Fun Ways to Celebrate Human Resource Professional Day

Human Resource Professional Day

The Human Resource professionals in your business handle the most important part of your company – the people who work there. It is the HR Department that keeps your employees trained, recruits and hires the best candidates for job openings, makes sure they are not only paid for what they do but that they receive that pay on time and manages the benefits you provide. They are often not given the credit they deserve which is why it is important to recognize them on Human Resource Professional Day on September 26.

About Human Resource Professional Day

Human Resource Professional Day was first created in 2013 by Jamaica’s Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen who wanted to recognize the HR professionals who played an integral role in the success of organizations in that country. It became an official holiday in Jamaica in 2018 and has been gaining attention in other countries ever since. It is now celebrated in Ontario, Canada, at Sheridan College.

Provide Food

You can take the entire department out to lunch in celebration, allowing them to choose where they want to go. You can also look for food delivery discounts which allow you to have lunch catered in the office. Make sure that if you use food delivery discounts, you allow your HR department to enjoy the lunch in a conference room or outdoor area so they are not tempted to work. If it works for your employees, you could even take them out for a nice dinner one evening.

Human Resource Gifts

Everyone enjoys gifts and your HR department is no exception. Send them boxes of chocolates or gift baskets of items you know they will enjoy. A gift certificate for dinner at a local restaurant or tickets to concerts are also excellent ideas for human resource gifts. Gift cards are also a great option to recognize your HR experts. Many companies offer gift card discounts if you order more than one or two. Try to identify a store or other business that is popular with your staff and see if they will offer gift card discounts if you purchase one for each of them.

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Flowers and Plants

Although it may seem cliché, flowers are an excellent way to recognize your staff. Like gift cards, it may be possible to find flower discounts if you are ordering several bouquets for your entire department. Plants are also an excellent choice as your HR employees will be able to keep the plant much longer than flowers.

Educational Options

In most states, HR professionals are required to complete continuing education in order to keep up-to-date with the latest laws and regulations. If you do not provide coverage for those additional classes, consider giving each of them free attendance at a required course. You could also offer to pay for seminars, conferences or other continuing education programs.

Workplace Celebrations

Consider closing the office for an afternoon and having a celebration there. One fun way to celebrate is an old-fashioned ice cream social using catered ice cream and toppings. A local ice cream or dessert shop may be willing to cater the event, allowing your staff to create their own ice cream sundaes, socialize and relax for an afternoon, taking their mind off the hectic job they do each day.

Personalized Human Resource Gifts

You can also create personalized HR gifts for each of your staff. You could choose small boxes that they could use on their desk engraved with their names. A high-quality pen set with their names engraved may also be great HR gifts. If you want to provide them with something they can use outside the office, consider travel mugs or insulated water bottles.

Plan a Retreat

Although it may be more costly, planning a weekend getaway for your HR staff might be a fun way to recognize your staff. You can contact a local resort to see if there are room discounts if you book so many, allowing your HR employees and their families to spend a weekend away to relax, recoup and come back to work refreshed. You may not want to plan a weekend retreat that only includes employees as this could lead to difficulties with childcare and the work schedules of other members of the family.

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