Best 18 Gift Baskets And Gift Boxes For The Holidays

If you have been scratching your head trying to figure out what to buy that person on your list who is always hard to buy for, a gift basket or gift box is one of the best ways to resolve that dilemma. You can find great gift boxes and baskets designed for just about every interest. These 18 options offer some unique ideas so you can cross that hard-to-buy-for person off your list.

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Say it With Flowers

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If the person you need to buy for loves flowers, you can find many gift basket and box designs that include flower themes. You can purchase a basket filled beautiful holiday flowers that will be perfect as a centerpiece. You can also purchase dish gardens in a box or basket that the person on your list can enjoy for many years to come.

2. Meat Lovers

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The meat lover on your list will be thrilled with supply of premium artisanal meats. Each month, your friend or family lover can receive a basket or box filled with some of the best meats from around the world. You can choose from exotic meats, those that are perfect for your next tailgate or even snack-type meat that are perfect for watching the game at home.

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3. Pour the Wine

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Whether the person on your list is already a wine enthusiast or they simply enjoy trying new wines, a wine gift basket or box is the perfect gift idea. You can purchase a monthly gift subscription that will send a wine selection each month. You choose the types of wines so you know the recipient is getting something they will enjoy.

Wine of the Month Club

4. Grab A Beer

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Craft beer is growing in popularity throughout the United States and with so many small breweries cropping up, it is hard for a beer enthusiast to try them all. A gift basket or box filled with beers from a wide range of breweries is the perfect gift. You simply choose what your friend or family member likes and they will receive a box filled with unique craft beers from around the world.

Beer Drop

5. Have Faith

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Everyone has a friend or family member with a strong faith. Why not send them a gift basket or box filled with items that will help strengthen their faith, allowing them to grow closer to God. A gift basket with a daily devotional, pocket prayer book, calendars with spiritual quotes as well as books designed to grow their relationship with God is the perfect gift idea for your spiritual friends.

Faithbox - Embrace Your Faith Today!

6. The New Baby

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Did your friend or family member have a new baby this year or are they expecting one soon? Select a gift basket that includes items that every new parent needs. Consider a basket filled with the every-day supplies like lotions, powders and diapers. You can even send a box filled with infant toys like rattles or teethers.

7. Fruit Baskets

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During the holiday season, everyone overloads on cookies, cakes and candies. Instead of growing your friend’s waistline, consider sending a delicious fruit basket. You can send juicy oranges, crisp apples and sweet pears for a fresh change from the sweets that overwhelm us during the holidays. If the recipient still needs something for a sweet tooth, some baskets can be shipped with candies and nuts as well.

8. Fitness Needs

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Because of all those sweets we consume during the holidays, keeping up with our fitness routine is also important. If you have someone on your list who is serious about their fitness or even one who is just starting out at the gym, a fitness box is a great way to help them stay on the right path even when the holidays try to derail them.

9. Give the Gift of Experiences

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Everyone has that adventure seeker on their list, so why not feed their sense of adventure? A hot air balloon ride or a zipline tour is the perfect gift for someone who lives the adrenaline rush. You can choose from adventures where you fly through the air, drive at high rates of speed or enjoy unique food and drink. The gift of a unique experience is one your friend or family member will never forget.

10. Snack Attack

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Once the holidays are over, the winter doldrums can set in. The weather is too nasty to venture out for the evening, so we build a fire in the fireplace, curl up in a warm blanket and relax with a good movie or binge watch a favorite television show. While we snuggle up inside when the weather is frightful, we need snacks to enjoy which is when a gift basket or box filled with someone’s favorite snacks comes in handy.

11. A Cup of Tea

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There is no question that a cup of tea on a cold, snowy day can improve anyone’s mood. Why not send the tea enthusiast on your list a gift basket filled with unique teas from around the world. When the cold weather strikes, they will thank you for the warm, delicious tea that they would never have tasted without your thoughtful gift.

12. The Tastes of Japan

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Do you have someone on your gift list that loves everything related to Japan? Are you constantly looking for a unique gift for an anime lover or world traveler? A gift box filled with authentic Japanese snacks is the perfect idea. You can find Japanese gift boxes from companies that have been delighting the Japanese for more than 100 years, providing the person on your list with tastes that can only be found in Japan.

13. A Soothing Massage

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After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, there is nothing the person with everything on your gift list will enjoy more than a relaxing massage. A gift basket that includes a warm, soft robe, bubble bath, lotion and a gift certificate to a local spa is an excellent gift to help someone relax and unwind after the holidays. You can even include a gift card for a massage that can be provided in the comfort of your friend or family member’s home or office.

14. Popcorn Frenzy

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Popcorn is not just for kids anymore. Today, you can find popcorn in many unique and exotic flavors, including Cajun barbecue, caramel mocha, coconut curry and dill pickle. A gift basket filled with several unique popcorn flavors is perfect for that hard-to-buy-for person on your list.

Midnight Rollo Popcorn

15. Light a Cigar

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There are many people who enjoy a good cigar after a nice meal, paired with a splash of bourbon or cognac as they relax. If there is someone on your list who is a cigar aficionado, a gift box filled with unique cigars from around the world is an excellent choice for a gift. They may be able to try cigars they would never have been able to without such a thoughtful gift.

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16. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

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Like tea, popcorn and cigars, coffee no longer has to be plain, boring and black. You can find a wide range of flavored coffees for the person who cannot function until that first cup is consumed. Some coffee trends are designed for drinking at all hours of the day, so the coffee lover on your list will be thrilled with a basket full of unique, fun coffees to try.

Flavored Coffee from Hawaii Coffee Company

17. Bring on the Chocolate

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Just like there is more than likely a coffee lover on your list, there is also probably a chocolate lover. A basket filled with delicious chocolates from around the world is sure to please the person who thinks “death by chocolate” is a good thing.

18. Slice the Cheese

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Cheese has gone beyond cheddar, Swiss and provolone. Today, people are using a wide range of cheeses for cooking, snacking and tasting. A gift box filled with exotic cheeses from around the world is sure to please the entertainer, chef and adventurer on your list. Even better, sign them up for a monthly club where they will receive a unique cheese each month to try.

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