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    Gaming Discounts

    If you or your child is a serious video gamer, you know that gaming can be extremely expensive. Today, it is possible to make playing video games a career with the ability to become a beta tester, play in the hundreds of tournaments out there or even reviewing new games before they are released. Those opportunities are rare, however, which means you may have to support a video game habit on your own. These tips can help you save money without giving up your video games.

    Avoid the Pre-Order Gaming Trap

    When the only way to play a game was to buy a physical copy, pre-ordering was important as stores could run out of a popular release. Today, with online gaming the most common way people play, pre-ordering is not as necessary and you could be stuck with a game that you really don’t like. Instead, check out reviews online the day a game comes out to decide if you want to purchase it or not. The only exception to this would be a sequel to a popular game that you already play that you know you will purchase regardless of reviews.

    Hold Off for at Least a Week

    Waiting for a week, or even a month, is another great way to save money on video games. Everyone who pre-ordered the latest and greatest game only to find they don’t like it will try to sell the game back at places like Game Stop. Within a week, you will see used video games for $10 or more less than they were when they were first released. If you can wait a month, the price will drop as much as half. If you can wait even longer, you may get the game for next to nothing. For example, when “Bioshock Infinite” came out in 2013, it was immensely popular and even won awards. Today, you can purchase it for less than $10.

    New Gaming Consoles

    When the newest gaming consoles are released, you may find games for the older systems on sale for much lower prices. New consoles are released every three to five years so if you can hold off until then, you can often find some of the most popular games for the older systems for $5 or less. However, you don’t want to wait too long or you may end up paying more. GameCube games are now selling for more than $60 online while “Mario Kart 64,” released in 1996, still costs as much as it did when it was new.

    Wait for Downloadable Online Gaming Content

    Online gaming developers often release extra contents for a game that may be enticing. These used to be free extras that they didn’t have time to get into the game before it was released. Today, they are major parts of the game that you will need to play, requiring you to pay for and download the extras. If you wait, however, you may be able to purchase multiple extras in a gaming pack that costs significantly less than purchasing each extra by itself.

    Used Video Games

    The video game deals lie in used video games. As mentioned, people who pre-order a game and then find they don’t like it will often take it to a local store to trade in on something different. They don’t make much in the trade-in but you can benefit from their decision by getting an almost new game at good video game discounts.

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