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College Subscription Services is one of the largest discount magazine subscription agencies for students & educators in the U.S. We have been proudly serving hundreds of thousands of college students, educators and administrators all across the country.

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Calendars.com, through its parent company Go! Retail Group, was founded in 1999 and is home to the world’s largest selection of calendars. With more than 17,000 products online, Calendars.com also offers an expansive selection of games, toys, puzzles, and gifts.

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World Book

World Book, Inc. Since 1915, World Book, Inc. has been committed to creating accurate, objective, and reliable materials that have been consistently ranked by teachers, librarians, and families as the best in the education market. Thousands of experts make the ever-popular and stunningly comprehensive World Book Encyclopedia the most current and up-to-date print and online encyclopedia available. Our titles span a range of subjects and ages, from the 100th Anniversary Commemorative edition of the 2017 World Book Encyclopedia, to exciting new offerings such as Enigmas of History, Building Blocks of Science: Life Science, and Endangered Animals of the World.

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Discounts On Books

We often encourage children to read, acknowledging the fact that reading is an important part of our development. We spend countless hours reading children’s books before our kids go to sleep and may even have purchased personalized children’s books to make the story come to life for a child. As adults, however, reading can sometimes be pushed to the background. Work, family and social obligations come first so we don’t often think about just curling up with a good book to relax. If this sounds familiar, it is important to remember how many benefits spending time reading can provide, even for adults.

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Mental Stimulation

In order for your brain to remain healthy, it needs stimulation. Although we all suffer from a decline in memory and brain function as we get older, studies have shown that people who regularly read books and magazines show a slower progression of memory loss than those who do not. Even those who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia show a slower progression of the illness than those who don’t spend time reading.

Reduce Stress

In order to follow the plot of the book and get to know the characters, you must focus on the story. Because this can cause distraction from your daily life, reading helps reduce stress. You have probably heard someone say they got “lost in a book.” This is a prime example of how a book can take you away from the stress of everyday life and let you escape reality for even just a short time. Today, with the easy access to eBooks, it is easier than ever to read when you have a spare few minutes.

Sleep Better

When your mind is racing, you are going over the day’s events or thinking about what needs to be done tomorrow, it may be difficult for you to fall asleep. Reading, even if for just a few minutes, can help you fall asleep by pushing whatever was in your mind out. It is recommended that you read an actual book before bed rather than eBooks because artificial light from electronic devices can signal your brain that it is time to wake up.

Low-Cost Education

Classes, seminars, workshops and learning software can get expensive when you are trying to learn new things. Checking out a book from the library or purchasing books online is an easy way to learn new things. Even if you enjoy reading fiction, you can choose books that teach you, from historical novels to science fiction.

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