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Orlando, Florida, is listed as one of the Top 25 destinations to visit by Forbes magazine. Known as the City Beautiful, Orlando welcomes more than 75 million visitors, both domestic and international, each year. The reason the Orlando area is so popular is that there are many different things to do, from photos with Mickey Mouse to a walk down Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley and more.

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    Employee Discounts for Hotels in Orlando

    Because there are so many things to do in Orlando, you will want to spend a few days, a week or more in the area. In order to do so, you will need to find a place to stay. The Orlando area offers a wide range of accommodations, including hotels near Universal Studios, Disney hotels and more. You can choose hotels on theme park property which offer benefits like free transportation within the park system, extra hours and dining options. If you are looking for a way to save money, you can also choose off-site hotels, such as the Hampton Inn Orlando or other Orlando hotel chains. Other hotels in the area, like the Grand Orlando Resort, offer free shuttles to theme parks, swimming pools, restaurants and other amenities for the entire family. If you are looking for a truly unique stay, choose the Hardrock Orlando, a show-stopping hotel where stays include express ride access at Universal as well as free water taxis and shuttles. Looking for indulgence? Consider Lake Buena Vista or Hotel Westgate Resort Orlando FL, two of the most luxurious hotels in Orlando, Florida. No matter what type of hotel you are searching for, whether it is hotels Orlando water park locations, Disney Hotels Orlando Florida, Orlando Florida Hotels by Universal Studios or Orlando hotels outside the parks, Employee and Member Discounts can help you save money on your hotel stay. Visit today to see how they can save you money on both Disney Orlando hotel and flights from your local airport.

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    Employee Discounts for Walt Disney World in Orlando

    If you are traveling to Orlando, there is no question that you will want to visit the most iconic amusement park in the world, Disneyworld. After the huge success of Disneyland in California, Walt Disney decided to build another park as there was not room to expand in Anaheim. He found a location in Florida and began creating what he hoped would be one of the largest amusement parks in the world. Unfortunately, Disney passed way in 1966, five years before the opening of his Disney World parks. Today, the four different Disney parks in Orlando are Disney Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Disney Hollywood Studios, and Disney Magic Kingdom.

    It is also possible to stay in a hotel at the Disney resort, including the Disney Animation resort which lets you be surrounded by the artistry and magic of Walt Disney. You also have the option of purchasing Disney After Hours passes, special Disneyworld tickets that allow you to visit the parks on special days when they are open an extra three hours. Want to travel between the parks while you are there? You can also purchase Disney Hopper passes so you can visit a different park each day or all four parks in one day, if you choose. Disney World tickets can be expensive which is why you need to visit Employee and Member Discounts before your trip. There you can find excellent Disney discounts, including savings on Disney merchandise, Disney Plus, Disney World Theam Park tickets, Disney resort hotels and even Disney in Ice tickets.

    Employee Discounts For Walt Disney World

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    Employee Discounts for LEGOLAND in Orlando

    Located on the site of the former Cypress Gardens, which opened in 1936 and was the first theme park in Florida, Legoland Orlando recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. Cypress Gardens closed in 2009 and, in 2010, Merlin Entertainment purchased the property and opened Legoland in October 2011 with more than 50 rides to accompany hundreds of Lego models. The park also includes botanical gardens which were part of Cypress Gardens, including the park’s famous banyan tree as well as the water ski show. Hotels in Orlando are also located on the property of Lego Land Orlando FL. If one of the places you want to visit is Legoland Orlando, be sure to visit Employee and Member Discounts to see what savings they offer at Legoland in Orlando.

    Employee Discounts For LEGOLAND Florida

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    Employee Discounts for SeaWorld in Orlando

    Seaworld Orlando was the third of its kind to open in the United States. The first, located in San Diego, opened its doors in 1964. A second site opened in Aurora, Ohio, in 1970. However, the weather in Ohio kept the park closed for several months each year, so they began searching for a new location. In 1973, they opened Sea World Orlando, just down the road from Walt Disneyworld which had opened just two years earlier. Under ownership of the Anheuser-Busch company, Seaworld Orlando FL has advanced beyond a show-driven park, now offering unique rides like the first combination roller coaster and flume ride. The park is visited by millions each year who want to see the famous Seaworld Orlando orcas and dolphin shows. If you are planning a trip to Seaworld Orlando, your first visit should be to Employee and Member Discounts. You can find discounts to the park that were originally only available to members of certain organizations or employees in specific industries that are now available to everyone.

    Employee Discounts For Seaworld

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    Employee Discounts for Universal Studios in Orlando

    The Orlando Universal location opened in 1990 and was the most ambitious project ever undertaken by the company, especially since it was almost in direct competition with its neighbor, Disney and their Hollywood Studios theme park. Over the years, Universal Studios in Orlando Florida, met the competition head on. Rather than keep the same rides year after year, Orlando Univerdal chose to replace attractions as new movies were released, keeping the park fresh and up-to-date. In addition to ride updates, the park also added Universal Studios resort Orlando locations, allowing visitors to stay on-site as they could at Disney. Today, Orlando Universal offers four different park options, including Universal Orlando Islands of Adventure and Volcano Bay. City Walk, another theme park Universal Orlando offers is a shopping area similar to the Boardwalk at Disney. Universal Studios in Orlando Florida has several different theme areas as well with something for everyone in your family. Employee and Member Discounts offers significant savings on Universal Orlando tickets, so be sure to sign up before your visit to access many discounts that were previously only available to certain groups. Make your trip to Universal Studios the best ever with these savings.

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    Employee Discounts for Zoos in Orlando

    If your family loves to visit zoos when you travel, the Central Florida Zoo is a must see when you visit the Orlando area. First established as the Sanford Zoo in 1923, the zoo began when a rhesus monkey was given to a local Elks Club by a circus that was traveling through. In the 1940s, the zoo moved to the shores of Lake Monroe where people enjoyed watching the playful antics on Monkey Island. In 1975, the Sanford Zoo moved to a 106-acre parcel of land in Seminole County and was renamed the Central Florida Zoological Park. Today, the zoo is fully accredited and, in 2007, obtained botanical garden status. This led to another name change, creating the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Before heading to the zoo, be sure to visit Employee and Member Discounts for savings on the entry fees to the zoo.

    Employee Discounts For Zoos

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    Employee Discounts for Aquariums in Orlando

    Although Sea World is the most popular aquatic attraction in the Orlando area, Sealife Orlando also offers exciting marine exhibits for the entire family. This aquarium Orlando. Florida location is home to Florida’s only 360-degree ocean tunnel which gives you the feeling of walking in an undersea world as fish swim above and around you. There is also a Jelly Wall, a recreation of the Indian Ocean and a coastal rock pool. Be sure to visit Feeding Frenzy where you can feed a swarm of tangs. Employee and Member Discounts offers savings to help you and your family enjoy this unique Orlando attraction.

    Employee Discounts For Aquariums

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    Employee Discounts for Rental Cars in Orlando

    Alumni Discounts On Car Buying ServicesAlthough theme parks offer free transportation to their guests and many hotels, even those outside the theme parks, offer shuttles, renting a car is always an excellent option in Orlando. A rental car gives you flexibility, allowing you to travel to the parks on your own schedule rather than depending on a shuttle schedule. In addition, a rental car allows you to run errands, such as to a grocery store for snacks, which may save you money on your trip. Be sure to check out Employee and Member Discounts for savings on rental cars to reduce your costs even more while visiting the Orlando area.

    Employee Discounts For Rental Cars

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    Employee Discounts for Airfare to Orlando

    If you live more than driving distance from Orlando, it is likely you will want to fly into the area rather than drive. There are many airlines that fly to Orlando from all areas of the world. A few of the airlines that fly to the area include Southwest, United, Spirit and more. Employee and Member Discounts offer several options for finding lower cost flights into Orlando, including Kayak Travelocity, Sky-Tours and more.

    Employee Discounts For Airfare

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    Employee Discounts for Transportation in Orlando

    If you prefer not renting a car while in Orlando, there are other options. You can choose a shuttle that will get you to and from the airport as well as to some of the theme parks, even if your hotel does not offer a free service. Employee and Member Discounts offers savings on shuttles as well as airport parking options in the Orlando area.

    If you are planning a trip to the Orlando area, be sure to visit Employee and Member Discounts before you do in order to save as much as possible on your vacation. Signing up is free and you can begin accessing discounts immediately.

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    Employee Discounts for Attractions and Things to Do in Orlando

    Many people are unaware of the many unique activities you can do in Orlando. Ronald Boender began raising butterflies after his retirement as a hobby, eventually establishing MetaScience, a commercial butterfly farm. This hobby grew to Butterfly World, a collection of butterfly aviaries, botanical gardens and a working butterfly farm. Home to more than 3,000 species of rare and exotic plants as well as a non-releasable bird habitat, Flamingo Gardens sits on the Wray Home Museum property and is a wonderful place to take the entire family. There is no better place to take the family than Gatorland, the Alligator Capital of the World. Gatorland also boasts a free-flight aviary, petting zoo, animal shows and thrill rides. Enjoy an epic tournament like no other at the Orlando, Florida, Medieval Times attraction. Medieval Times Florida has you watching the top knights of the kingdom battle to determine a victor to protect the throne. Immerse your entire family in a feast as you raise a goblet to the queen at Medieval Times Kissimmee Florida location. The warm weather in central Florida will have you searching for a way to cool off and one of the best places to do that is Aquatica Orlando. With their fun water slides, play areas and lazy river, the entire family will love this water park, and, unlike Gator Land, there is no concern about alligators popping up. You may want to check out the dinner show, Arabian Nights in Orlando, Florida, as well. The show includes a tale of love, magic and intrigue, suitable for all ages. At Discovery Cove Orlando Parks, you can swim with dolphins, relax on white sand beaches, snorkel, hand feed tropical birds and enjoy close-up animal encounters. And, of course, if you are in Orlando, Kennedy Space Center is a must-see attraction as well. Whether you are considering a visit to Medieval Times, Aquatica Orlando, Florida or Gatorland in Orlando, Employee and Member Discounts offers savings to help your family make the most of your trip.

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