Giving Back To Educators With Teacher Discounts

Giving Back to Educators with Teacher Discounts

Teachers do not enter the profession because they will get rich nor do they do it for attention. Teachers enter the profession because they love children and want to see them succeed. Whether your children attend a private or public school or your homeschooled children take swimming or karate lessons, their teacher provides them a service that you cannot and their efforts are often unappreciated. The fact is that teacher supplies cost money and not everything the instructor needs in the classroom is covered by the school where they teach. These tips are a great way to thank those who enhance the lives of your children by educating them, including methods to provide them with a teacher discount that could allow them to improve their classroom significantly as teacher supplies cheap is a constant struggle for many educators.

Write an Encouraging Note

Every now and then, write an encouraging note to your child’s teacher. We all need to know we are doing a good job and sending a nice note to your child’s teacher is a great way to let them know you are behind them and that you recognize the good work they are doing. Maintaining a classroom is difficult, from dealing with discipline issues to students who struggle to learn due to disabilities or a hectic home life and even providing the learning tools some teachers supply on their own. Knowing that a parent has their back and is ready to partner with them to be sure children succeed. You can also let them know that you appreciate the teacher school supplies they provide using their own funds.

Advocate for Your Child’s Teacher

There is going to be a time when your child comes home and complains about something the teacher did or said. Today, it is common for parents to instantly believe the child and call the teacher to task. In most cases, the child has misinterpreted the situation or is simply deflecting so they don’t get in as much trouble for doing something wrong. Children often think “if I blame the teacher, Mom won’t be as mad at me.” Instead of instantly believing the teacher was wrong, talk to the child about the situation. Get to the bottom of what happened from the child’s perspective. Most of the time, you will find that the teacher was not being mean or picking on your child, but the child was either being disruptive or misunderstood what was going on. Also keep in mind that a teacher deals with up to 30 students, all of whom have their own personalities, home lives and issues they must deal with. Try to explain the teacher perspective to the child to get them to understand that when they are corrected, it doesn’t mean someone is being “mean” but trying to get them to do the right thing. It will be difficult, but your teacher will appreciate you taking the time to try to understand their views on the situation.

Donate Teacher Supplies to the Classroom

Often, supplies the teacher needs to run her classroom smoothly are not provided by the school which means teachers supply them out of their own pocket. Many school districts are operating on a very tight budget and some decorative items, like bulletin board decorations, art supplies, posters and other teacher school supplies may not be provided. When you are out shopping, keep an eye out for discount teacher supplies that your child’s teacher could use. If you can afford to do so, pick up a few items and donate them to the classroom. Some of the cheap teachers supplies you may be able to donate include paint, brushes, glue sticks, construction paper, pencils and pens. Talk to your child’s teacher about supplies she could use that are not provided by administration. When possible, simply pick up these items when you see them on sale. Usually, teacher deals can be found just before school starts or in late October early November after the back-to-school rush.

Administration Recognition

If you are a member of the parent-teacher organization at your child’s school, consider providing teachers with even more recognition. Implement a Teacher of the Month program with the winner chosen by administration or students. You could offer a day out of the classroom with free travel for teachers to a local restaurant or treat them to a local spa day. Teachers travel may be a weekend away at a local hotel with a meal included for a teacher who has gone above and beyond in some way. You could also arrange a school supplies for teachers donation program where parents could bring in additional supplies for classrooms.

Summer Benefits

Many teachers work over the summer months when most children are out of school. Even though there are often cruise discounts for teachers, too often an educator spends their summer providing extra hour tutoring for children who may be falling behind or teaching summer school to students who did not meet learning objectives during the school year. If a teacher is working during the summer months, teacher travel may be difficult. A gift card to a local spa that they can use on the weekend would be an excellent way to thank them for the work that they do when they are unable to get away. Even a gift card to a local restaurant or retail location in the area would be a great gift for a teacher. Although a gift card to a location that offers a teacher discount would also be well-received, educators want to be pampered as well so providing them with a method for teacher travel might be a better option.


One way that administration or parent-teacher organizations can show appreciation for all teachers is to create a personalized educational discount program is something they can use year round. Although many places offer NEA discounts, there are few places that offer discount teacher supplies in the same place they can find cruise discounts for teachers. EmployeeandMemberDiscounts.com can help teachers find discount teaching supplies, almost free travel for teachers and other benefits that educators appreciate. Our perk experts can help you set up a program that can not only help educators find teacher supplies cheap, they can also find discounts on health services, vacations, home improvement items and more. These are discounts that used to be available only to certain organizations, like NEA discounts for those who belong to the association only but are now available for everyone.

If you are a teacher who is constantly looking for ways to save money on school supplies for teachers or if you would like to create a discount teaching supplies program, contact us today by filling out the easy online form or give us a call to learn more about our educational discount programs. We will help you create a discount program that teachers will actually use. There is never a membership fee and educators can begin getting cheap teachers supplies immediately.

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