Top 12 Clothing And Shoe Discounts

Organizing experts recommend cleaning out closets and drawers every season in order to eliminate items you no longer wear. Sending clothing to local charities or discarding them because they are out-of-date, too big or too small, or simply because you are tired of them can give you a sense of relief. However, once you have done that, it is time to restock the closet with new shoes and clothing. These are the top 12 items you need to consider when updating your wardrobe.

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1. Fitness Apparel

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If you are working out and trying to live a healthier lifestyle, you want to grab the right clothing. If your fitness routine includes jogging, you want to find comfortable capris or jogging sweats that allow for freedom of movement. Hoodies can be bulky for outdoor fitness, so lightweight jackets and sweatshirts may work better.

2. Swimsuits

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Every woman wants to upgrade to a new swimsuit before the hot summer months. One thing to remember when trying on a suit is that you want it to be slightly snug as swimsuit material often expands slightly when you are in the water. This can lead it to look saggy when you come out of the water to sit on a towel. If you have a thin frame and smaller breasts, string bikinis may work best as they are adjustable. You can also choose sporty shapes with thicker straps that work better for a wider range of body types. Be sure to choose a suit with the proper bust support as well, especially if your breasts are large. If your body style is larger on the bottom than the top, choose suits you can purchase separately which allows you to purchase a different size for each piece. The most important thing is to choose a suit that makes you feel good when you are wearing it.

3. Baby Clothes

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Expecting a new baby? Just had a little one? Or do you simply have to dress the children who live in your home? When choosing baby clothes, there are some things you need to keep in mind, especially if you are buying them for someone else’s child. Avoid clothing with small buttons, rhinestones or bows as they can be choking risks. You also want to avoid clothing with long ties around the neck. Look for material that is flame-retardant, especially sleepwear. It is recommended that sleepwear not be handed down as improper washing can reduce how fire retardant they are. You also want to shop by the baby’s weight, not age as different brands of clothing are sized differently.

4. Jeans

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Nothing is better than a comfortable pair of jeans and this is true whether you are a man or a woman. The first step is to understand your body type as the right pair of jeans will camouflage the trouble areas but accentuate the positive. Although when we talk about body type, women often come to mind, men also have specific body types that can have an impact on how jeans look on them. For example, men with a triangle body type, meaning wider hips and narrower chest, should avoid skinny jeans and lean toward wider legs. In women, this body type is known as pear shaped and, in addition to avoiding skinny jeans, they should choose darker-colored, loose-fitting jeans. Men with an inverted triangle shape and women with a strawberry shape should choose loose or straight-leg jeans while women could choose bell-bottom or boot-cut jeans.

5. Surf Wear

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One popular style of clothing is surf wear, clothing that is comfortable, relaxed and brings to mind the laid-back feeling of the beach. Even if you live nowhere near the ocean, you can enjoy the relaxed comfort of surf wear. In fact, research indicates that only half of the people who purchase such clothing have ever attempted to surf. Surf wear includes things like board shorts which are available in a wide range of colors and patterns while women may choose waterproof short styles that are cut slightly looser than other types of shorts. There are even brands designed for an older market so surf wear is no longer just for teenagers and young adults.

6. Casual Tees

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T-shirts are a staple in anyone’s wardrobe but even they must be retired at some point. When it is time to upgrade your t-shirt selection, you want to find shirts that are comfortable and relaxed. Choose a shirt with a neckline that will not stretch and look unsightly after a few washings. When you choose shirts with graphics, be sure that they are of high quality so that they do not fade or scratch off after multiple wearings.

7. Workout Apparel

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One of the reasons you may be getting rid of clothing is because you have been strict about your fitness regimen. You may have lost weight or toned muscle to the point that your old standbys no longer fit you properly. If you are a woman, you want to be sure you have a good-fitting sports bra. Choose some cute capris that are lightweight, moisture-wicking and offer some compression. You will also need high-quality tanks that can layer over sports bras comfortably. Men and women could use comfortable sweats and wicking t-shirts for a good workout. You also don’t want to forget comfortable socks.

8. Shoes for Fitness

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The other aspect of your fitness wardrobe that needs close attention is your footwear. You want to choose shoes that are designed for the type of workout you are doing. There are shoes designed for weightlifting, running, hiking and even aerobic exercise. Be sure that your shoes are comfortable and provide you the right amount of foot support in order to avoid injury.

9. Business Casual

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Most companies today only require formal dress like business suits, ties and dresses for certain activities. For the average day, companies now allow business casual clothing. For men, business casual means dress slacks or chinos, a button-down shirt, dress shoes and dark socks. Some companies allow polo shirts for business casual attire. You should not wear jeans or shorts unless your company has included them in the dress code. Women should wear skirts or dress pants, blouses, sweaters and, in most cases, closed-toe shoes. Some offices will allow sandals or peep-toes but many will not permit flip-flops.

10. Shoe Deals

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When you clean out your closet, be sure to check your shoe collection as well. This year’s shoe trends include chain embellishments, loafers and colorful boots. There are reports that Mary Jane’s may make a comeback for women as well. Leather boots, brogues, Oxfords and running sneakers are expected to be the trends for men. Of course, there are old standbys that still work including flats, low heels and wedges for women as well as loafers and boat shoes for men.

11. Running Shoes

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Choosing the right running shoes is extremely important in order to avoid injury. Always choose a shoe that is specifically designed for running. This is because running shoes are designed to prevent repetitive movement injuries as, when you run, your foot hits the ground basically the same way with each step. Be sure to choose the right fit as well. Because feet tend to spread as you run, trying shoes on in the afternoon or evening when your foot is slightly swollen is recommended. Allow for one thumb width between the end of your foot and your shoe. Check the stack height as well. This is the amount of material between your foot and the ground. If you prefer feeling the ground rather than cushioning, choose low or medium stack height. Most running shoes also have more material under the heel to accommodate stride. The more material in the heel, the more your stride will have the middle or front of the foot hitting the ground first.

12. Kids Shoes

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When choosing shoes for children, there are several things to look for. First, you need to check your child’s shoes periodically for fit because children may not tell you when shoes have gotten tight. You can also check worn areas or stressed seams. Have your child’s foot measured before you purchase shoes. Your child should be measured while standing and be sure both feet are measured as one foot could be wider or longer than the other. Choose the larger size to accommodate both feet. Never buy shoes that are more than one size too large for your child to accommodate for growth as they can cause them to trip or could irritate the foot. If your child is under the age of five, choose shoes with Velcro or other fastening system that allows them to put them on and take them off. Avoid backless or slip-on shoes. You also want to choose breathable materials like canvas or leather. Never choose heels for young girls as it is difficult for them to walk in heels at a young age and it can lead to foot problems.

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