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    More About Airline, Flight, and Plane Ticket Employee Discounts

    Airline And Flight Discounts

    When you purchase an airline ticket, you always wonder if the price you paid is the lowest airfare you could have gotten or if there was a way you could have gotten even more discounted flights. Even when we shop around, we wonder if you are actually getting discount airline tickets at all. These tips can help you outsmart the airlines and save money the next time you need to fly to a destination.

    Book at Least 47 Days Prior for Discount Flights

    The closer it gets to your date of travel, the higher the tickets will be, according to flight discounts specialists. In fact, there have been studies conducted that show purchasing your ticket exactly 47 days before you plan to leave will provide you with the best discount air fare on most airlines.

    Clear Your Cookies for Discounted Airfare

    In an effort to get discounted flights, many people will simply refresh their browser window repeatedly, hoping the fares will drop. Doing that could actually increase lower your flight discounts. Discount airlines use cookies on their website to track your search so the more you refresh, the higher the demand for that flight appears. If you clear your history and cookies, you will be searching from a fresh window which will eliminate the dynamic pricing processes used by the airlines and find better airfare discounts.

    Fly on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday

    Another way to get discounted airline tickets is to fly on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday which are in less demand than Friday, Sunday or Monday. This may mean you need to take a few extra vacation days or, if traveling for work, be out of the office an extra day or two, but the discounted airfare may be significant. You can also get airline discounts if you fly between 5 AM and 7 AM or after 8 PM as other hours of the day are considered peak hours.

    Book a Flight with a Tight Layover for Discounted Airline Tickets

    If you are flexible with your arrival time, you may be able to get a flight discount by booking a flight with a tight layover. For example, if you are flying from Baltimore to Los Angeles, book a flight with a tight layover in Chicago, even if you are sure you may not make the second flight. When you arrive at the airport, talk to the ticket agent about switching to a non-stop flight because you are concerned about missing the connection. If the non-stop is not full, you may get a premium non-stop flight with discounted air fare.

    Fly Two Different Airlines for Discount Airfares

    In the past, it was more expensive to buy a one-way ticket but that is no longer the case, especially if you look at discount airlines. This also allows you to find better departure times and you can arrive or depart from different airports. Some airfare sites show combinations of flights but they may not have them all. Instead, check each discount airline website.

    Sign up for Email Alerts

    Signing up for email alerts from airlines you use often is a good way to get airfare discounts. Often, airlines send out information on discount airfare through emails so you may be able to get a really good deal simply by checking your email.


    You can find many discount air fare options on EmployeeandMemberDiscounts.com. These are discount flights that used to only be available to members of select groups, like students, alumni, first responders and others. Our perk experts have searched and compiled some of the best flight discount options. There is no fee to join and you can begin accessing discount airfares immediately. We can also help you set up your own discount plan if you manage an organization or own a business. These are discount airline tickets your employees or members can actually use.

    If you are interested in learning more about the airline discounts or how to set up your own discount airfare program, fill out the easy online form or give us a call today.