Top 20 Indoor Cycling Accessories For Peloton, Echelon, and NordicTrack

Indoor cycling offers a great workout, helping you shed fat, improve your cardiac health and boost muscle endurance. Cycling machines like the Peloton bike build leg strength while also sending a stream of endorphins to your brain that help boost mood and energy. If you have purchased a NordicTrack Studio Cycle, Peloton or Echelon bike, you may be interested in these 19 cycling accessories to help your workout go much easier.

Top Peloton Accessory Discounts for Employees

1. Spintray For Peloton

Top Peloton Accessory Discounts

One reason many people don’t workout is because they say they don’t have time. A spin tray for your Peloton or NordicTrack Grand Tour or other type of spin bike is the perfect way to squeeze in exercise while still getting other things done. A spin tray attaches to your handlebars and supports your laptop, phone, tablet, book or other item that will help you multi-task. You can watch videos, text your friends or even catch up on emails during down times in your workout.

2. Replacement Padded Seats

Top Peloton Seat Accessories Discounts

One of the biggest complaints from those who have just started indoor cycling is that the seat on the spin bike is uncomfortable. The best thing about workout equipment like the Echelon Bike or NordicTrack Studio Cycle is that you can replace the seat with one that is more comfortable. You can find soft, oversize cycling seats so that your indoor ride is not only less uncomfortable for your butt but can also help eliminate back pain during the ride.

3. Seat Covers For Your Stock Saddle

Top Peloton Accessory Discounts On Seats

If you have purchased a bike that does not permit you to change seats, a seat cover might give you the comfort you need. Most indoor cycling seats are machine washable and provide you with additional padding during your workout. You can also remove the seat from your home bike and use it at the gym during your cycling classes.

4. Heart Rate Monitors

Top Peloton Accessory Discounts for Employees

Often, the heartrate monitor that comes with a bike is an uncomfortable chest strap. It is possible to purchase an armband that is much more comfortable and actually gives you a more accurate reading than the HR monitors that come with your bike. You can find armbands that are compatible with most Bluetooth SMART and ANT+ systems for your Echelon bike, NordicTrack GrandTour or any other type of indoor bike.

5. Indoor Cycling Shoes

Top Peloton Shoes Discounts for Employees

For your next spin class, why not sport shoes designed specifically for cycling rather than the sneakers you use for your other workouts. Cycling shoes are designed to provide maximum comfort and power transfer which improves your riding efficiency. Cycling shoes can help you move into clipless riding and many offer adjustable straps for extreme comfort.

6. Cycling Underwear Padded Shorts

Top Peloton Accessory Discounts for Employees

Another way to make your ride more comfortable is by wearing cycling underwear padded shorts. Made of breathable fabric that is soft and stretchy, the underwear provides a ride with less irrigation and chafing. The underwear should not ride up and they also reduce vibration for long rides. They are thin enough to wear under shorts, tights or leggings during a spin class.

7. Indoor Cycling Padded Shorts

Top Peloton Shorts Discounts for Employees

Cycling shorts are usually lightweight and breathable, absorbing moisture and releasing sweat from your skin. The wicking effect keeps you dry and cool during your workout. The shorts are also designed to move with your body during your cycling classes. You can find cycling shorts that are specifically designed for women with cutaway areas, multi-dimensional thicknesses and other features that prevent you from leaning too far forward onto more sensitive areas.

8. Cleats For Indoor Cycling Shoes

Top Peloton Cleat Discounts for Employees

Cleats provide you with a rotating movement which allows for disengagement equally from the inside or outside of the foot. This improves safety as you ride your assault bike, Bowflex Indoor Cycling Bike or other brands of indoor bike. It also helps reduce squeaking and other noises that can often occur with regular shoes.

9. Water Bottles

Top Peloton Accessory Discounts for Employees

Anyone who has ever participated in a spin class knows just how important a good water bottle is during a workout. You want to choose a water bottle as Peloton accessories that are BPA-free and insulated. The insulation in the bottle uses air to keep heat out and cold in. You also want to choose one that is dishwasher and freezer safe so you can remain hydrated during your NordicTrack Studio Cycle workout.

10. Protein Shakes For Recovery

Top Protein Powder Discounts for Employees

When you train hard, you need to replenish protein in order to maximize lean muscle growth and recovery. When you workout, you are breaking muscles down in order to build them back up. Using protein helps repair the muscles and improve the impact of your workout. You want to be sure and choose a shake that has been tested for banned substances should you ever decide to enter competitive cycling as well.

11. Exercise Cleaning Wipes

Top Peloton Cleaning Discounts for Employees

Whether you use a Peloton bike at the gym or at home, you want to disinfect the bike after you finish your workout. You can find cleaning wipes that are designed specifically for workout equipment, leaving your machine clean, fresh and protected. Choose wipes with natural ingredients and light fragrance. You can also find wipes that will clean without streaking glass screens, chrome or other surfaces of your bike.

12. Hue LED Color Changing Lights

Top Lighting Discounts for Employees

One of the Peloton accessories that you may not have considered is the lighting in your workout room. There is considerable research that indicates light has an impact on people. Blue lights from phones and other electronics can hinder sleep while sunlight boosts mood. A workout is no exception as light sends a very powerful signal to the brain. Research shows that bright light can cause you to pick up the pace while subdued light keeps you calmer. There are hue lights available for your workout room that can be controlled using your Smartphone, allowing you to brighten the room when you need to pick up the pace and lower the light when you need to cool down.

13. Bluetooth Streaming Speakers

Top Peloton Speakers Discounts for Employees

Many cyclers complain that the stock speakers on their spin bike are too hard to hear when they are cycling hard. You can add Bluetooth speakers that will let you blast your favorite streaming music to get you moving faster. Look for speakers that are easy to install and are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. You can find Bluetooth speakers in all shapes and sizes as well so you know you can get ones that will fit even in small spaces if your workout room is not huge.

14. Foam Rollers

Top Peloton Accessory Discounts for Employees

Foam rollers can decrease muscle and joint pain while increasing circulation and flexibility. They can also improve range-of-motion, better balance and improved gait. They are often used by physical therapists, massage therapists, athletic trainers and professional athletes. Choose a foam roller that is durable and will withstand repeated use.

15. Hydration Aids

Top Peloton Accessory Discounts for Employees

Anyone who participates in cycling classes understands the importance of staying hydrated. If you are one of those people who simply does not enjoy plain water, hydration aids are a great way to remain hydrated during your workout. Even if you enjoy plain water, hydration aids offer potassium, sodium and glucose combinations that can send important nutrients directly into the bloodstream, hydrating you faster.

16 Sweat Bands

Top Exercise Discounts for Employees

During a heavy workout, whether on an assault bike or Bowflex Indoor Cycling bike, there is no question you will sweat. A sweatband is a stylish way to keep your hair in place and keep sweat out of your eyes. Choose headbands that are comfortable and lightweight in order to eliminate pressure and discomfort. You also want to be sure they fit comfortably under all types of head gear and helmets.

17. Exercise Towels

Top Peloton Accessory Discounts for Employees

The right exercise towel is another of the most critical Peloton accessories. You want a towel that is soft, lightweight and absorbent as well as odor free. Try to choose towels without labels or hooks that can cause irritation on your skin. You want a towel that is comfortable when you need to use it to cover gym benches or other machines as well.

18. Fitness Equipment Mats

Top Peloton Discounts for Employees

If you use your Peloton bike at home, you want to be sure that you protect your floors. A fitness equipment mat is designed to lay flat beneath your equipment, protecting your floors from scratching or other damage while also keeping your bike stationary. Be sure the mat you use is easy to install and clean.

19. Exercise Bands

Top Exercise Discounts for Employees

Resistance bands are perfect for body shaping when you are not using your machine. They are also an excellent choice if you will be unable to use your assault bike or NordicTrack Grand Tour because you are traveling or away from home for some reason. They are easily packed in a suitcase so you can get a good workout no matter where you are.

20. Screen Wipes

Top Peloton Cleaning Discounts for Employees

Don’t use normal glass cleaner on your expensive screen. These screen wipes are specially formulated to clean LCD and Plasma Screens.

Top Peloton Accessory Discounts for Employees

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