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Pet Travel Discounts

More and more people are traveling with their pets, choosing to bring them along rather than leave them at home or kennel them. Although traveling with your dog may be less expensive than paying for a kennel or hiring someone to stay with them, there may be added costs involved. These tips can help you save money on pet travel so your four-legged family members can enjoy a trip as well.

Bring Enough Supplies

The first thing you want to do is to be sure and pack as many supplies as necessary for your pet to travel with you. You want to be sure they have plenty of food, treats, toys and medication. Be sure to budget for some extra costs like special treats at that specialty bakery at your destination or a special toy to keep your pet occupied while you travel.

More About Pet Travel Discounts

Traveling by Car

Heading to your destination by car does make it a little easier for pet transportation. You will need to find dog-friendly hotels along the way and factor in any additional fees they may charge for a pet room. If you are traveling a long distance, you may need to add additional nights in hotels so you will want to factor that into your budget as well as to determine if it is less expensive to fly with your pet.

Flying with Dogs

When you are flying with dogs, you may have the option of allowing the dog to fly in the cabin with you as long as the dog is a certified service or support animal. If you claim the dog is a support animal, you will need to provide medical documentation to the airline that states you need the dog for emotional support at all times. You may want to do some research into which airline has the lowest fees for flying with dogs as some offer much higher fees for dog fares than they do for human fares. You may need to call the airline to find out how much does it cost to fly with a dog. In most cases, dog travel via airline is easier than cat travel.

Flying with Cats

Airlines often allow a limited number of pets in the cabin on flights. There is usually an additional fee for each animal. Since the ADA only recognizes dogs as service or support animals, claiming you are flying with cats for emotional support may not work. The best way to determine if flying with cats is an option is to contact the airline to see if they allow animals inside the cabin or if the cats will need to fly another way. When you call, you can also ask how much does it cost to fly with a dog or a cat.

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