Our 5 Favorite Tasty and Affordable Meal Delivery Plans

Planning meals for your family can be a tedious process, between the need to go grocery shopping for supplies, finding recipes and putting the meal together. One way to avoid the hassle of shopping and creating meals is to use a meal delivery plan. There are plans that simply send the ingredients for you to create your own meals or you can get a full meal delivered that you simply need to heat up. These six are our favorite options to easily create tasty and affordable meals.

Teacher Discounts On Meal and Food Delivery

1. Fruits and Veggies

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Taking the time to gather fresh fruits and vegetables can be difficult. Fresh From the Farm takes the stress away by delivering organic fruits and vegetables fresh from the field to your front door. You can customize your produce, selecting mostly fruit, mostly vegetables or a combination of both. You can choose the size that works best for your family, adding and swapping the items you find on our online Farm Stand. You can even add other farm items, including hand-crafted jam, pasture-raised eggs, dairy, small-batch honey and more. Boxes contain recipes to help you create delicious dishes using the produce you receive as well as cooking tips to make meal creation easier.

2. Premium Cured Meats

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The world’s first subscription premium cured meat service, Carnivore Club, delivers artisan meats and cheeses right to your door. Each box is unique, providing you with unique meats, like French Charcuterie, Italian Salumi or South African Biltong for your family to try. You may choose the Football Meat and Cheese Sampler set with football-shaped summer sausage, Del Toro chorizo sticks, Wisconsin Cheese jalapeno pepper cheese bar and more, packed in a Carnivore Club beer bag cooler. You can even choose single items like Holy Cow beef sticks, sopressata or bourbon barbecue chicken jerky.

3. Chef Cooked Meals

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Sometimes, it is almost impossible to cook a fresh meal after working all day and when those days happen, Freshly can come to the rescue. Freshly prepares chef-inspired dishes, cooks them and ships them to you so all you have to do is heat them in the microwave. Each meal is perfect for one person to enjoy but you can choose any number of meals to be delivered each week, depending on the size of your family. Enjoy steak peppercorn, cauliflower-shell Bolognese, Mexican-style shredded beef or Sicilian-style chicken parm. Each meal is balanced and nutritious, keeping your health in mind as well as your busy schedule. The meals last for four or five days in the refrigerator but can be frozen for a longer life.

4. Healthy Prepared Meals

Teacher Discounts On Meal and Food Delivery

Finding easy ways to cook healthy foods can be difficult. Healthy Chef Creations focuses on ingredients for home cooks that are designed for a healthier lifestyle. All ingredients are 100 percent natural, organic, free-range and wild-caught. There are no artificial additives. You can choose options based on many different healthy-lifestyle menu plans, including Mediterranean diet, low-carb, health living, healthy mommy or even custom programs who want a combination of weight loss options. Meals include beef taco pie, chicken Florentine, coconut orange roughy, filet mignon with Dijon horseradish sauce and grilled chicken au jus.


5. Weight Loss Meal Plans

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Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows just how difficult it can be to find the time to cook healthy meals. Medifast offers weight loss plans to fit every budget and every lifestyle. The meal plans are doctor developed and clinically proven to work with your body in order to burn fat and maintain muscle. The meals are prepackaged and can be heated up easily. You can enjoy Dutch chocolate shakes, chicken cacciatore and peanut butter crunch bars. Not only do you receive Medifast meals that are prepackaged, you also receive information on Lean & Green Meals which allow you to make your own using recipes shipped to you. Snacks are also included in the plan.

Teacher Discounts On Meal Delivery

If planning meals, grocery shopping and cooking for yourself or your family has become a chore you would gladly give up, consider these tasty and affordable meal plan services. Be sure to sign up for EmployeeandMemberDiscounts.com in order to receive discounts that were previously only available to employees of certain industries or members of certain organizations. They are now available to anyone with no membership fee. Sign up today and begin saving immediately.