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Maintaining your home gets costly. Also, there are the little improvements you want to make. With home service discounts, you might not have to bust your budget. Before you decide to hand a services provider a credit card, however, let Employee And Member Discounts show you some maintenance, repair, and home improvement discounts.

Cable TV

Cable TV discounts let you save quite a bit of money on television enjoyment. Movie channels look great on the home entertainment system you’ve been itching to buy. Many cable TV providers also offer internet and phone services.

Deregulated Energy

With the ability to shop around for your energy provider, deregulated energy discounts come into play. Find out which company offers the biggest savings with the smallest up-front investment. Besides that, look for service specials.

Home Internet

There’s a broad range of packages available to you. You don’t have to go for the cheapest one to save money. With home internet discounts, you can save even on the fastest download and upload speeds.

Home Phone

There are now fewer people signing up for landline services. Not surprisingly, service providers offer home phone discounts to consumers who’re on the fence about going wireless only. Check out the savings that might persuade you to get a landline. Frequently, these companies also offer internet service.

Home Security

Secure your home with an alarm system. Choose one that offers a monthly monitoring contract or pick one that doesn’t require contracts. Some systems are DIY installs. Others offer you free equipment if you pay a low installation fee. Almost all providers offer home security discounts to prospective customers.

Satellite TV

A few years ago, satellite dishes were the height of technology. Today, they are a necessity if you want niche programming. That said, they do, of course, provide you with all the movie channels and plenty of local programming, too. Satellite TV discounts deliver the savings.

Wireless & Cell Phones

Cell phone service is quickly becoming a necessity for the home. If you’ve decided to cut the landline service, you need a plan that covers everyone in the family. Most importantly, you want unlimited data. Do you ever wonder what wireless discounts are out there?

Home Improvement.

A new driveway, a sunroom, or maybe an additional bathroom could be the improvements that would make your house more beautiful as well as more useful. However, you don’t want to overspend on the project. Remember, the more money you save, the more projects you can take on. Home improvement discounts make it possible.

Windows & Blinds

Many new homeowners decide to install new windows and blinds as one of the first improvements. They imbue the location with your character and provide you the privacy you crave. Find the right windows and blinds discounts to save big.

Carpet & Flooring

Tiles, carpeting, or laminate wood are excellent options for the home. Do you want to make some changes to what’s currently there? Don’t pay more than the neighbors did. With flooring discounts, you can cut down on the cost of installations or materials – or both!

Water Damage

Did you recently find some old water damage that was never properly repaired? Maybe you had an accident that your homeowner’s insurance covered. Now, you need to hire someone to fix the damage. Contractor discounts are ideal for this expense.

Pest Control

You don’t want to expose your family to the toxins of the spray cans that you can buy at the big box home improvement store. Some pest control companies advertise environmentally friendly, non-toxic services. Pest control discounts offer the savings you need.

Lawn Care

Today’s gardening company does more than mowing and edging. These companies also assist with seasonal fertilizing and troubleshooting when you encounter bare spots. Lawn care discounts open the door to significant savings.

Appliance Discounts

If you are looking to upgrade your current kitchen appliances or needing to replace your aging washer and dryer, we have deals you need. From Internet connected refrigerators, to basic microwaves for a dorm or office, we can help you find a discount on a new appliance.

Mattress Discounts

Sometimes our mattresses are the last things we replace, but one of the most critical things for our health. Our mattress discounts will let you sleep better with a new coil-over, hybrid or memory foam mattress.

Moving And Storage

About to move or need extra space? We have gathered employee discounts on moving company services, moving help, storage units, and public storage to make your move easier and less expensive.

House And Window Cleaning Services

We all love a clean house and windows, but the time to do it right is hard to find.  House cleaning and window cleaning services are now more affordable and easier to schedule.  From a spring cleaning to a quick touch-up before guest arrive, we have the cleaning companies to fit your needs.

Junk Removal and Organization

Do you get anxiety when you need to go into your basement or attic to find or store something?  Maybe it’s time to declutter and get organized.  Get a quote from one of our junk removal or home organization companies and free up space in your home today!

Furniture Discounts

Need a new sofa or is that old kitchen table finally on its last leg, find some new furniture at a great price and spruce up any room. With furniture discounts on couches, dining room sets, and outdoor patio furniture, you’ll find the perfect item for your home.

Garage Doors And Openers

It’s easy to forget about maintaining and servicing your garage door. If you have a broken garage door spring, need a new remote, or if you are looking for a voice assistant enabled WIFI garage door opener, we have found discounts for you.


Are you tired of clogged gutters filled with leaves? Are your old gutters dripping at the seams? Get seamless replacement gutters with leaf guards for your home from the top gutter companies.

Heating And Air Conditioning

Home Automation

Kitchen And Housewares

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Discounts for Home Offers and Services

Don’t overpay on any service or product. With the availability of windows and blinds discounts as well as other savings, you don’t have to. Don’t forget to save on electricity with deregulated energy discounts. Become one of the homeowners that neighbors come to for advice on savings.

Compare Vendors and Service Providers with Ease

At the same time, don’t compromise on the services you need. Satellite TV discounts empower you to get the packages you want without having to pinch pennies. Go ahead, get that channel you’ve always wanted to watch on the big screen! If you’re going wireless, use wireless discounts to your advantage.

Find New Services that Turn Your House into a Home and Save You Money

Whether you take advantage of cable TV discounts, home internet discounts, or home phone discounts, you can explore new services that make life more fun and easier, too. Then protect it all with an excellent home security system. Of course, you’ll also benefit from the home security discounts that Employee And Member Discounts has found for you.

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