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housands of people spend time traveling, whether they enjoy visiting new locations or must travel for work purposes. Traveling can be exciting but it can also be stressful if you don’t have the right supplies or gear with you. These ten items can…

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Don’t Quit On Quitters Day

Each year, people spend the last week of December coming up with New Years resolution ideas to change something about themselves. It may be losing weight or working out more often. It could be getting a better handle on finances or spending more time with family. We start the new year with the best of intentions to make big changes. Unfortunately…

Best Employee Discounts On Insurance Products

9 Insurance Products You Should Have And Can Afford

One thing many consumers overlook is the importance of insurance. Buying insurance is not like buying other products as you are not buying something you can see or touch, but a promise that if something goes terribly wrong you are protected. Lenders require insurance on your home or auto as it protects their investment until your loan is paid in full….

Employee Discounts On Airline and Flights

Top Travel Tips For New Or Occasional Travelers

Planning meals for your family can be a tedious process, between the need to go grocery shopping for supplies, finding recipes and putting the meal together. One way to avoid the hassle of shopping and creating meals is to use a meal delivery plan. There are plans that simply send the ingredients for you to create your own meals or you can get a full meal delivered that you…

Teacher Discounts On Kitchen and Housewares

Our 6 Favorite Tasty And Affordable Meal Delivery Plans

Planning meals for your family can be a tedious process, between the need to go grocery shopping for supplies, finding recipes and putting the meal together. One way to avoid the hassle of shopping and creating meals is to use a meal delivery plan. There are plans that simply send the ingredients for you to create your own meals or you can get a full meal delivered that you…

Employee Discounts On Christmas Gifts

10 Easy and Affordable Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Christmas is fast approaching and if you are still trying to find that perfect gift for everyone on your list, you may be stressed that you won’t get everything purchased in time. These ten ideas will help you check everyone off your list and help you relax for the rest of the season…

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Holiday Gift Ideas And Discounts

Christmas is only a few days away, but there is still plenty of time to get last minute gifts, decorations, and more! Take advantage of these limited-time Holiday discounts…

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Best 18 Gift Baskets And Gift Boxes For The Holidays

If you have been scratching your head trying to figure out what to buy that person on your list who is always hard to buy for, a gift basket or gift box is one of the best ways to resolve that dilemma. You can find great gift boxes and baskets designed for just about every interest. These 18 options offer some unique ideas so you can…

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Top 8 Credit Health Tips For Bad Or No Credit

Today, your credit score is used for more than just loaning money. Employers may run a credit check before they decide to hire you, especially if you will be working with company finances or assets. Utility companies will check your credit before establishing an account and insurance companies confirm that you are credit-worthy before issuing a policy in most cases. If your credit is bad or if you have not established credit, you could…

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Holiday Pet Travel Guide And Helpful Products

Traveling with the family pet is a growing trend with more and more people choosing to bring their pet with them on vacation. According to the American Pet Products Association, 68 percent of households in this country own a pet, an increase of 56 percent since 1988. Approximately 37 percent of those households travel with their pets compared to 19 percent just ten years ago. This has led to…

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Top 10 Unique Winter Vacations

There are many reasons to take a vacation in the winter. If you plan to hit the beach, they are less crowded in the winter and many areas offer warm, sunny beaches all year. Because most people travel in the summer, winter vacations are often less expensive…

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Top 10 Winter Wellness And Health Tips

Along with winter comes cold and flu season, the winter doldrums and other issues that can affect your health. Although colds and flu can occur throughout the year, most people suffer from them in the winter. There are many theories for why this occurs, from people spending more time in…

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Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas For Teachers

Teachers hold one of the most important positions in the world today, helping young people grow into well-educated, responsible adults. Whether a teacher is working with young children in elementary school or focused on preparing high school students for college or careers, they deserve recognition, especially at the holidays. These ideas for unique gifts for the teachers you want to honor will let them know how much you appreciate all they do…

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Top 10 Coworker And Client Holiday Gifts

You spend a large part of your day with your co-workers and, during the holidays, you want to give them a gift that lets them know you appreciate what they do for you each day. You may also want to recognize special clients who help your company succeed. These ideas will let coworkers and clients realize what they mean to you during the holiday season…

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Top 10 Discounts Every Homeowner Should Be Using

If you own a home, you know how expenses can creep up. Utilities, insurance as well as repairs and maintenance can take a toll on your checkbook. These ten discounts can help you cut back on those expenses, helping you save for the things you enjoy….

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Top 12 Easy Ways To Save Money

There is no question that everyone loves to save money but figuring out ways to do so can be difficult. The fact is that there are some fairly simple ways that can help you save money and build your savings. These easy changes can help you become more financially secure….

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Top 10 Items For A Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for families to gather together and give thanks for their many blessings. Preparing for the holiday can be stressful, however. It can also be stressful to have out-of-town visitors who need a place to sleep, food to eat for an entire weekend as well as a way to get to and from the airport….

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Thanksgiving Travel Ideas And Tips

In 2018, AAA reported that more than 54 million Americans traveled more than 50 miles over the Thanksgiving holiday. Although more than 48 million traveled by automobile, over 4 million travelled by plane and almost 2 million by train. If you are planning holiday travel over Thanksgiving…

Military discounts on tires

Snow Tires Versus All Season Tires. What’s The Difference?

With winter just around the corner, anyone who is considering buying tires may be wondering if they can simply purchase a set of all season tires or should they invest in a separate set of snow tires. It has not been that long ago that, in some areas of the country, it was necessary to buy a separate set of tires for the winter months in order to get the best traction….

Senior discounts on credit score and monitoring

What Is The Difference Between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement?

It is almost time for open enrollment and many find the Medicare program to be extremely complicated with a multitude of terms, policies and options. The government website that manages the plan tries to provide as much information as possible, but with hundreds of pages of explanation, it is still hard for the average person to understand the details….

Member discounts on tax services and accounting

What is Open Enrollment and When Is it?

One question that may have crossed your mind while listening to the news is “what is open enrollment?” Open enrollment is the time each year that you sign up for benefits at your place of employment. It is also when the federal government allows those who obtain health insurance through a one of their programs can make any changes or enroll…..

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Ways to Celebrate Human Resource Professional Day

The Human Resource professionals in your business handle the most important part of your company – the people who work there. It is the HR Department that keeps your employees trained, recruits and hires the best candidates for job openings, makes sure they are not only paid for what they do but that they receive that pay on time and manages the benefits you provide….

Employee discounts on travel and vacation

Fall Break Travel Ideas

The leaves are starting to turn and the weather in many parts of the country has turned a little cooler. Fall is just around the corner and, even though kids may have gone back to school, some districts have a short, fall break that you can take advantage of for a fun family vacation…

National Grandparents Day Discounts

Established in 1979, National Grandparents Day is designed to encourage generations to join together in celebration. The holiday is celebrated on September 8 and the theme for 2019 is “Dig In! Bringing Generations to the Table.”…

Save This Labor Day With Great Discounts

Although you may think that the holiday is simply a day off or a great time for a barbecue with family and friends, Labor Day actually has a much more important meaning. It may be a great time for back-to-school shopping and taking advantage of all those Labor Day sales but knowing the history behind the holiday makes it even more special…..

National Senior Day Discounts

On August 21, the United States will celebrate National Senior Day, a day to recognize the wisdom and leadership of older Americans. AAlthough it may seem like a way for stores to create National Senior Day sales in order to boost profits, it is actually a great day to celebrate with your older friends and family members….

Best And Most Desired Employee Perks And Benefits

If you operate a small business, one of the most important assets you have is your employees which is why you want to do whatever you can to retain them. What may surprise you is that it is not salary that keeps employees at a specific company. Instead, employees often remain at a specific business for the employee benefits…..

Back To School Discounts, Tips, and Deals

You are reading through the supply list your child’s teacher posted online. Right now, you are wondering why one child needs so many pencils, pens, wipes, reams of paper, and other materials….

Giving Back To Educators With Teacher Discounts

Teachers do not enter the profession because they will get rich nor do they do it for attention. Teachers enter the profession because they love children and want to see them succeed….

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