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Jelly Belly

The Jelly Belly Candy Co. makes more than 100 mouthwatering candies, including such delights as chocolates, gummies, sour candies, and confections for all the seasons.

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Senior Discounts On Ghirradelli

Ghirardelli Chocolate

As America’s longest continuously operating chocolate manufacturer, Ghirardelli has established its position as America’s premium chocolate company for more than 150 years.

You will taste “The Ghirardelli Difference” because we are one of very few American manufacturers that controls our chocolate-making process from bean selection through finished product to ensure that Ghirardelli delivers intense, smooth-melting chocolate every time.

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Member Discounts on Shari's Berries

Shari's Berries

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Delivery From Shari’s Berries. Have the best chocolate covered strawberries delivered right to their door! With Shari’s Berries sending delicious, dipped berries has never been easier. We take our fresh, juicy strawberries and turn them into a decadent, chocolate dessert that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your loved ones faces. The chocolate covered fruit doesn’t stop there – we also swirl and drizzle our berries with delicious milk, dark and white chocolate, and top them with chocolate chips, nuts, and more treats that they’re guaranteed to love.

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Student and Employee discounts on Dylan's Candy Bar logo

Dylan's Candy Bar

Dylan’s Candy Bar houses over 7,000 confections, boasting the largest, unparalleled selection of candies and candy-related gifts from around the world. It is a museum of candy where each piece is literally curated like precious art. The whimsical displays highlight the vibrant colors, textures, eye-popping graphics, creative packaging, gorgeous patterns and distinctive shapes of candy. Dylan’s Candy Bar is the launching pad for new candy innovations and one-of-a kind items. There are Dylan’s Candy Bar (private label) products, a large assortment of rare American nostalgic favorites, novelty items, imported specialty sweets and dazzling confections for every holiday.


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Member Discounts on Boomf


Welcome to Boomf – the home of personalised cards and gifts which go the extra mile. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a birthday, send a Bridesmaid proposal or simply say ‘Thank You!’, do it the Boomf way. We’ve got personalised cards and gifts that will make even the toughest of crowds smile; from exploding confetti cards known as Boomf Bombs to super sweet Personalised Marshmallows which are almost too good to eat.

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Employee discounts on Carnivore Club

Carnivore Club

It’s why we created Carnivore Club. The world’s first subscription service featuring premium cured meats delivered to your door. Every month we feature a new artisan. Each of them blending passion and craftsmanship to create some of the finest cured meats in the world. Every artisan is different. Every box is unique. Whether it’s French Charcuterie, Italian Salumi, or South African Biltong, the premium meat from Carnivore Club is a flavor experience your mouth won’t soon forget.

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Carnivore Club
Teacher discounts on Sephra


Sephra is recognized as the premier chocolate fountain brand around the world. Since our inception in 2003, Sephra has been the innovator in creating superior commercial chocolate fountains, chocolate fountains for home use and extraordinary, delicious chocolate for chocolate fountains, which flows perfectly every time. Sephra holds four US and international patents on its chocolate fountain innovations. Our commercial chocolate fountains are the only ones in the world which have been sanitation and electrically certified and comply with county and state health department codes for use in commercial food establishment settings.

Sephra is always coming up with new ways to delight the chocolate lover in all of us!

Employee discounts on Mouth

Mouth - Indie Foods & Tasty Gifts

We love discovering the new and the delicious. We love tasting things on little wooden spoons. We can’t help but love beautiful packaging. We love our passionate, risk-taking food makers. We love our customers. We admit that we love shopping online for ourselves and for people we love or like a lot. We love that our table is piled high with goodies we’re tasting, debating And hoping you’ll love too.

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Teacher discounts on Katz

Katz Gluten Free Bake Shoppe

We feature an extensive, ever-expanding selection of products, to meet the culinary demands of every gluten-intolerant individual. Our products consist only of pure, all natural high-quality and fresh ingredients, with no preservatives added, and are thoroughly taste-tested to ensure absolute goodness in every bite.

All our products are manufactured under the highest level of certifications available to ensure they are fully Gluten Free and Strictly Kosher.

Candy, Desserts, And Snacks

No matter what country you live in, you know someone with a sweet tooth. That someone may even be you if you simply cannot get enough candy, desserts or snacks. Regardless of how sweet your tooth is, learning some of the most popular candies, dessert items and snack foods in the world are can be interesting.

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Three Most Popular Most Popular Candies

Snickers is the third most popular chocolate bar in the world, introduced in 1930 and named after one of the Mars’ family horses. The second most popular are Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. These were created by Harry Burnett Reese, a former dairy employee of the Hershey Company. He decided to step out on his own and developed the Reese’s cup. In 1963, the company was purchased by Hershey. However, the number one candies sold in the world are M&Ms. The candies were created around 1941 and named for the inventors, Forrest Mars and R. Bruce Murrie, who wanted to create chocolate that would not melt in your hands.

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Three Most Popular Desserts

When it comes to dessert, there are so many to choose from it may seem impossible to determine the most popular. However, there are five dessert dishes that stand out since they can be found in almost every country. Baklava is made of layers of filo dough that are buttered and sprinkled with walnuts or pistachios. There are different varieties throughout the world but the Orthodox religion says that the layers of dough should be like the 33 years of Christ and after the dough is baked, it should be sprinkled with sugar water and lemon juice or honey, spices and rosewater. Another very popular dessert is cheesecake which can be found in almost every country, although it is considered an American dish. Tiramisu ranks as one of the most popular desserts available. The base is ladyfinger biscuits soaked in coffee and then arranged in layers of mascarpone cream and cocoa powder.

Three Most Popular Snacks

Choosing the best snack foods can be difficult when looking at options globally. Each country has unique options when it comes to snacking. However, there are a few that can be considered iconic in almost any country. The number one snack food in the world is Doritos with 15 different flavors to choose from. The snack chip is so popular that Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Tacos became a best seller almost immediately. The second most popular snack food in the world is Oreos. With the introduction of Double Stuf as well as seasonal flavors like Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint, Oreos have secured their top three designation among snacks. The last on the list is Pringles, a potato chip that revolutionized chips when it was released. Today, you can find Pringles in a wide range of flavors and the cans often still have an afterlife of their own in workshops and sheds around the world.

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