Top 10 Unique Winter Vacations

There are many reasons to take a vacation in the winter. If you plan to hit the beach, they are less crowded in the winter and many areas offer warm, sunny beaches all year. Because most people travel in the summer, winter vacations are often less expensive. Resorts are less crowded and you may find a winter vacation to be more romantic. If you are considering a winter vacation, these ten locations are some of the most unique yet fun places to go.

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1. Take a River Cruise

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Although many people choose to take a cruise to the Caribbean in the winter, there are also river cruises that provide just as much fun and relaxation. If you prefer traveling outside the United States, a river cruise in Germany allows you to visit some of the beautiful Christmas markets or you could enjoy winter festivals in Budapest. If you prefer remaining in the United States, you can find some exciting cruises along the rivers of Florida or take an historic river cruise through the southern states.

2. The Sunny Caribbean

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The Caribbean is a popular place to travel in the winter as the average temperature is 80 degrees all year. You have a wide variety of islands to choose from all offering different activities. You can enjoy the local artisan stalls at a market in Negril, Jamaica. Sit at an outdoor café and watch cruise ships dock in Saint Maarten. Relax on a sunny beach with a frozen cocktail in your hand in Antigua. No matter what you enjoy on your vacation, you can find a Caribbean island that meets those needs.

3. Tour Europe

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Another great trip to take in the winter months is a tour of Europe. You can see the car rally in Monte Carlo, check out the Amsterdam Light Festival or walk around London. The Arctic Light Festival in Tromso, Norway, is exciting as is Hogmanay in Edinburgh, Scotland. There are guided tours available or you can set up your own European tour and visit countries on your own.

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4. What Happens in Vegas

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Las Vegas, Nevada, is another fun location during the winter. Of course, you can spend your day trying your luck at the many casinos or take in some of the shows that often feature famous acts, including Celine Dion or Elton John. The Hoover Dam is a short drive from Las Vegas, giving you a chance to visit a modern engineering marvel. Some of the finest restaurants are also located in Las Vegas.

5. Visit Sunny Orlando

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Orlando, Florida, is more than just the home of Mickey Mouse and his friends. Not only can you spend several days at Disneyworld, but you can also learn more about sea animals at SeaWorld or visit the magical world of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. Orlando is also home to some excellent golf courses. There is much to do and see in this beautiful Florida city.

6. Enjoy a Staycation

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How often do you explore your own hometown? Why not consider renting a hotel room for a few days right where you live and learn more about the area? Many times, when you live in a location, you don’t take the time to appreciate the beauty and entertainment available. Getting a hotel room insures that you won’t be tempted to just stay home and do chores on your vacation but will take some time to explore what is around you each day.

7. Explore Cabo San Lucas

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Another warm getaway location is Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Although sunbathing is the most popular thing to do in Cabo, there are many other activities to hold your family’s attention. Cabo is the location of many challenging and beautiful golf courses. One must-see attraction in Cabo is Lands End, also known as El Arco. These rock formations were created from rough winds and seas. They are also where sea lions play and couples seek romantic solace. Near the rock formations is Play del Amor or Lover’s Beach, one of Cabo’s most famous stretches of shoreline.

8. Waterslide Family Getaway

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Instead of a quiet, relaxing vacation, why not take your family on a waterslide getaway? There are resorts that offer indoor water parks that will keep your family entertained for days. The kids can spend the day in the water park while the adults indulge in shopping, fine dining or just sitting by the pool enjoying the splashing children.

9. An RV Adventure

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Although hotels and motels offer great amenities, sometimes you just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everything, taking a trip on the open road. An RV allows you to stop and “smell the roses” along the way. Always wanted to see the world’s largest ball of twine? Riding in an RV will allow you to make that stop as you head to a final destination. There are no connecting flights to catch, no running to grab bags. You can see the country up close and personal through the windows of the RV, setting your travel pace as fast or slow as you want.

10. Unique Remote Cabins

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We live in an increasingly technology-driven society and sometimes we simply want to get away and leave it all behind. A unique remote cabin is one of the best ways to do that. You can find a cabin deep in the woods with limited cell or internet service so you can unplug and truly relax for a few days. Sit beside a babbling creek with a roaring fire keeping you warm. Hike along secluded trails and have a picnic by a waterfall. Cabins are a great way to escape from the world and reconnect with each other.

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