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It’s easy to overpay when you need a car. Besides that, servicing the vehicle and paying for warranty work also takes a chunk out of your budget. But did you know that Employee And Member Discounts offers you an alternative? Automotive and car discounts can be the game-changer you’re looking for.

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Auto Warranty

An auto warranty or car service contract picks up the tab when your ride needs repairs. That said, there are different warranties to choose from. Pick one that meets your needs and has none of the extras that you don’t want to pay for.

Car Loans

Should you go to your bank? Should you take out a loan with the dealer? Find independent car loans that could be a lot cheaper. Whether you are looking for a new or used car loan, we have an offer that fits. Even if you have no credit or poor credit, we have partners that can help.

Tire Discounts

There are manufacturer and dealer tire discounts. In some cases, the retailer may offer additional savings. Find them all in one place for an easy money-saving experience.

Car Parts And Accessories

If you are looking for car parts or auto accessories with the best deals, shop with our trusted and approved partners.

Car Buying Services

Car buying services save you the hassle of having to bargain and haggle for a new or used car. Experts present you with car discounts that come from their professional relationships with various dealerships.

Car Insurance

It’s the law. However, there’s a massive discrepancy in the amount you could pay for car insurance. Compare apples to apples. Besides that, find out how different activities you currently participate in could actually lower your rates.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance protects you from getting stranded when the car stops. However, do you really need it? In some cases, it might be part of an auto warranty. It may also come as an add-on to car insurance. If it doesn’t, there are easy and money-saving ways to add it to your list of service.

Motorcycle Parts And Accessories

Need motorcycle accessories or motorcycle parts for your bike? Save with deals on trusted motorcycle brands and find the accessories or part you’ve been shopping for.

Discounts for All Your Vehicle Needs

Don’t pay too much when you buy a car, insure it, or add a warranty. However, there are so many different deals out there that it’s difficult to compare the various options. Most importantly, taking the time to research insurance, service, and other car discounts doesn’t work for everyone. Employee And Member Discounts has already done the legwork for you.

Compare Apples to Apples

When you have access to the plan details side by side, you can compare what the different companies offer. Car buying services are no longer mysterious and frustrating to understand. Instead, you see what each company offers you. At the same time, you see the fees that some might charge and can base your decision on what you see.

Discover New Services That Save You Money

You might not need car loans right now. However, did you know that there are tire discounts? Many consumers don’t realize the savings that are actually available to them. Other shoppers learn about roadside assistance that could save them or loved ones considerably if there’s an emergency.

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