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More About Grocery Store And Drug Store Discounts And Offers

Grocery Store and Drug Store Discounts

When it comes to shopping, there are two stores that everyone frequents often – the grocery store and the drug store. The grocery store is where you purchase most of the food your family eats on a daily basis and, even if you don’t need prescriptions regularly, an illness will send you to the drug store quickly. The drug store is also where you purchase vitamins, over-the-counter medications and first aid treatments. There is no question that people spend a large portion of their monthly budget at these two stores, so finding ways to save is critical to protecting your financial bottom line. These tips can help you save money and reduce your costs at the grocery and drug store.

Check the Price Per Unit

One tip for saving money along with grocery store employee discounts is to check the price per unit which can be found on the shelf in front of the item you are purchasing. This can indicate if a lower-priced item is actually a bargain. For instance, a package of frozen vegetables may cost $5 for ten ounces, which is 50 cents per ounce. The package next to it is only $4 but only six ounces, a cost of 65 cents per ounce. Smart shopping combined with Kroger employee discounts can save you a considerable amount of money each month.

Ask for a Taste

Many stores allow you to taste items before you purchase them at the deli, baker or prepared-food section. In addition to using Whole Foods employee discounts, sampling something before you purchase it will reduce the chance that you will buy an item you won’t like when you get home. In addition, you may discover a new food item your family will enjoy, eliminating complaints that “dinner is always the same.”

Use Discounts in Combination with Sales

It is not uncommon to create your grocery list in conjunction with the sales offered at your local grocery store. When choosing sale items, combine them with other discounts, including Hy-Vee employee discounts, Ralphs employee discounts or WalMart groceries discounts. Prepare your menu for the week around items that are already on sale and use the extra savings provided by food discounts to save even more money.

Shop Store Brands

Unless you have a strong preference for a certain brand, choosing the store brands can often save you money. This can be in addition to HEB employee discounts or Safeway employee discounts. Many times, store brand items are manufactured and packaged by name brand companies which means you are getting the same quality but at a much lower cost.

Pay Attention as You Check Out

Most grocery and drug stores now use scanners as you check out. They are often directed from the corporate level but managed by a local IT department. This means that mistakes do happen. Cashiers may also make mistakes when they have to enter items, such as produce. The cost for a pound of red delicious apples may be significantly lower than a pound of fresh cherries, but if the code for those two items is similar, a cashier may accidentally overcharge you. Be sure to also use your Winn Dixie employee discounts as well to be sure you reduce your costs as much as possible.

Choose the Generic

Be sure that when you fill a prescription, you are given the generic. Most insurance companies will not cover the cost of a name brand drug if there is a generic available, so in addition to using drug store employee discounts when possible, confirm that the pharmacist will use the generic. This could be the difference between a $10 co-pay and a $100 co-pay, even with Walgreens employee discounts.

Switch to a 90-day Mail Order Option

Most insurance companies offer significant discounts if you choose a 90-day supply and agree to get your prescription in the mail. In addition to drug store employee discounts, this can lead to huge savings. In some cases, a Walgreens employee discount could lead to a free 90-day supply of a prescription as opposed to paying $10 for a 30-day supply at the drugstore.

Purchase at the Employee Price

With Safeway employee discounts, you can purchase your groceries at the same price a Safeway employee can purchase. The same is true of other grocery stores as well. Kroger employee discounts are as much as 10 percent. Other stores may offer higher percentages while some offer holiday grocery store employee discounts that are even higher.

Access Manufacturer Savings Programs

Another way to save beyond drug store employee discounts is to use manufacturer copay cards for brand-name drugs. These are sometimes only available to low income or uninsured patients, but some manufacturers offer them to any patient in an effort to get them to switch to their particular medication. Beyond Albertsons employee discounts, this is a great way to save.

Grocery Delivery Services

Although there are usually delivery fees involved, it may benefit you to use a grocery delivery service. The cost of gas to get you to the store, parking issues and the hassle of loading the car and unloading it at home may make it worthwhile to use a delivery service. With Instacart employee discounts, you may even be able to reduce the fees to the point that the service is far less expensive than the time it takes for you to drive to the store, shop, drive home and put it all away.

If you are looking for the best grocery or drug store employee discounts, visit Employee and Member Discounts today. You can find Albertsons employee discounts, Aldi employee discounts, Harris Teeter employee discounts, HEB employee discounts and more. There is no charge to sign up and you can begin accessing Walgreens employee discounts and Ralphs employee discounts plus many more immediately. These are Wal-Mart groceries discounts that were previously only available to their employees, employees in other professions or members of certain groups. Our perk experts have searched and compiled the best drug and grocery store discounts, making them available to you. Sign up today and begin using your Hy-Vee, Kroger and Winn Dixie employee discounts right away.

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