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What Are Alumni Discounts?

How to use and save when you use alumni discounts?

In today’s economy, saving money in any way you can is critical. If you are a bargain shopper, there may be a discount for you. Many alumni associations offer discounts to those who have graduated from a certain school.

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    What Are Alumni Discounts?

    Alumni of some schools, colleges and universities are eligible for discounts at restaurants, retailers, theme parks and other businesses. These college discounts allow you to save money on a wide range of services and products. In addition to being offered to alumni, university discounts are also offered to students. If you are a struggling college student, this type of discount can help you manage your money more efficiently.

    How Do Alumni Discounts Work?

    In order to qualify for discounts, you will have to join your alumni association. Most alumni groups offer exclusive benefits to those who join, including career assistance, networking and online job listings. What many college students and graduates do not know is that the association may also offer discounts on a wide range of items. Some may require that you be a parent or sibling of a graduate while others include senior citizens in their membership. You can become a member by contacting the alumni office of the particular school and learning what alumni perks are available through their association.

    College Discounts Available.

    Alumni associations offer a wide variety of discounts to members of the group. Many partner with banks and other financial institutions to provide banking discounts or credit union services. Another of the alumni perks may be reduced rate loans or credit cards. Alumni organizations may offer reduced rates on home, auto and life insurance. One popular benefit offered by alumni groups are travel services. You may be able to take advantage of destination programs, discounts or free entry into attractions, concerts and festivals as well as the ability to buy tickets to some events prior to them being available to the general public. Gym memberships and discounts on continuing education are also popular university discounts.

    What if You Are Not an Alumni?

    The good news is that you don’t have to be a graduate of a particular college or university to gain access to alumni perks. It is possible to get alumni discounts without joining an alumni organization through EmployeeandMemberDiscounts.com. Our free platform gives you direct access to some of the best discounts offered and makes them available to seniors, veterans, students, employees and more.

    Alumni Associations.

    EmployeeandMemberDiscounts.com also works with alumni organizations to help them develop their own university discounts. Alumni organizations can enroll their members at no charge, allowing them to access the thousands of dollars in discounts our site offers. There are no platform or service fees and you can enroll at any time. Our simple setup and integration process can be customized to fit your alumni organization, making it easy for members to find what they need.

    Why Choose EmployeeandMemberDiscounts.com?

    It is our mission to provide real discounts that your members can actually use. We listen to our members so that we know the discounts we offer are what they need and want. We focus on all your members and don’t offer the discounts solely to those who have just joined. We also charge no enrollment or membership fees.

    Whether you graduated from a college or university or not, you can find some of the best discounts available to many alumni groups on EmployeeandMemberDiscounts.com. If you operate an alumni association, contact us today and we can help you set up your very own alumni discount program. Contact us today by giving us a call or by filling out the easy online form to learn more about how we can help. Get started today to provide your members with discounts on travel, entertainment, finances, insurance and much more.


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    And get access to exclusive offers and deals from the top brands and retailers

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      Auto And Car Alumni Discounts

      Shop for Alumni Discounts on Auto Services, Auto Warranties, Car Buying Services, Car Insurance, Car Auto Loans, Car Parts And Accessories, Roadside Assistance, and Tire Discounts.

      Entertainment Alumni Discounts

      If you are an alumni looking for fun and Discounts on entertainment, we have deals on Golf Discounts, Theme Park Discounts, Movie Ticket Discounts, and Magazine & Newspapers Discounts.

      Financial Alumni Discounts

      Get Alumni Perks on Financial Services Discounts, Credit Cards, Credit Repair, Credit Scores & Monitoring, Home Loans And Refi, ID Monitoring & Protection, and even Personal Loans.

      Health And Medical Alumni Discounts

      Are you an Alumni looking for Supplement Discounts, Dental Discounts, Health Insurance, Hearing Aids, Makeup Discounts, Medicare, Medical Alert Discounts, Prescription Discounts, Vitamins And Supplements, or Vision Discounts, we have promotions designed for you.

      Home Services Alumni Discounts

      If you are an alumni looking for fun and Discounts on entertainment, we have deals on Golf Discounts, Theme Park Discounts, Movie Ticket Discounts, and Magazine & Newspapers Discounts.

      Insurance & Warranty Alumni Discounts

      Get peace of mind with discounts for alumni on complete coverage with Car Insurance, Health Insurance, Home Insurance, Home Warranty, Life Insurance, Medicare, and Renters Insurance.

      Travel & Vacations Alumni Discounts

      Alumni can save on their next vacation or trip with Travel And Vacation Discounts on Airlines And Flights, Car Rentals, Cruises, Hotels, Camping, RVs and Resort Deals.

      Pet Offers Alumni Discounts

      Are you an alumni with a furry family member? Save on Pet Offers And Discounts on products and services like Pet Insurance, Pet Care, and Emotional Support Animal Registration.

      Unique Offers Alumni Discounts

      We provide Unique And Special Offers to alumni on products like Baby Clothes And Gifts, Clothing, Flowers, School Supplies, Shoes, Watches, and Jewelry. We also have deals on Wedding Favors And Gifts, as well as Birthday And Anniversary Gift Ideas

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