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Auto Warranty Discounts

When you first drive your new car off the lot, it comes with a manufacturer warranty. However, this product only covers a specific period. After it expires, you’re on the hook for all the expenses the auto warranty covered. Besides that, used vehicles frequently don’t come with this type of coverage. Now, Employee And Member Discounts enables you to shop for car warranties that include everything you need – and nothing you don’t want.

What are New and Used Car Warranties?

Companies call it an aftermarket auto warranty. Some refer to it as a service contract. Both terms mean the same thing. You pay a specific amount of money to protect yourself against the potential of car repair expenses.

Think of it as health insurance for your car. Just like your health policy, there are different plans. The more protection you want, the more expensive the plan will be. Some car warranties don’t go into effect until your manufacturer warranty expires. Others run concurrently.

More About Auto Warranties

What Do Auto Warranties Cover?

There are different policies available. Some are comprehensive and offer bumper-to-bumper coverage. Whether the air conditioning system goes out, your engine block cracks, or electrical components fail, you have coverage. This is the most expensive type of protection to buy.

That said, there are more specific warranties, too. These are typically used car warranties that cover particular elements of the vehicle.

  • Powertrains. This type of product focuses on the transmission, engine, and driveshaft. Repairs of these components can be costly. If one of the named elements fails, the extended car warranty covers repairs. Frequently, you can choose the dealership where you want to have the work done.
  • Drivetrains. These warranties focus on axles, wheels, and transmissions. The engine is typically excluded.
  • Performance. Emission control systems can be headaches to repair when your car fails the test. This type of car warranty covers work on the catalytic converter and several control modules.

Because every policy differs in content, paying attention to detail is crucial. Several limit payouts to specific mileage ceilings. Others won’t pay for vehicles you might use to make money. Examples include ride share driving and food delivery services.

Why Shop for an Extended Car Warranty Today?

When you decide to keep your new car after its manufacturer warranty runs out, investing in a service contract protects your finances. If something goes wrong, repairs can be costly. Besides that, they may leave you without a car for a long time.

With the right car warranty, a third party picks up the lion’s share of the bill. Best of all, many warranties include roadside assistance as well as car rental options. As a result, you have transportation while the repairs won’t rip a hole in your budget.

Because there’s so much variety in the market, it makes sense to review your options in one place. With Employee And Member Discounts, you can compare apples to apples and save money in the process.

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