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What Are Airline Employee Discounts?

Do you really save when you use airline employee discounts?

One of the best benefits offered to airline employees is the ability to travel anywhere their airline flies. If you know an airline employee, you have probably heard them talk about visiting fun, exciting places without having to pay for an airline ticket. What you may not know, however, is that airline employee discounts often has conditions.

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    Do Airline Employees Travel Free?

    One common misconception is that airline employees and their families fly for free. The fact is that those who work for an airline do pay for their travel unless they are traveling as part of their job. In most cases, the employee only pays taxes and fees while the rest of the fare is discounted. When an employee is traveling on a flight, they are known as “non-revenue” passengers. This is because the airline is not making any money from their seat so they are prioritized below the lowest paying passenger on the plane. This includes those who are using rewards miles to travel.

    Standby for Flights

    Because airline employee travel is rated below the lowest-fare passenger, they are often placed on standby. This means that they don’t know whether they will have a seat on the flight until every paying passenger has arrived to check in. If the employees is traveling to a less popular destination, this may not be an issue. However, if they want to fly to a popular location, like Hawaii or the Caribbean, they could have issues getting a seat. Although there are airline employee hotel discounts, if they have to wait for flights, it could get very expensive.

    Is an Airline Employee Discount Significant?

    If an employee is traveling domestically, the savings can be significant. However, if they plan to travel internationally, security and international fees, along with fuel surcharges, can be significant. They can total hundreds of dollars which means an airline employee does not fly for free. However, if there are open seats in first or business class, the employee could be moved to the open seat at no additional charge. When airline employees travel, even using discounted tickets, they are viewed as a representative of the airline. They must dress appropriately, often in business-casual attire, and their behavior must be above reproach.

    Airline Employees Hotel Discounts

    One little known benefit that employees can receive is an airline employees discount on hotel stays. This is especially true of employees who fly as part of their job, such as flight attendants and pilots. Because they must often stay in hotels during flights, there may be airline employee discount hotels available in many cities where the airline flies. In addition to hotels, other airline employees travel discounts may be available, including rental cars or discount tickets to attractions.

    Family Member Discounts

    Some airlines use what is known as Buddy Pass Travel that allows family and friends to also travel using an airline employees discount. The reduced travel can only be used if there is room available and those using the Buddy Pass are the lowest priority on every flight. If the flight is close to full, there is a good chance the friend or family member will not make the flight. Those using this type of airline employee discount are usually only allowed to ride in coach, even if there are seats available in first or business class. Just like airline employee travel using discounted tickets, family and friends may be required to dress in business-casual attire and they may not behave inappropriately or they could be denied boarding.

    When to Avoid Using Airline Employee Discounts

    There are some days during the year when using airline employees travel discounts should be avoided. These include the Sunday after Thanksgiving, during inclement weather or during holiday weeks, including Christmas, Labor Day, Memorial Day and Easter. It is also possible that airline employees hotel discounts may not be available during these times as well. Keep in mind that if a flight is cancelled, paying customers will be placed on the next scheduled flight which could mean those flying using airline employees travel discounts could be bumped even farther down the list for their flight.


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