Meal, Food, and Alcohol Delivery Discounts

It seems everyone has a jam-packed schedule today, making it far more difficult to create healthy, homecooked meals for your family. Even if you do have time to cook, getting to the store to buy the supplies can sometimes be difficult. That is when meal, food and alcohol delivery services can be extremely helpful. These delivery services can help you fit healthy eating into your busy lifestyle and also allow you to enjoy some of the finer things in life that your grocery or liquor store may not carry.

Member discounts on meal delivery

Food Delivery

Student discounts on meal delivery

When you just don’t feel like cooking but don’t feel like going out to eat either, food delivery services are a great way to solve the “what’s for dinner” problem. Grubhub offers food delivery with the largest and most comprehensive network of restaurant partners. The app features more than 300,000 restaurants and processes more than 500,000 in daily orders.

Grocery Delivery

Senior discounts on meal delivery

For most people, eating out every night is simply not an option which means the need for groceries to cook your own meals. Postmates offers an urban logistics platform that connects customers with local couriers who can deliver everything from groceries to phone chargers.

Shipt serves members, shoppers and communities by offering convenience and freedom. Both companies allow you to order groceries through a user-friendly app which connects you to a local network of reliable shoppers. In most cases, deliveries can be made the same hour or the same day. The app even allows you to add some unique ingredients to your family meals, encouraging healthy eating.

Fruits, Vegetables and Meat Delivery

Student discounts on meal delivery

When you simply don’t have time to go to the store to get fresh fruit, vegetables or meat, having these items delivered can be a true time-saver. Farm Fresh to You delivers organic produce right to your door. You can customize the boxes so that they arrive with more fruit, more veggies or a generous blend of both. You can even swap out items that you may not use or your family may not like. They even allow you to add hand-crafted jams, pasture-raised eggs, dairy, artisan olive oil, small-batch honey and more. Delivery is included in the price and you can adjust frequency as needed.

Carnivore Club was designed with the meat lover in mind. It is the world’s first subscription service featuring premium cured meats delivered to your front door. Each month, a new artisan is featured, demonstrating their passion and craftsmanship. One month you may receive French Charcuterie and the next South African Biltong or Italian Salumi. Club members have received items like mango habanero jerky created by El Norteno as well as hot supressata created by Espuna. Each box is like a trip around the world using meat and is sure to keep your family looking forward to the next delivery.

When you are trying to stay home more often, you still need to satisfy that sweet craving. Shari’s Berries will deliver the most delicious chocolate covered strawberries which are guaranteed to satisfy anyone’s sweet cravings. The company uses fresh strawberries and crates decadent chocolate desserts that are swirled and drizzled with milk dark and white chocolate. You can also get them with chocolate chips, nuts and more. In addition to giving your family a tasty chocolate treat, you can also send them to friends and family.

Wine, Beer and Liquor Delivery

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A peaceful night at home can become a celebration in itself with a nice glass of wine, a cold beer or a relaxing cocktail. In selected areas, Saucy offers beer, wine and liquor delivery within 30 minutes. Using the app, you can choose from tequila, whiskey, vodka, wine and beer. There is no delivery charge, you simply pay the amount shown on the app and your delivery will be on the way in 30 minutes or less.

Beer Drop is a monthly box service that allows you to create personalized boxes of beer that are delivered to your home. Each box is modified and built specifically for your tastes after you create your taste profile. Each month, a patented algorithm picks the highest rated beers that you have not had before that match your taste profile. A preview of the beers that will be sent in your box each month are available in the app the Monday before our shipment so you can adjust as necessary. If you get a beer that you really enjoy one month, you can add it to another shipment later.

Cellars Wine Club has forged partnerships with winemakers and distributors for more than 20 years. Using an in-house team of tasters, they create wine boxes that are customized based on your tastes. Because the company is owned by wine lovers, they offer a “no bad bottle” guarantee, bringing you unique wines that you will come to love. You can choose from single-bottle subscriptions or create a multiple-bottle box each month. You can also send wine boxes as gifts to friends and family.

Saucey: Alcohol Delivered To Your Door. No Delivery Fees. No Minimums.
Beer Drop

Coffee & Tea Delivery

Employee Discounts on Coffee Delivery

If you prefer a cup of tea in the morning or just like to have tea on hand to relax, Teabox offers a wide range of tea brands with options to suit every taste. They choose teas from estates in Darjeeling, Assam and the Nilgriis as well as Nepal, shipping them to your home for you to enjoy. Teabox believes that great tea touches upon art, defines culture, marks a ritual and offers a sense of contentment that other beverages do not. A good cup of tea can enhance everyday life, they believe.

Without that morning jolt of caffeine, many of us would not be able to function throughout the day. That’s why having your coffee or tea delivered can be a game changer. The Coffee Shopping Network shares their passion for coffee by delivering some of the best right to your door. They take great pride in supplying a wide range of coffees, making shopping fast and easy. You can find K-cups, Flavia, espresso, coffee and more that will allow you to have a fresh supply of coffee on hand regularly without going to the store.

Senior discounts on meal delivery

Having meals, food and alcohol delivered to your home can free up a significant amount of time in your busy schedule, eliminating the need to run to the store after work or in between your children’s many activities. If you are looking into a meal, food or alcohol delivery program, be sure to sign up for EmployeeandMemberDiscounts.com. There is never a membership fee and you can begin saving immediately, accessing discounts that were previously only available to employees in certain industries or members of specific organizations.