City Employee Discounts

What Are City Employee Discounts?

Do you really save when you use city employee discounts?

Although you may not realize it, there are a lot of people who work behind the scenes in city government to keep your town running smoothly. Normally, there is a town or city council that makes the big decisions, sets policy direction and determines what ordinances must be put in place to keep things running, but it is up to a dedicated staff to make the smaller, just as important decisions. Some of the positions that qualify for city employee discounts are explained to give you just a little insight of the behind-the-scenes operations in your town.

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    City Manager's Office Discounts

    In most towns, one position that qualifies for discounts for city employees is the city manager. That person is often considered the CEO of the town and is the first to answer to city council. The staff throughout the city falls under the direction of the city manager. The main goal of the city manager’s job is to put any city decisions into action. Often, council looks to the manager for expertise in making the decisions they must make as well. The city manager is hired by council and usually has a contract, often three or four years. That contract can be renewed at the end of the period or council may choose not to renew the contract if they are displeased with the job of the city manager. In large cities, the mayor may act as the city manager although they are elected to that position.

    City Attorney's Office Discounts

    The city attorney, or city solicitor as they are known in some towns, is responsible for providing legal advice to the city. Small towns may contract with a law firm to handle their legal activities while others may hire in-house council. If they are contracted, a different attorney may handle different aspects of law for the town yet are qualified for city contractor discounts. Some of the duties that fall under the city attorney include reviewing contracts with various organizations, correctly wording ordinances, advising council on procedures during meetings and dealing with arbitration for employee contracts.

    City Police Chief And Police Department Discounts

    The Chief of Police is one of the most high-profile positions in any town, dealing with critical situations that may become a lead story in the local news. Police chiefs work closely with council to keep crime as low as possible while also working with the city public information officer to be sure correct information is provided to the media. The police chief manages staff that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which means they also need to be available around the clock. When they are not available, they normally hand off duties to deputy chiefs who will step in to cover when the chief is not able to do so.

    City Fire Chief And Fire Department Discounts

    Depending on the size of the city, a fire chief may be hired to lead the fire company that protects the city. In some very small towns, the fire chief may be a volunteer who is voted into the position by members. The fire company is also a 24/7 operation and if the company is paid, the fire chief could also be called upon at all hours of the night for traffic accidents, medical emergencies, disasters and fires. City employee discount programs are extremely beneficial to both the fire and police chief due to the nature of their job which can be extremely dangerous.

    City Public Works Director Discounts

    The Public Works Director of a city oversees some of the things most city residents take for granted, including running water, garbage collection, wastewater and street repairs. Many public works directors also handle electric and gas service in the city. Although this job is less glamorous than that of a police or fire chief, a public works director can be called out in the middle of the night as well if there is a large water main break, a wastewater accident or storms that take out power lines. City employee perks are also very beneficial to this position.

    City Planning Director Discounts

    The planning director is responsible for communicating and directing the vision for the town. They work to be sure the daily decisions made are consistent with the future vision. These city employee discounts recipients review zoning ordinances and makes sure any plans submitted meet those ordinances. They may also make recommendations whether variances to zoning should be granted.


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