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    More About Banking, Checking & Savings Account Offers

    Banking, Checking & Savings Account

    When it comes to banking, choosing the right type of account is important to avoid fees and charges. If you are unsure what type of bank account is best for your needs, these tips can help.

    Checking Accounts

    Checking accounts give you instant access to your money. If you choose a checking account, you will be offered a debit card which can be used just like a credit card at stores or you can withdraw cash at an ATM machine. You will also be given checks which can be written for bills or other purchases. Unlike debit card purchases, some checks may take a few days to take money from your account. A checking account pays little or no interest. You want to choose an account that has low or no monthly fees and an account that offers online banking is also a benefit. Online banking allows you to pay bills, review deposits and withdrawals as well as balance your account.

    Personal Checking Account

    There is a difference between a personal checking account and a business account. Your personal checking account is designed for your personal use while your business account is designed solely for your business deposits and expenses. Personal expenses may include groceries, clothing or items for your children. Business expenses may include utilities, rent on a commercial building, inventory or office supplies. Both personal and business checking accounts may offer the option of mobile banking as well. With mobile banking, you are able to make transfers, deposit checks and view balances using your Smartphone.

    Savings Accounts

    Savings accounts offer higher interest rates than savings which means you are able to grow your money at a faster rate. However, the federal government limits transfers from a savings account using either online or mobile banking as well as in-person withdrawals to only six per month. If you withdrawal more than that, you could face fees or the bank could convert your account to a checking account. There are also different types of savings accounts, including money markets and certificates of deposit. A money market account often has higher interest rates than regular savings. However, they often have even more restrictive withdrawal limits than regular savings, higher fees and minimum balance requirements. Certificates of deposit are accounts where you place a specific lump sum in an account and do not touch it for a specified length of time in exchange for a higher interest rate.

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    Employee Discounts And Offers For Credit Cards

    Credit Cards Discounts

    Credit cards are very similar to personal loans but you can access your line of credit almost anywhere. A credit card can be used to rebuild your credit, make payments to other businesses or for expenses you were not expecting.

    Understanding Credit Cards

    Your credit card will have a limit on how much you can spend using the card, known as your credit limit. Used responsibly, a credit card is a good way to make purchases or pay bills. Every credit card is different and credit cards companies develop their own fee schedule, rewards, benefits and restrictions. There are several different types of cards available. Clothing store chains may offer a credit card that can only be used in their store or you may have a card that can be used anywhere, usually with the Visa or MasterCard logo.

    Unsecured Credit Cards

    Unsecured credit cards are those which don’t require you to provide collateral in order to get the card. Many credit cards for bad or poor credit require a security deposit which is then used to determine your credit limit. For example, credit cards companies may require that you pay them $200 up front for the card to be issued. In some cases, the card will only have a credit limit equal to your deposit while some banks may give you a slightly larger limit. These cards are designed to help you rebuild your credit. An unsecured credit card, however, does not require you to provide a deposit and the credit limit is based on your credit rating.

    Rewards and Cash Back Credit Cards

    Some card issuers offer cards that provide you with rewards benefits. You may get airline points for each purchase that you can then use for travel, for example. There are also cash back credit cards that pay you cash periodically throughout the year based on how much you spend. Deciding whether rewards or cash back credit cards are the better choice for you depends on your spending and shopping habits. If you travel often, you may find that a card that gives you airline miles or allows you to upgrade to first-class regularly is the better option. However, you may not use the miles if you aren’t loyal to a particular airline or hotel. If you don’t travel very often or are not loyal to particular travel brands, cash back cards might be the better option for you. With that type of card, you receive either a check in the mail or you can chose to apply the cash back to your balance.

    Best Credit Cards

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