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BabyEarth.com is for parents, expectant parents, and extended families who want the very best for their families. It’s like having a wise best friend to guide you through the process of selecting everything a baby needs. The tone at BabyEarth is friendly, welcoming, well-informed, and responsible. Families can research the best products and stay to interact with a community that cares.

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Welcome to babybasket.com, where you’ll find beautiful baby gift baskets for newborn and infant boys and girls. We also have a large selection of adorable gifts for baby showers, bath & bedtime, twins, baby’s first birthday and big siblings, and we even offer champagne, spirits, fresh fruit and gourmet snacks baskets to congratulate the proud new parents!

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Carter’s is the leading brand of children’s clothing in the United States today. Trusted by generations of families for making life easier, Carter’s creates a full range of cute, quality baby and children’s clothing, gifts, and accessories that have provided solutions for real life since 1865.

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Happiest Baby

America’s #1 pediatrician, author of Happiest Baby on the Block, creator of the 5S’s. SNOO responds to fussing with extra sound and motion often calming baby in under a minute! Helps babies become great sleepers (by 3 mos, most sleep 9+ hours)! Our app makes weaning a snap (most babies ready by 5-6 mos).

Shop SNOO, the smart bassinet. Get more sleep–and peace of mind that your baby is safe!

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The world’s first patented portable rocker that turns almost any furniture or seating scenario into a solution for rocking. Chairs, booths, beds, and even airplane seats all instantly and conveniently convert into an effective rocker. The Ready Rocker by RockerMama has been one of the most awarded and talked about baby products this year. The Ready Rocker is perfect for parents rocking babies, seniors, and those with sensory needs including autism and ADHD.

45 Day Rock Risk-Free Guarantee

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The Cute Kid

Our goal is to give CuteKids everywhere the opportunity to fulfill their aspirations. One of the ways we do this is through our CuteKid Photo Contest, which helps kids enter the modeling and talent professions safely, effectively and affordably via contacts with our industry pros. We even contribute to the future education of a few CuteKids with a $25,000 College Tuition Fund.

Check out the cutest kids in the world and enter your child’s photo for a chance to win!

Organic Baby Food

Organic Baby Food is the biggest marketplace for organic baby food in Europe! We are the most affordable, trustworthy and reliable vendor of Holle, HiPP and Lebenswert bio Formula. Organicbabyfood24.de only offers products with no use of pesticides, chemical fertilizer or GMO’s.

Unlike most formulas from USA or Canada, European organic formulas are produced without usage of any toxic substances. The ingredients are safe and natural, nutritious and pure. For example the milk used in the production provides extraordinary quality because it is originally from happy and healthy cows.


GetDyper.com is better for your Baby – Our diapers are free of nasty stuff. No chlorine, latex, alcohol, perfumes, PVC, lotions, TBT or Phthalates. They have no prints, so there’s no ink to worry about. Just naturally hypoallergenic & antimicrobial bamboo fibers.

Baby Clothes And Gifts Discounts

Expecting your first child can bring on many emotions, from excitement about seeing your child for the first time to absolute panic because you aren’t sure how to manage the tiny human you are about to bring into the world. When you start to think about how expensive that first year of life will be, it can be overwhelming. Although family and friends will shower you and your newborn with baby gifts, eventually the child’s needs are going to fall to you. These simple tips can help you save money on many of the baby clothes and other items you will need for your precious bundle of joy.

Discount Diapers

Babies go through as many as six to twelve diapers each day at a cost of around $0.25 each. When you add the cost of wipes and ointments used when you change your baby, the need for diaper discounts gets even more important. One way to save money on diapers is to use diaper subscription services offered through many online retailers. Sign up while you are still expecting and the company sends what you need monthly. The diaper subscription only bills you for the items when they ship and you are able to cancel at any time. If you aren’t comfortable with a diaper subscription, search online for coupons that can save you money on the diapers you use regularly.

Plan Ahead

Sometimes, you just need to use smart shopping strategies to get deals on baby clothes, baby blankets and baby food. You know your child will need a winter coat, so shop sales in the spring, buying a size or two larger so your child can wear it the following season. If you are looking for newborn baby gifts, search online sites for the best deals in strollers, cribs and highchairs. Never buy a used car seat although you can buy an older model as long as it has the proper safety rating and it is less than five years old.

Become a Rewards Member

Some baby product companies offer rewards or frequent shopper incentives. Check the packages of diapers for information about their rewards program. Some simply require you to collect points from the package and then send them in for diaper discounts while others have you enter codes from the packages online. Sign up for rewards cards at all your local baby retailer locations. When you sign up, ask if anyone who purchases baby gifts for you can add to your rewards program. Some will allow this if you create a newborn baby gifts registry with them.

More About Baby Clothes And Gifts Discounts

Sign Up for Free Samples

Do a simple online search for “free baby samples” to learn how to register to receive samples in the mail. The only thing most manufacturers require is your email but avoid those who ask you to pay a fee to get the sample. You may get some interesting items you may never have purchased on your own as a sample, such as organic baby pajamas, unique types of baby blankets, or a new type of diaper. The manufacturer sends those products in hopes you will like them so much you will begin buying them regularly, dressing your child in organic baby pajamas every night.


Never be too proud to accept hand-me-downs. Children grow rapidly and, many times, they outgrow their clothing after wearing it just a few times. And remember that hand-me-downs are not limited to clothing. If a child has outgrown a swing, parents me be happy to get it out of their house. The same is true of strollers, highchairs and cribs.

Make Your Own Food

Store-bought baby food costs as much as $1 for a small jar and if you choose an organic brand, the cost is even higher. This means you could end up spending $3 to $10 per day to feed your baby. Instead, purchase a standard blender or food processor to make your own pureed food for the child. You can puree sweet potatoes, carrots, peas and other vegetables to save money on food. Even meats and desserts can be pureed to a consistency that a baby can swallow easily.


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