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Employee Discounts on luggage


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Handbags And Luggage Discounts

When it is time to purchase or replace luggage, one thing it is important to remember is that not all suitcases are created equally. Choosing the wrong gear can make your trip stressful, difficult and uncomfortable. These tips can help you choose the right bags and make your trip much easier overall.

Size Matters

Sometimes, it is tempting to just purchase one suitcase and use it for any type of travel. Unfortunately, this means you may overstuff the case when going on a long trip, putting strain on the zipper which could lead to bag failure. It could also mean you end up paying for a checked bag because it is too large to be used as carry on luggage even though you didn’t need that much room in the suitcase to begin with. Instead, consider buying a set of different size bags. Many times, stores will offer discounts on luggage that is sold in sets. Often, manufacturers create sets of bags with a large, medium and small bag while others include one similar to small duffle bags for toiletries.

Consider the Warranty

When you buy a bag from a chain store, it often comes with a small, limited warranty. However, luggage from name-brand manufacturers may have a warranty of ten years or more. There are even brands that offer lifetime coverage should something ever happen to the bag. You also want to choose a company that has highly rated customer service in case something does happen. Traveling can be hard on your bags as they are thrown onto baggage belts, dumped into the cargo compartment of a plane and simply beat against things as they travel through the airport. A warranty and good customer service could keep you from having to purchase a new suitcase sooner than you thought.

Remember Weight Restrictions

After many years of a soft-side trend in baggage, many people are now purchasing more durable hard-sided bags. It is important to remember before purchasing those, however, that there are weight restrictions for air travel. You don’t want to be shifting clothing and shoes from one bag to another simply because your suitcase itself is heavy.

Simplify Your Packing

If you don’t need to pack a lot, you could switch from a regular-style suitcase to duffle bags and backpacks. If you choose a smaller duffel or a large, cheap handbags, it may work as a carry on, eliminating the need for you to check bags and reclaim them at the end of your trip. Carry on luggage means that your bags will not be lost in transit and you save time by avoiding the baggage claim area. Plan on using guest laundry services at your destination to eliminate some of the clothes you must pack. You can also use the toiletries provided by a hotel or resort rather than take up space in your baggage for shampoo, conditioner and other items. Most resorts also offer concierge services that can provide you with items like toothpaste, shaving cream or razors or you can purchase them at a store when you arrive.

Carry On Luggage

When you travel by air, you must take a closer look at what you plan to carry on the plane. On most airlines, you are permitted one carry on item and one personal item. A personal item may be handbags or a purse. You also may want to carry on items that you feel could be damaged if you check them, like cameras, laptops or medical equipment. Any item that you carry on a plane must fit either below the seat in front of you or in the overhead bins which means the designer handbags large enough to fit a small dog may not be suitable if you put too much in them. Also keep in mind that there are some items that cannot be carried on a plane, such as large bottles of bath products, water bottles or any other type of liquid. If you plan on bringing these with you on your trip, you will need to put them in luggage you plan to check. When you search for discounts on handbags, just be sure they are small enough to meet the airline requirements. Also remember that each airline has their own rules for what size a carry on may be.

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