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    Car Buying Services

    Car brokers make buying a vehicle quick, fair, and hassle-free. Unless you enjoy stepping onto a car lot, engaging in haggling, and repeating the process several times, car buying services are the better ways of getting your new ride.

    What is a Car Buying Service?

    Auto buying services representatives are well-informed professionals who know what’s currently on the car market. They know what’s hot, what’s not, and which cars have the highest safety ratings. Besides that, they have the art of negotiation down. Therefore, they can help individual consumers navigate the jungle of deceptive ads, dealer add-ons, and special event pricing.

    Similarly, they tell you what other people have paid for the make and model you’re looking at. It’s fair to say that they pull back the curtain a little to let you understand what the car you want should be costing you. If you don’t know what an option means, the expert will explain it to you. Car buying services level the playing field for the occasional auto buyer who dreads the traditional shopping experience.

    Why Use a Car Buying Service?

    Believe it or not, dealerships like working with auto buying services. They provide a new source of revenue. Because the lot cannot always rely on the person walking in from the street, it’s essential that they cultivate relationships with professional organizations that might send them buyers. That’s why they enable the service to make buying a car online possible.

    Besides that, the dealers agree to competitive pricing. You see in advance what a car costs. Auto brokers typically negotiate special rates with dealerships to sweeten the deal even more. Doing so has advantages for you, the buyer, as well as for the dealership.

    Do Car Buying Services Save You Money?

    In a word, yes. There are plenty of advantages to working with car brokers that the average auto shopper doesn’t get.

    • Discounts. Many times, dealerships offer discounts to customers that the service sends them. It’s an incentive for you to visit the dealership for the car you’ve picked out.
    • Real cars. This isn’t a hypothetical or one-off car. You get up-front pricing information on real cars that the dealer currently has in stock.
    • Transparency. You compare apples to apples. Dealers disclose any fees they charge. Examples include document fees or add-ons for specialty items.
    • Speed. If you decide on buying a car online, you have to do your research. This process takes time. Many auto buyers don’t want to spend an entire weekend digging through costs, features, ads, dealer discounts, and then planning lot visits. The car buying service does the heavy lifting for you.

    In return, some auto brokers charge a fee. Others receive a commission from a dealership if you decide to buy a car. Employee And Member Discounts tells you ahead of time what to expect when working with a service. Unless you enjoy haggling, working with an auto buying service can be a great experience.