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What Are Membership Discounts?

Do you really save when you use membership discounts?

Do you belong to an association or a member of a club? Many clubs and associations receive benefits for membership in that particular group. Membership discounts and member discounts help members save money.

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    What are Membership Discounts?

    Member discounts give members of a specific group or association discounts on goods, services, and products.
    All kinds of organizations give discounts to their members, such as car clubs, local clubs, employee associations, college or school organizations, and many more. Any member of these associations can receive discounts based on membership in their association.

    These goods, services, and products have a lower price than those items without a discount. Member discounts can be referred to by many names: association discounts, membership discounts, discounts for members, and organization discounts. All of these different terms mean the members of their associations participate in a discount program with other companies and business. Each member is given discounts at companies all over the U.S.

    How do you know if you qualify for Organization Discounts?

    hen in doubt, do not be afraid to ask if your organization has a discount program. Your organization’s representative should be able to tell you if there is a discount program and which stores, businesses, and specialty boutiques honor that discount. It is also a great idea to ask your favorite store or restaurant gives a discount for your association. Many stores, restaurants, hotels, and salons often provide discounts for members of many different organizations and associations.

    Another way to discover discount programs for your organization is to search on the internet. Searching for the name of your association and the words: discounts offered into a search engine. This will give you a list of online retailers and websites that give members of your organization discounts.

    A fourth way to find your organization’s discount is to type the specific brand or name of the product you are buying into an internet search engine plus the word discount. This search will tell you if that brand or product gives your association a discount. This search can be repeated over and over with each product or service you buy online. Some websites offer as much as 20% off a particular product or service. These discounts can add up quickly, especially if you do a lot of shopping online.

    What Kinds of Products and Services offer Discounts?

    Almost all goods, services, and products can offer a discount to members of particular organizations. Some common goods, services, and products that offer discounts are:

    Clothing and Apparel
    Cell Phones
    New Cars
    Car Repair
    Local Businesses
    Mass Market Stores
    Department Stores
    Online Retailers

    Do all Organizations have Discount Programs?

    Some do not, but many of them do. Besides asking your organization’s representative, or searching online, some stores advertise discounts in the newspaper or mail them to their members directly. Other still post flyers in their store windows or by their cash registers. Paying close attention to these different places for discounts can save you even more money.

    Some discounts are given out in freebies or samples, especially for organization’s members. Such as a local restaurant giving out free dessert or free appetizers for members of an organization. Another example is free donuts or a free car wash.

    Discounts are given to members of different groups for their membership alone. All kinds of varying discount programs are available to members. Asking your association representative, doing an internet search, and checking a local newspaper are all excellent ways to see all the discounts offered to your organization. Many goods, services, and products offer discounts for members of different associations. Make those dues go farther by checking to see if your association participates in a discount program today.


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    And get access to exclusive offers and deals from the top brands and retailers

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