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Traeger Invented the Original Wood-Fired Grill over 30 years ago in Mt. Angel, Oregon. We continue to lead the industry as the world’s #1 selling wood-fired grill, perfected by decades of mastering the craft of wood-fired cooking. A Traeger grill will transform the way you cook because it creates consistent results, every single time. Fuel your hunger for wood-fired flavor with Traeger.

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Employee Discounts on appliances

Pit Boss Grill

Pit Boss Grills are the best value per square inch in the market, and pellet grills are the fastest growing segment within that market. Being Bigger. Hotter. Heavier. than the competition at a better value, and constantly striving to improve, are two of the founding principles Pit Boss was built upon. Creating a community around outdoor cooking, backyard barbeques, and neighborhood block parties is an idea Pit Boss is proud to be a part of, and proud to be included in.

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Employee Discounts on appliances


Water quality has become a greater focal point of public health in the U.S. since the water crisis in Flint, MI took over the news headlines. Waterdrop was founded in 2015 with the wish to provide trustworthy water purification solutions to solve such problems. The brand is dedicated to providing people around the world with the highest quality products to truly purify their drinking water. The name Waterdrop comes from the desire to deliver clean, safe, and healthy drinking water from the first sip to the last satisfying drop.

Save up to 70% less under sink space. Ensure clean, safe, and healthy drinking water from the first sip to the last drop

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Our product categories have something for nearly every part of the home. Our web site now offers a wide range of compact appliances, from heating and cooling, to wine and beverage coolers. We’ve since moved out of my garage into a large warehouse and distribution center so that we can offer our customers same day free shipping and in-house warranty and repairs.

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Employee discounts on HomeAdvisor


HomeAdvisor is a free service to homeowners, where they can search for professionals nationwide. We have over 100,000 contractors in our network that can be matched to these homeowners, from remodelers, architects, plumbers, and many more.

Homeowners can be matched up to 4 professionals for each of their projects, for free! Consumers can have contractors compete for their business. By being matched to several pros in their area they can review other customer’s comments on each contractor, and pick who is right for them.

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Senior discounts on appliances

Appliances Connection

Appliances Connection is your one stop shop for any and all appliance brands you may need. Whether you are buying or renting, your house does not really become a home until you fill it with the right appliances. Instead of searching out each piece on separate websites, come to Appliances Connection and find everything that you need in one place.

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NuWave Oven

The NuWave Oven Pro Plus offers a convenient option for home food preparation with no need for preheating or defrosting. It combines conduction heat, just like a conventional oven and convection heat, which circulates hot air around the food.

Discover the World of Possibilities! Bake, Broil, Barbecue, Roast, Grill, Steam, Sear, and Air-Fry All In One Convenient Appliance!

Appliance Discounts

You use your household appliances every single day. These are items that you no doubt take for granted in your everyday life. Simply put, you could not survive without your appliances, including your refrigerator, stove, washing machine and dryer, air conditioner, microwave and dishwasher. Over time and with years of usage, you will probably run into issues with your appliances and have to either repair or replace them. If they are beyond repair or old and outdated, you will probably opt for the latter.

Of course, one of the biggest concerns you might have about buying new appliances is their expensive price tags. Unfortunately, when you shop at stores, appliances do not come cheap. In order to buy them at great low prices, you would have to wait for a sale. However, it is possible to find discounted appliances that allow you to get refrigerator discounts, microwave discounts, dishwasher discounts and washer and dryer discounts that will never break your bank account.

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Appliances in Your Everyday Life

Appliances play a huge part in your everyday life. They can help you to keep your dishes clean, your food fresh and edible, your clothing, linens and towels clean and dry, food cooked or heated and your dishes sparkling clean. Obviously, due to the huge responsibilities these products have on a daily basis, they are not going to always be easy to get. This explains why they usually are available with hefty price tags. You should also make sure to thoroughly do your homework and do plenty of research on each type of appliance when you need to shop for a new one. It can help to ensure that you buy the best one for your needs.

More About Appliance Discounts

Finding Good Appliance Discounts

Appliances are never cheap when you shop at regular stores. You have to wait for a sale that offers a good appliances discount. A fair appliance discount may be challenging to come across when you shop in physical stores, but you can also check online as well. If you need to find quality discounted appliances, it is very possible, but you just have to know the best place to look for them.

Getting an Appliances Discount Online

Once you have decided you need appliances in your home but want to get appliance discounts when you shop, you need to know where to buy. EmployeeAndMemberDiscounts.com is essentially the best place where you can buy these products. You can get wonderful appliance discounts once you sign up as a member for free. If you are a student, alumnus, employee, veteran or senior citizen, you can get an appliance discount to buy the appliances of your choice. Search through EmployeeAndMemberDiscounts.com and get incredible refrigerator discounts, washer and dryer discounts, microwave discounts and dishwasher discounts when you need them the most.

Another great aspect of using EmployeeAndMemberDiscounts.com is that you never have to compromise on quality and can get an appliance discount on the leading brands of refrigerators, stoves, washing machines and more appliances. You can find a number of brand names of appliances, all at incredibly low prices. Be sure to search the website thoroughly to find not only the specific appliance you need but also its brand and the best price you can afford.

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