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    More About Car Rental Discounts

    Car Rental Discounts

    Flying to a destination can be exciting, especially if you are traveling for vacation. When you arrive, however, you will need a way to get around to see the sites. Although some resorts offer transportation to and from the airport as well as excursions to see some of the most popular tourist attractions, the schedules may be too rigid or you may simply want to explore on your own. With rental car discounts, you can search for attractions on your own time while also saving money. There are several ways you can get cheap discount rental cars.

    Rental Car Loyalty Programs

    One way to get a discount rental car is to join a rental car loyalty program. If you rent a car frequently and usually choose the same company for your rental car, joining a loyalty program is a great way to get discounts on car rentals. Although most car rental loyalty programs are free, some do charge a fee and they may also require you to rent a certain number of vehicles before you get much of a discount. Some loyalty programs may provide you with occasional car rental discount offers as a thank you for being a member as well.

    Rental Car Discounts

    Another method for car rentals discounts is to search for deals that may lower your costs. Even if you belong to a loyalty program, you may be able to add deals that will give discount rental cars. A quick search online can find you deals for up to 50 percent off your rental. Be sure to read the fine print, however, as the discount may only be for certain types of vehicles or mileage may be limited. For example, the discount may only be valid in the contiguous United States so Alaska or Hawaii discount car rental using the deal would not be possible. In addition to deals, you may be able to find rental car discount offers online that can help save money on a car rental. A car rental discount code is entered at the time you book the rental in order to lower the cost.

    Military Car Rental Discount

    If you are a member of the military or retired from the Armed Forces, it is possible you can get a Hawaii discount car rental simply by providing proof of your service. Each car rental company has their own requirement for proof of your military service, so you may want to call the company prior to arrival to see if they offer a military discount and what type of document you need to have with you to get the military rental car discounts.

    Compare Prices

    There are websites that will allow you to compare prices from a wide range of rental car companies. The sites allow you to compare the different types of vehicles available, the mileage fees and other costs that will be included in the rental so you get an overview of all your options in order to build your own car rental discount. Don’t forget to look at local car rental agencies as well as they often have cheap discount rental cars available.

    Prepay to Save

    Some car rental companies offer you a discount if you prepay for the rental. Although the savings may seem small, usually less than $10 per day, if you plan to have the car for several days, the savings can add up. If you plan to use a credit card, paying the rental ahead will not place too much of a financial burden as it would with a debit card for the discount rental cars.

    Employee and Member Discounts

    There is actually a much easier way to get rental car discounts. Employeeandmemberdiscounts.com is your source for employee, alumni, senior, student and military rental car discounts. You can find many rebates, offers and car rental discount offers designed to save you money on your next car rental. These discount Hawaii car rental options were previously only available to members of elite organizations. Employeeandmemberdiscounts.com makes them available to everyone. Use the rental car discount offers for your next family vacation or when you travel for work.

    Avoid Hidden Fees

    When you leave the rental agency, check to see how much gas is in the tank. If you bring it back with less gas then when you left, you will be charged an extremely high per-gallon fee for the agency to fill the car up. Inspect the car for any dings or dents, even if they are small. Check for seat stains or interior damage as well. Many experts advise taking photos of all angles of the car, both exterior and interior in case the agency tries to claim there was damage. If the car is equipped with GPS, electronic toll collection or car seats, ask if there is an additional fee for using them. If so, bring your own car seat, use your own GPS and try to travel on non-toll roads to avoid missing a car rental discount. Only rent the size car you need as many agencies will attempt to up-sell to a larger vehicle.

    Create Your Own Discounts Car Rental Program

    If you own a company or manage an organization, Employeeandmemberdiscounts.com can help you create your own car rentals discounts program. Our dedicated perk experts can help you create a discount rental car program that your employees or members will actually use. There is never a fee to sign up for the program and members can begin accessing discounts on car rentals and many other things immediately.

    If you are interested in learning more about a rental car discount or want to set up your own car rental discount code, contact us today by phone or by filling out the easy online form to learn how we can help.