Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas For Teachers

Teachers hold one of the most important positions in the world today, helping young people grow into well-educated, responsible adults. Whether a teacher is working with young children in elementary school or focused on preparing high school students for college or careers, they deserve recognition, especially at the holidays. These ideas for unique gifts for the teachers you want to honor will let them know how much you appreciate all they do.

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1. The Gift of Humor with a Mug or T-Shirt

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Teachers enjoy getting gifts that make them laugh, like a mug with a funny saying or an imprinted t-shirt. You can find some that comment on how important coffee is to a teacher or those that use misspelled words to convey a funny message. You can even find t-shirts or mugs with messages that play on the teacher’s subject, like periodic tables or English grammar.

2. Coffee or Tea Collections

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Teachers run on caffeine so a collection of nice coffee or teas is a great gift to show how much you appreciate them. You can find coffee collections with international favors or in fun holiday versions. Tea collections range from unique blends to those that are meant for relaxation. You can even find tea blends that are based on a teacher’s favorite book or movie.

3. Flowers and Plants

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Getting flowers always brings a smile to people’s faces and today, you have many options when it comes to flowers for gifts. You can choose a lovely dish garden that the teacher can enjoy for years to come or some fresh cut flowers that will brighten the classroom. You may also find holiday arrangements like wreaths or centerpieces that will bring holiday cheer not only in the classroom but also in the teacher’s home during the winter break.

4. Fill their Sweet Tooth

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Candy is an all-purpose gift, allowing teachers to indulge in that little bit of sweetness that keeps them going through the day. A box of Swiss chocolate or a container of French truffles are excellent gifts for that special teacher. You can even find customized boxes for the many different winter holidays from Christmas to Hanukkah to Kwanzaa.

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5. Send in the Wine

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Wine is a great gift for your favorite teacher as it provides them with a chance to relax and unwind on their off-hours. Although many children believe their teacher never leaves the classroom, parents understand that they have lives that are buys, hectic and sometimes stressful. Why not recognize that busy teacher with a bottle of their favorite wine?

6. Monthly Club Membership

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There is no question that teachers spend a lot of their own money supplying their classrooms. They often ignore their own needs to be sure the students have the items that will help them succeed. One great teacher gift for the holidays is a subscription to a monthly club. You can find clubs for almost any interest, including book clubs for the English teacher, puzzle clubs for the math teacher and experiment clubs for the science teacher. Or you can choose a monthly club based on the teacher’s outside-the-classroom interests, such as cigar clubs, movie clubs or vitamin clubs.

7. School Supplies for the Classroom

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One item that every teacher will appreciate is a gift basket filled with supplies for the classroom. This may include sanitizing wipes, tissues, markers, glue sticks and other items that are often not supplied by the school itself. Because many schools have suffered major budget cuts, the administration often cannot provide all the supplies teachers need in the classroom, leading many teachers to purchase their own using personal funds.

8. A Gift for the New Baby

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Did your teacher recently have a baby? One great gift for a new parent is a gift for their new bundle of joy. A cute outfit, a baby rattle or even some utility gifts like diapers, wipes and lotion will be greatly appreciated by the new parent.

9. A Gift for a Beloved Pet

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Just like anyone else, teachers love their pets and some may even bring a pet into the classroom with them. If you know your favorite teacher has a pet they adore, why not give them a gift for the animal? A ball for a dog, a fuzzy mouse for a cat or even treats for other types of pets are great gifts for a teacher who is a known animal lover.

10. Gift Cards

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When you aren’t sure what exactly to get a teacher, gift cards are always a safe bet. You can get cards that are generic, accepted anywhere that takes Visa or MasterCard. You can also get a gift card for a teacher’s favorite store. Gift cards can be purchased in any denomination making it easier to fit them into your budget.

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