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Coffee And Tea Discounts

There is no doubt that large amounts of coffee and tea are consumed around the world. In fact, coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world with more than 400 billion cups consumed each year. In addition, more than 2 billion people will drink tea each day.

History of Coffee

The popular brew that gets you going each morning has a unique history. One tale says that a goat herder discovered the beans in Ethiopa thousands of years ago, noticing that when his goats snacked on the beans, they were filled with energy. He found that if he blended the beans with water, he also had more energy. The drink was brought to the United States by the British in the mid-17th century where coffeehouses grew very popular. However, the drink was not as popular among the colonists as the drink brewed in teapots. After the tossing of teas in the Boston Harbor, however, colonists switched their preference.

Tea in America

In 2018, Americans consumed more than 84 billion servings of the brewed liquid and it is found in more than 80 percent of all households. Today, it is possible to find a wide range of types, ranging from green to Earl Grey to chamomile. The United states is also the third largest importer in the world after Russia and Pakistan. It is also the only country to both grow and import the leaves for consumption. In addition, more than 75 percent of the consumption in the United States is an iced version.

Coffee Delivery

If you can’t function in the morning without your cup of Joe, you know just how exasperating it can be to get up and find out that you are out of your favorite brand. Today, it is possible to resolve that problem using coffee delivery services. These services bring your favorite brands in the style you like directly to your home. You can choose from K-cups, beans that you grind yourself, drip-style or others that will work in your home pot.

Tea Delivery

For some people, it is not a cup of Joe that gets them going but another brewed beverage that has less acid but still packs a powerful punch. It is also possible to use a tea delivery service that brings loose leaves, teabags and other versions of your favorites right to your door, reducing the chance that you will get up and not have it on a day you need the jolt of caffeine.

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