie Maker, Apple iMovie and others are designed to help you create your own edited videos that are saved in the cloud. These programs are designed for the novice user, allowing you to connect one clip to another, add some transitions and save your video online for easy access. Many of these video editors are included for free with new laptops or computers and many are pretty easy to learn.

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