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    More About Holiday Decorations And Accessories Discounts And Offers

    Holiday Decorations And Accessories Discounts

    The holiday season is upon us and you may already be worried about how to get the shopping completed and gifts wrapped. You also have to fit in school band concerts and plays as well as the never-ending string of holiday parties. Somewhere in all of that, you need to tackle your holiday décor. These simple ideas can help you kickstart your holiday decorations.

    Thanksgiving Decorations

    Before you even get to the Christmas decorations, you have to get through Thanksgiving. Grab a plastic pumpkin from the dollar store and paint it white. Place glitter markers on the table and let everyone write thankful phrases on it. Carve a real pumpkin and add fresh cut flowers for a great centerpiece. Spray paint pinecones in fall colors and place them in a rustic basket or paint them in candy corn colors for a whimsical look as part of your Thanksgiving decorations.

    Holiday Decorations

    When it comes to Christmas decorations, you can be as simple as you were for Thanksgiving. Clip a few branches from an evergreen in your backyard or see if a Christmas tree farm will give you a few for free. Tie the branches together with a large bow and hang on your door as a wreath. You spend a lot of time wrapping your presents and making them beautiful. Why not use them as part of your holiday accessories? Stack a few in an unused chair or on the hearth of a fireplace. Hang some cute bells from your chandelier or other overhead light. Use wire-edge ribbon and tie a bow on your throw pillows to make them look like gifts.

    Gift Wrapping

    There are many ways to save money on gift wrapping supplies. Look for cute dish towels and use those as wrapping for gifts. Rolls of brown postage paper can also be used as a low-cost alternative to expensive gift wraps. Use fancy ribbon, stampers, stencils or glitter to give it a holiday look. Glass jars are another unique way to give a gift. Tie some tree ornaments around the lid or use glitter pens to embellish them. Open the side and bottom of an empty potato chip bag, clean the interior well and allow it to dry. You now have shiny silver wrapping paper. Handled shopping bags are also great for gift-giving, especially those with a cute design or that are blank. Add some tree ornaments to the handles for a festive tough. Search the back of your car for old folded road maps or an outdated Atlas. These make excellent wrapping paper as they are often made of thicker paper.

    These tips show that there is no reason to break the budget when choosing holiday décor. You can also find discounts on all your holiday accessories by joining EmployeandMemberDiscounts.com. There is never a membership fee and you can begin using your discounts immediately. These were savings that were only available to employees or members of certain industries but we have made them available to everyone. Sign up today by filling out the easy online form.