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Pest Control Discounts

No one likes to deal with pests in their home but it is almost impossible to avoid them completely. Flies, ants, mosquitoes, wasps, even cockroaches, termites and bed bugs can become unwelcome visitors in your home. Learn more about common household pests as well as the best pest control options to use to rid your home of them.

Pest Control Discounts - Flies

Flies belong to the insect order of diptera and play an important ecological role in nature. They pollinate and provide food sources for other animals. Flies can also carry diseases such as those associated with food poisoning. They have been connected to the spread of typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery and rotavirus as well. Businesses can suffer significant losses if flies contaminate food sources. The best way to keep flies from infesting your home is to keep doors and windows shut. If your windows or doors are open, be sure that fly screens are in place. Cover food that is out for consumption and clear away any food debris quickly. Be sure your trash cans have tightly sealed lids and clean up after pets as flies are attracted to feces. In most cases, a fly infestation requires professional attention and many offer pest control discounts that can help you rid your home of the pests. You can try a homemade fly repellant made up of apple cider vinegar combined with rosemary, basil and peppermint essential oils plus a small amount of olive oil.

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Pest Control Discounts - Ants

There are more than 1,000 species of ants in North America alone and more than 15,000 species worldwide. The most common infestation found inside a home is black house ants, sometimes known as sugar ants. Although ants are not known to carry disease, they do walk around outside. Since they can infest food in your kitchen, they could be bringing in unwanted bacteria or microbes. One way to accomplish pest control for ants is to find where they are coming into your home and seal off the entrance point. You can often find where they are coming in by looking for small piles of earth around holes in soil at the base of exterior walls. Ants are attracted to sweet things so be sure to wipe up any spills and cover any edible items that could be food for ants. There are over-the-counter products that contain poisons that the ant carries back to the nest that are a good form of pest control for ants. If the infestation is significant, however, you may need to seek professional pest control for ants.

Pest Control Discounts - Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be found around the world, from Antarctica to New York and beyond. They are of the cimcid family and they feast on the blood of warm blooded mammals, including humans. After World War II, bed bugs were almost completely eradicated from the United States but they have been making a comeback in recent years. A bed bug infestation requires the assistance of a professional. If you need pest control for bedbugs, you need to contact companies that specialize in eliminating bed bugs. Often, pest control for bedbugs requires a heat treatment that is environmentally friendly but rids the home of the pests completely

Pest Control Discounts - Wasps

Every fall, a newly-mated queen wasp seeks shelter in protective structures to build a nest. She may choose a location in the interior or the exterior of your home. In the spring, the nest grows, becoming a serious danger to people. Vespid wasps, also known as yellow jackets, hornets or paper wasps, are the most dangerous of all stinging insects as they will attack in large numbers if they feel threatened. Their sting is very painful and can be fatal. If you discover a wasp’s nest in your home, you need to leave its removal to a professional pest control company. One nest can contain thousands of wasps and as the numbers increase, the wasps become more aggressive.

Pest Control Discounts - Termites

According to termite treatment companies, termites have been designated as one of the most destructive pests you can have in your home which is why termites exterminate services are in high demand. A termite will feed on wood 24 hours per day which means a termite infestation can cause significant damage. Termites cause more than $5 billion in damage annually and almost every property in the country is at risk of getting a termite infestation. If you have noticed what look like flying ants around your windows and then only see the wings left behind, you probably need termites exterminate services. If you have noticed unexplained cracks, soft spots in your floors or doors that are difficult to open, a termites home may have become your home. You cannot eliminate termites on your own as total elimination will require the expertise of termite services. If you suspect you have termites home damage, you need to contact termite treatment companies to have them eliminated. Termite elimination can be expensive, especially if the infestation is significant. You could not only be facing expensive termite elimination fees but also expensive damage to your home that will have to be repaired.

Pest Control Discounts - Cockroaches

A common misconception is that cockroaches only infest homes that are dirty. Cockroaches are attracted to food, much like ants. They will eat anything that has come in contact with food including paper, packaging, plastics and fabric. By the time you notice there is an infestation, there are probably thousands of cockroaches in your home as they are nocturnal creatures who forage for food at night and remain hidden during the day. If you have noticed an odd black dust or smear marks near areas of water, it is possible you have cockroaches. The pests also shed their skin so you may see “skins” in the area of the infestation. Cockroaches are normally found in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and basements. Cockroaches are stowaways and will crawl into boxes, bags, suitcases and clothing. Anyone can carry a cockroach into a business or home without realizing the cockroach is there. If the cockroach sets up house in the new location, the infestation will begin. Cockroaches are very difficult to kill. Sprays, home remedies and other tricks usually do not work to end an infestation. You need to speak to a pest control company to rid your home of these pests.

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