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Employee Discounts on wine and beer


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Employee Discounts on wine and beer


Employee Discounts on wine and beer
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Wine Discounts And Offers

According to the Silicon Valley Bank Wine Division, an organization that writes the industry’s most authoritative reports on wine consumption in the country, reports that the market for premium wines, defined as those costing $10 or more per bottle, will grow as much as 8 percent this year. Individuals between the ages of 54 and 72 continue to consume the most wine, followed closely by people ages 38 to 53. In order to build outstanding wine cellars, it is important to understand as much as possible about wine. These tips can help you begin to fill your wine racks with the types of wine you enjoy.

Types of Wine

Wine is usually made from grapes of many varieties. However, the grapes used in winemaking are not the same as those you find on a fruit tray. Wine grapes are smaller, sweeter, contain seeds and have a much thicker skin. It is possible to find wines made from other fruits, such as strawberry, pumpkin or peach, but they tend to be available at smaller, local wineries rather than in retail stores. Although there are hundreds of variations, there are eight wines that are commonly found in the United States. These include red wines like pinot noir, zinfandel, syrah and cabernet sauvignon as well as whites like reisling, pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc and chardonnay.

Storing Wine

White wine should be stored in a cool location like a wine cellar or in the refrigerator while red wine can be left at room temperature on wine racks. For long-term storage, place both red and white wines on wine racks in a relatively dark area that is cool but not cold, around 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit with between 50 and 80 percent humidity. Once you open a bottle of wine, be sure to replace the cork or place a reusable wine stopper in the bottle to keep it fresh.

Wine Delivery

Today, there are many online sites that allow you to take advantage of wine delivery directly to your home. It is important to check laws, however, because some states do not allow outside wines to be shipped in. Because it is alcohol, someone who is 21 or older will be required to sign for the package. Hot temperatures can ruin wine which is why a wine club will often not ship to some areas during the summer months. Many online sites offer wine subscriptions as well, allowing you to have wine varieties shipped on a regular basis.

Wine Clubs

Another way to have start a varied wine collection is to join a wine club. Many wineries offer a wine club option with an annual fee that provides you with different benefits. Some offer club members to receive significant discounts on bottles while others allow members to purchase new releases before they are available to the general public. Members may also be invited to special events at the winery that non-members may not attend. If you have a friend or family member who is a wine lover, wine club gifts may be a great suggestion. Some online sites also offer the option to join wine clubs as well.


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