Top 10 Coworker And Client Holiday Gifts

You spend a large part of your day with your co-workers and, during the holidays, you want to give them a gift that lets them know you appreciate what they do for you each day. You may also want to recognize special clients who help your company succeed. These ideas will let coworkers and clients realize what they mean to you during the holiday season.

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1. Funny Mug or T-Shirt

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If your coworkers or clients have a great sense of humor, a funny mug or t-shirt is the perfect gift. Is one of your coworkers addicted to Hallmark Christmas movies? You can find shirts and mugs that remind them of their favorite hobby. You can find mugs and shirts related to favorite pets or a musical group they enjoy as well.

2. Coffee or Tea

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Coffee or tea is always a great gift for coworkers and clients. You can find collections of flavored coffee or tea as well as international brands that will allow them to try something they may never have tried before. You can find coffee or tea in loose forms, ground forms and even in pods used in single-cup coffee makers.

3. Flowers

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There are many options when it comes to flowers for your colleagues. You can send a plant that they can enjoy for many years to come or you can send fresh cut flowers that will brighten their day. You can also send fresh greenery, such as wreaths or centerpieces that your clients or coworkers can use as holiday décor.

4. Candy

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Candy is very much appreciated during the holiday season as everyone enjoys the tastes of the season. Swiss chocolates, peppermint bark, chocolate covered cherries or nuts can all be the perfect gift for your colleagues. You can even find chocolates in containers that fit almost any holiday, including Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s.

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5. Wine

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Your colleagues may enjoy a good glass of wine and what better way to let them know you appreciate them than to give them the gift of wine. You can purchase a bottle of a type of wine you know they love or you can choose a type of wine they look in an expensive version. You can even sign them up for a monthly wine club where they get a new bottle each month based on questions you answer about them.

6. Monthly Clubs

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Is your coworker an avid golfer? Is another always trying new makeup styles? Do you have a client who loves a good cigar? Consider a monthly club gift for these colleagues. You can find monthly clubs for golfers, makeup, cigars, wine and more.

7. Luggage

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Your coworker may love to travel but is constantly trying to find the perfect backpack or carry-on bag. Luggage is a great idea as a gift for your colleagues. You can find a nice backpack that will double as a carry on bag for their next adventure. It is also a great idea for a coworker who enjoys adventurous trips, like backpacking or hiking.

8. Tickets for an Event or Concert

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We all have that one colleague or client who loves attending live events, whether it is theater or concerts. Why not give that coworker or client tickets to a live theater event or a concert performed by their favorite artist or band? You can find tickets to many events online that will appeal to those at your office who make your job easier.

9. Pet Gift

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The perfect gift for the coworker who has the beloved dog, cat, bird or rabbit is a pet gift. You can find many fun pet toys that will surely put a smile on your coworker’s face. A dog bone, a cat toy or even treats for your coworker’s pet will be much appreciated.

10. Gift Cards

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You always have the option of purchasing gift cards for your coworkers or clients as well. You can find generic gift cards that they can use anywhere as if they were Visa or Mastercard. You can also select a gift card for a specific store or that can be used for a specific item.

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