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    More About Special And Unique Gifts And How To Save With Employee Discounts

    Special And Unique Gift Discounts

    Whether you need to purchase an anniversary gift or are looking for unique gifts for a birthday, graduation or just to say thank you, finding the right one can be difficult. Now that you can do online searches, you have more options but the selection is still so large that it is hard to narrow down just the right item. These ideas for special gifts might help you choose something that the recipient will love.

    Monthly Clubs

    One option for a unique gift that will keep giving throughout the year is a subscription to a monthly club. You can find monthly clubs that will appeal to anyone’s interest. There are monthly clubs for bacon, beer, ice cream, neckties, teddy bears and more. When you purchase a monthly club as special gifts, the person you purchase it for is sent a gift announcement, usually with a message you personalize, letting them know about the subscriptions. In the card is a link to an online account so the recipient can adjust deliveries for when they are not going to be home or if there is something scheduled to be delivered they don’t like. Packages arrive based on a schedule you have determined.

    Cigar Clubs

    If the person you need to find a gift for is a cigar aficionado, consider signing them up for a cigar club. You can choose from a club that sends standard cigars on a monthly basis or one that limits their shipments to rare cigars. The recipient receives several cigars that are top-rated with a range of tobacco blends, shapes and sizes. There is also information included about each cigar as well as information on tasting notes, profiles, manufacturing and suggested food or alcohol pairings.

    Wine Clubs

    Another option is to register a friend or relative as a member at their favorite local winery. Wine clubs through local wineries require you to pay an annual fee and you are then able to purchase new releases and receive a monthly supply of their wines. Wine club members are also provided entrance to special events. If the person you are buying for does not have a favorite local winery, consider signing them up for a wine of the month club where they receive shipments each month of a different wine. Be sure to check with the club to be sure you can have wine shipped into their state as some regulate where wines can be shipped from.

    Gift Baskets

    If you are not sure that the person you are buying for would enjoy a monthly delivery of cigars, food or wine, consider purchasing a gift basket with items they would like. Many florists now offer gift baskets that contain spa products, candy, fruit and more. You can even find some who will create wine clubs gift baskets filled with a variety of wine along with cheese and crackers. Some wine clubs gift baskets are available at local wineries as well as online stores that specialize in gift basket items.

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    Faith and Spirituality Gifts and Products

    If there is someone on your gift-giving list who has a strong faith, you may want to consider spirituality products for that special occasion gift. A gift of faith is personal and allows the person who receives the gift to express their beliefs boldly. These ideas can help you choose the best faith gifts available.

    Inspirational Books as Faith Gifts

    Although there are many options available in the way of inspirational books, the Bible is still an excellent option for spirituality gifts. There are many options in the types of Bibles available today, although the message each delivers is the same. You can now find Bibles with study guides and daily devotionals. You can also purchase Bibles geared toward certain age groups, such as those designed for senior citizens or for teens. It is even possible to have the name of the recipient inscribed on the cover. Daily devotional books are another option for the spiritual person on your list. There are prayer guides, devotionals, sef-help books and many more options available. You can also find inspirational fiction in genres like sci-fi, westerns and romance.

    Faith Jewelry for Spirituality Gifts

    Cross bracelets and necklaces are popular faith products as well. You can also find jewelry for faiths other than Christians, including Star of David jewelry and more. Inspirational wristbands are very popular as are rings with religious icons or messages. You can also find earrings and other jewelry items for almost any faith that would be perfect for the person of faith on your gift list.

    Religious T-Shirts as Faith Gifts

    If you are looking for an inexpensive, easy gift, t-shirts are the perfect option. You can find shirts with religious messages, Bible verses, words of hope or images of religious symbols. Many people of faith enjoy wearing shirts that clearly display their beliefs and a t-shirt is a great way for them to do so. This will be a spirituality gift they enjoy for many years to come.

    Faith Gift Boxes

    Another gift idea for the religious person on your list are spirituality gift boxes. You can create faith gift boxes with inspirational books, jewelry or even religious artwork. A small basket with a devotional book, religious figurine and a nice pen for them to record their devotions each day is an excellent option for spirituality products that your friend or family member will enjoy for many years to come.

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    Employee Discounts On Wedding Favors And Gifts

    Wedding Favors And Gifts Discounts

    A wedding is a celebration of two people joining their lives together and it should be a happy, joyous occasion. You want the day to be beautiful and memorable but you also want to keep your costs as low as possible. These simple tips can help you have the wedding of your dreams and save money on wedding supplies at the same time

    Engagement Party

    Instead of throwing a big party to announce your engagement, consider an intimate at-home celebration with very close friends and family. Engagement party decorations can be as expensive as those you purchase for your wedding. When you invite people, consider asking for donations to your favorite charity rather than deal with piles of engagement gifts. A backyard barbecue, small cocktail party or day in the park can be much more exciting than spending hundreds on engagement party decorations.


    Instead of mailing invitations, you can send electronic invitations for free using a website that not only sends the invitation but can also help you manage your guest list. If you aren’t quite ready to ditch traditionally mailed invitations yet, you can still use electronic invitations for your save-the-date announcement. Another way to save money on invitations is to print your own. You can create them using an online template and print them on your home printer or you can take them to a local business that offers printing services as one way to save money on wedding supplies.

    Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses

    You can purchase dresses for weddings almost anywhere today. A white dress from the party dress or prom section works just as well as the expensive dresses from a bridal shop. You can also check consignment and second-hand shops. If you like vintage dresses, this might be your best option to save money. If you really want a big, fancy gown, purchase a sample gown. These are the gowns that people try on in the store since bridal dresses are usually custom ordered. You can also save money by borrowing some of your accessories, like a veil, jewelry or shoes.

    Wedding Ceremony and Reception Location

    Saturday is the most popular day for weddings which means venues often cost more. Plan your wedding for a Friday evening or Sunday afternoon to get a lower rate. You may also want to look at non-traditional venues like wineries, restaurants or even a vacation rental that doesn’t normally hold weddings. Be sure to ask what may be included in the venue as some will provide table linens, tables, chairs and even wedding flowers.

    Wedding Reception Decorations

    Talk to a florist about excess inventory that you can use for wedding decorations. If you have friends who have recently gotten married, ask about borrowing wedding reception decorations or centerpieces from them. Craft stores are a great way to find reasonably priced wedding decorations as are dollar stores. Find out what flowers are in season when you plan to get married as in-season wedding flowers will cost less than those that are not normally blooming. Repurpose flowers you use for your ceremony at the reception. The wedding arch you stood under for your vows can be used in the entrance to your reception as well.

    Food and Drink

    Avoid a sit-down, catered meal where you are charged by the plate. Instead, talk to caterers about buffet and family-style options that may be priced by the dish instead. You can even consider heavy hors d’oeuvres rather than an actual meal depending on the time of day the wedding takes place. Open bars are very expensive so limiting to just beer and wine can save money. If you know you have guests who will want mixed drinks, have the bartender prepare a signature cocktail that is served in a much smaller glass to avoid waste. Instead of a towering wedding cake, consider a two-tier version with sheet cakes that will be served to guests. You don’t need the cake you cut to be large enough for all your guests. You can also pick up a grocery store cake and dress it up with flowers rather than pay for a specially-made cake. In fact, there is no rule that says you must serve cake at all. You can serve cupcakes, pies or cookies if you prefer.

    Wedding Favors

    There is no rule that says your guests must receive a wedding favor. Consider making a charitable donation on behalf of your guests and put the information on the program or on a small sign at the gift table. You can even suggest that guests make donations to the charity in lieu of wedding gifts. If you want them to have something small to take home, you can find inexpensive single-serving boxes for candy, nuts or other small items tied with a ribbon. Some websites offer custom-printed items that will go with almost any reception theme that can make great cheap wedding favors.


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    Employee Discounts On Art, Posters, and Pictures

    Art, Posters, And Prints Discounts

    Maybe you just moved into your first apartment or purchased your first home. You may be simply redecorating your home. For whatever reason, you want to find the perfect additions to the room but you have no idea how to go about doing that. These tips can help you choose good art without destroying your decorating budget.

    Understand Your Style

    The first thing you need to do before purchase artwork is to understand your own style. The best way to do that is to visit galleries and studios to see what type of artwork draws your attention. Talk to the artist, gallery owners and even museum staff, asking questions about the work displayed. Remember, a piece of artwork does not necessarily have to “say something” unless that is what you want. You can purchase artwork simply because you like the way it looks or because it will fit nicely in your décor.

    Finding Artwork to Purchase

    Naturally, when you attend a gallery showing, the artist wants you to purchase their work. One of the best ways to find reasonably priced artwork is to search for newer artists who are just getting started. They often sell their pieces at lower prices than established artists. You can also work with an art adviser who will help you find artists that fit your style as well.

    Don’t Discount Prints and Posters

    You may not care if your wall art is an original piece. If you like a particular piece, search for art online to see if the artist offers prints of the same piece. A print can be placed in a high-quality frame and look just as good as the original. Another option to consider for art for the walls is posters. You can use old movie or play posters if you plan a retro or theater-themed décor which become beautiful framed art when you choose a high-quality frame to display them.

    Choose Smaller Wall Prints

    Although they can make a bold statement, large scale art for the walls can be expensive, even if you decide to go with wall prints. Instead, consider creating a gallery wall of smaller pieces. Experts suggest sticking to a particular color scheme but play with different mediums. You can choose from works on paper, small oil paintings, photographs and prints to create a dimensional look. This will also allow you to change the artwork over time as you collect additional wall art.

    Consider Photographs

    If you really want a large focal piece, consider using photographs as they are often less expensive than canvas work of the same size. Photography framed art of nature, horizontal lines or landscapes are a powerful way to make small living spaces look larger and also add a meditative element to your room. You may even be able to use your own photography as ordering large prints of art online is fairly inexpensive. Simply add a nice frame and you have a large focal piece of your own creation.

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