Drivers Ed And Defensive Driving Training

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    More About Drivers Ed And Defensive Driving Training Discounts

    Drivers Ed And Defensive Driving Training

    When it comes time for your teen to start driving, you want to do everything possible to make sure they are safe on the road. In most states, before they can get their license, they must complete drivers ed which provides them with an understanding of traffic laws as well as safe practices. However, there are other things you can do to keep your new driver safe as well.

    Drivers Ed

    If your state does not require new drivers to take classes prior to getting their license, invest in a drivers ed program from a reputable driving school. Drivers training programs offer additional driving tips taught by an expert teacher who will help them learn the rules of the road in a controlled manner. Most drivers training vehicles have teacher controls on the passenger side of the car to protect the student and teach them in a safe manner how to drive.

    Defensive Driving

    Another way to not only keep both the teen and adult drivers safe behind the wheel is to invest in defensive driving courses. Not only do defensive driving courses help you learn safer driving methods, they can also save you as much as 10 percent on your insurance. If someone in your home has already earned points from traffic infractions, defensive driver courses could have points removed from your record or help you dismiss a ticket.

    Understand Teen Risk Factors

    Research indicates that car crashes are the leading cause of teen death in the United States. According to the Center for Disease Control, teens are nearly three times as likely to be involved in a fatal car accident. In addition, the risk is highest within the first few months of a teen obtaining their license. Research also indicates that male drivers are at higher risk than female drivers. It is critical that you talk to your children about teen drivers safety, encouraging them to obey the speed limit, put the phone down while they are driving and to limit distractions inside the vehicle. It may also be a good idea for your teen drivers safety to restrict the number of people who can ride in the car with them.

    DUI Classes

    It is not only teens who are at risk behind the wheel. Even adults made bad decisions when it comes to driving. One issue that faces older drivers more than teens is driving under the influence, although teens are not immune to the practice. If you or your teen is charged with a DUI, the costs can be astronomical. It is estimated that a driving under the influence charge can cost over $12,000, with required DUI classes that you must pay for, the price of an attorney and fines the court could issue. Always stress to your teen that is not only important to not get behind the wheel after drinking but also to not be a passenger a car with a potentially impaired person behind the wheel.

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